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  1. Not much. However much you decide it is worth less to you.
  2. *bump* I'm still on the lookout for PUBLISHED Marvel Original Art (mid 1980s - early 1990s, no color guides etc) by these guys: RON LIM (mostly Silver Surfer #15 - #65 covers, splashes, DPS, & other great pages, Captain America, but some others) Captain America #383 Cover (Ron Lim/Jim Lee) Jim Lee McFarlane Art Adams Silvestri: Wolverine and X-Men Buscema: Wolverine or Marvel Comics Presents BWS Keown, Purves: Hulk Liefeld: New Mutants Larsen Kirby: Silver Surfer or early, mid period like Captain America or Thor, or even later stuff like Machine Man, Devil Dinosaur Coipel Mighty Thor #1-6 pages with Silver Surfer I'm not interested in commissions or color guides or other unpublished work. I am aware of what's on Heritage, Comic Link, Comic Connect, eBay.
  3. I was wondering what was gonna happen there. How much would that Layton IM cover usually go for? It was low for a while.
  4. 3D from Massive Attack. Same scene.
  5. Yeh, new to me. We always heard it was 3D or someone related.
  6. Can someone explain this? $2640 Tom Morgan West Coast Avengers #41 Cover Original Art (Marvel, 1989).... Previous Next
  7. That was fast!
  8. L-R Christopher Guest, James Hetfield, Dave Gilmour, Matt Smith
  9. Can someone put some names to these faces?