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  1. Possibly dumb question, but how was this originally produced? With an acetate where the logo etc was exacto-ed/cut out so there was no blank paper between the art underneath? And then reused for subsequent issues with the issue and date replaced?
  2. I'd love to see those Requiem pages in person...sigh too. Kirby. Preferably Silver Surfer something but prolly priced out of that. Jeff Purves Hulk Art Adams Silvestri Jim Lee McFarlane Byrne BWS Keown McGuinness
  3. Thank you! It's become indispensable.
  4. *bump* I'm still on the lookout for PUBLISHED Marvel Original Art (mid 1980s - early 1990s, no color guides etc) by these guys: Captain America #383 Cover (Ron Lim/Jim Lee) and other RON LIM Captain America covers, splashes, and great pages RON LIM (mostly Silver Surfer #15 - #65 covers, splashes, DPS, & other great pages, and some other series) Silvestri: Wolverine and X-Men Buscema: Wolverine or Marvel Comics Presents Keown, Purves: Hulk Coipel Thor, Mighty Thor #1-6 pages with Silver Surfer and/or Galactus or a DPS (found some covers but might want more). Steve McNiven Ed McGuinness Jim Lee McFarlane Art Adams BWS Larsen Kirby: Silver Surfer GN or early, mid period like Captain America or Thor, or even later stuff like Machine Man, Devil Dinosaur panel pages I'm not interested in commissions or color guides, DC, or other unpublished work. I am aware of what's on Heritage, Comic Link, Comic Connect, eBay, and Comic Art Tracker.
  5. @NicoV what's up? What new things are coming? Fiending without CAT
  6. Old Man Logan vs Old Man Hulk / Hulk #340 Homage by McNiven and Vines / McNiven After McFarlane
  7. FF #52 unpublished cover from HA from May 14, 2016. Sold for:$131,450.00 "Your bid of $1 ($20.00 w/Buyer's Premium (BP) ) on this lot was outbid."