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  1. Wait a while and watch the hobby. If you can, find someone to bounce ideas off of. Browse ComicArtFans. Make a list of what you love. ComicArtTracker ( ) is your friend. Set Watch Lists/Notifications on ebay, Heritage, Comic Link. See Heritage for past sales & keep an eye out for the pricing/valuation FAQ Follow some auctions. Buy it at auction if you want it "cheaper" or buy it later at a dealer for 50-300% markup if you really MUST HAVE IT. Buy what you love (artist, character, genre, aesthetically) that's comfortably in your budget. Whether that's $200 or whatever. Something you could afford to spend on entertainment and never get back. Are those grails coming up? Are they in your price range you can comfortably spend? Think about what you want your collection to look like. 1-3 nice pieces on your wall or 20, 30, 60 in a portfolio? Something in between? Save and spend accordingly.
  2. Anyone watching Cursed? Apparently a Frank Miller YA GN?
  3. So, I like some of the art from SSB a lot, and don't like some of it. It was at the height of what I'd be willing to pay, especially for new art. 2 weeks ago I bought decade old Marvel covers for around the same price that have stood the test of time. Clearly there are many interested though. Has any sold on the secondary market? I wonder what happened, did the previous owner have to sell? I guess he bet on the right horse! At a year old, my only concerns were how this story is regarded in the future. This was the only page ($3000) I was interested in because it had the most Surfer in it This was a second ($3500), I like Galactus too but the Surfer was too small
  4. Great page @Varanis! I went for the one page I liked from the issue. I couldn't have purchase request more than 10-15 seconds after they were put up. Order, check out, autofill info, send purchase request. Other pages showed on hold but it took longer for the one I checked out to show up as on hold. That confused me for a sec. It took over 2.5 hours to hear I didn't get it so it must have been an insane amount of requests.
  5. Twice up Kirbys...usually fly under the radar
  6. just trying to get the word out since the hosts didn't post about it here LOL not Anthony Snyder (that's why his words were in quotes) but twanj is a joke nickname for Anthony = (an)toine+j I'm a different Anthony, I just bout the Ron Lim Avengers pinup from you a few weeks ago.
  7. Lots of great stuff, you should list some of the artists here so people know what you have.
  8. "CAF LIVE CHAT TONIGHT AT 9PM WITH ME , BILL COX ,WILL G AND INKER SCOTT HANNA I ESPECIALLY WANT TO TALK ABOUT JOE SINNOTT WITH SCOTT Thanks, Anthony Snyder (Owner / Operator)" Saw this posted on the comicart-l list
  9. Favorite Bagley, Ron Lim, Alan Davis, and Coipel pages. It's hard! The Lim & Coipel are newest but I love all their work.
  10. What does he normally charge for a commission?
  11. Anything sold on HA should be searchable: $38,837.50
  12. Don't forget about the rising tide of MCU movies the last 12 years and X-Men movies the last 20. Soon this will go out of favor. Nothing gold can stay
  13. Avengers pinup 1991 by Ron Lim Anyone know what this is or ever seen it before? via Drew C: “Ron said he doesn't remember 100%, but he may have done the Avengers piece for Previews, for Diamond Comics Distributors.” It's the lineup from Avengers: Death Trap, The Vault. It's been an amazing few days of art pickups.