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  1. The first page I bought in 2014 Silver Surfer Volume 3 #19 (1989) This is the last page I bought, a month ago, and also the oldest by far Silver Surfer Volume 1 #17 (1970) cover prelim
  2. I've spent more (double) in a weekly auction and less during a Signature one. In the end, you have your search results & you want what you want. In Signature auctions, I'm tracking 2-3 pages of stuff that's cool, but I'd only possibly bid on maybe 5 things. Weekly auctions, I'm watching less than a page of stuff & would only go for 2-3 tops but usually 0 or 1. So maybe attention is less divided during a weekly.
  3. Silver Surfer Vol #1 #17
  4. Here are some old threads, not sure which is the one with all the info:
  5. X-Men #1
  6. He says DC. I get it but I'd rather see a mix too!
  8. Yes, mislabelled. It was for sale on ebay for a while.
  9. I can see people asking to have their bigger ticket items removed. Also wondering if any winners from the last signature auction haven't paid.
  10. Same! This week would be really convenient. I know there's a lot going on tho.
  11. Anyone's wins from the signature auction ship out yet?
  12. Return of Wolverine #5 by Steve McNiven
  13. Thanks, I really do love it! It really is a work of art, McNiven is so good. And thanks for letting me get it for a steal, compared to other smaller panel pencils.
  14. LOL! Yep. Here's the page: