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  1. Kinda weird that novelty comes into something so nostalgia based, but that's just human I guess. The stuff I want could be up for auction every month and I'd still want it.
  2. I don't keep a spreadsheet yet, but I have a doc that has: Artists, Title, Publisher, Date, Description used in auction/sale, date purchased, winning bid, BP, shipping, total price, shipped by, arrival date. Along with pictures/scans.
  3. Maybe he just likes seeing his art go for high prices?
  4. Anorexic Thor. Just what everyone wanted.
  6. $33,460
  7. I've always seen 60% pencils, 40% inks. So if the lightboxed inked page was $400, the original pencils only page would be $600. There are some pages I've been interested that were digital pencils only and inks, but I've never been able to pull the trigger.
  8. No offense to whoever started this, thread but it's a solution in search of an actual problem. As someone who's designed a lot of software (not websites), and doesn't purchase apps/memberships, something like the above seems to make a lot more sense. $75 would be the most/only site membership for me. Maybe at $25/year, they'd get 4x the people to sign up? Or make it $3/month? Also, the site is pretty clunky (even comicconnect is updating!) and has ads. Most modern sites would charge more for advertising and less to users.
  9. I wasn't seriously considering bidding on anything there, but really glad I didn't now!
  10. A few rounds of nicknames from Anthony -> Antoine -> Twanj
  11. This one? How do you tell? I'm always confused by these, because it seems to say they always sell for the max, but I have a feeling it doesn't.
  12. 1 Bagley 2 Larsen 3 McFarlane 4 Ditko 5 Zeck 6 Romita Sr
  13. There were 2 Spidey commissions on ebay recently for around $300. Anyone have opinions if those were legit?