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  1. Kirby/Sinnott/Lee Silver Surfer
  2. This one sold on ebay in August for $4850, so don't feel so bad.
  3. 3 Thor covers, and a Wolverine splash and cover/DPS. McNiven Return of Wolverine #5 SNIKT! Claws out Logan in a Weapon X by Barry Windsor-Smith style Kubert \|/ Wolverine #1 Variant cover and pages 20-21 DPS with Domino, Jean Grey, and Gateway !SNIKT! \|/ Thor #419 Cover (1990) by Frenz/Sinnott
  4. These artists may not be new, but they were new to me after being out of comics for 20+ years. Love their work. McNiven & Coipel
  5. Maybe another Kirby? More RON LIM! Ron Lim Silver Surfer splashes or covers from #19-65. Ron Lim Captain America splashes or covers. A 4th Coipel cover. Maybe a DPS? Silvestri Wolverine or X-Men Purves Hulk Something from McGuinness, McFarlane Hulk or Spidey, Jim Lee, Art Adams, BWS.
  6. Good catch! Would glue staining be that uniform on a cropped area, not the whole page? I think HA gives the best condition descriptions, but I don't know if they could answer what caused it?
  7. Agreed. But if you have a Kirby Surfer but don't have a Kirby Galactus page then maybe... Is the tanning just from exposure to the sun? It's interesting to see the difference in coloration from two pages of the same book. That's awesome! Hah Kirby Mass Panic! Here's the page I just picked up:
  8. What do people think about the 2 Kirby/Sinnott pages up from the Silver Surfer graphic novel? HA has obviously sold a lot of pages from it before, but I don't remember two of em up at the same time. There's one with the Surfer ("The page is tanned") and the other with Galactus. I ask because I just picked up a Kirby Surfer page.
  9. I was wondering about that! What a flood of pages. 2 covers have sold, and 2 others are posted.