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  1. it seems that adage buy low sell high never applies to me in regards to Baker... its always buy high and don't want to sell.(edit unless to upgrade) oh well why retire. .lol my biggest Baker purchase/trade (with Rick of course).
  2. Steer clear big Tuna... looks like Kirby covers are a gateway drug.
  3. I bought raw x-men 19 - went well. Book were shipped nicely and quickly.
  4. Take with 25% off if avail
  5. Sold and within seconds before another honorable PM offer was going to be accepted, thanks!
  6. for a true change of pace. Avengers 1.. nice book, good page quality. $2,600 - sold last 4.0 sold Oct-02-2019 $2,485 Cert# 0289902002 4.5 sales Oct-27-2019 $2,601 Cert# 2052767002 Sep-09-2019 $3,000 Cert# 2049713002 Aug-25-2019 $3,550 Cert# 0285048003 Aug-23-2019 $2,780 Cert# 2049713002 Jul-21-2019 $2,800 Cert# 2019871007