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  1. my 2 cents… nice mid grade except the rub/water damage, I think 3.0. Restoration would be likely if it looks like it was used to hide flaws is my understanding.
  2. Sold a nice LB Cole to Daniel, he is great at following up and paid on a payment plan promptly - Eric
  3. From my business studies and experience, the main stay theory of fundamental analysis is that; stocks are a portion of a company, its value is tied to future cash flow and its assets, as its future revenues are threatened from competitors or macro events, its values drop. So wealth is created when there is more economic activity and productivity, destroyed when consumers and business have no confidence and holding back. If the shock is too high companies can fold or be crippled permanently. The stock market IMO had a very optimistic view of growth partly by shaped its own growth (speculation), low interest rates and corporate tax cuts which added an artificial sugar high to them. Market which most likely would have been reset normally (correct) now with the enormity of job losses, wealth drop and future uncertainty have shattered all growth models and increased investment risk. I imagine the market is reset for a long time as well as the general appetite for consumption of all assets, as cash will be tight. To what scale and timing of the recover of Macro/world economics, will depend on the many variables of how the transition of this virus crisis to future commerce shapes out (infected rates, speed of vaccine, access to testing, effectiveness of govt programs, the virus curve, resumption of supply chains and trade, recurrence of covid-19). In this environment of uncertainty cash is king. While collectibles are not tied to future earnings, they are affected by perception and consumer wealth, if one sees a specific collectable as safe and liquid storage of wealth that will increase its demand, if one perceives them as inflated or not liquid then that will accelerate its drop. As far as market choose carefully if buying individual stocks as future behavior of consumers will be altered and affect companies quite differently.
  4. Things may come back at some point, but stock values were high even with the anticipated growth rates due to low interest rates and corporate buybacks. Now the growth rates are going to be negative to slow for awhile, that affects free cash flow, and risk is high … so valuations will be down and some industries will stay down (brick and mortar retail didn't need another kick in the pants). The loss of growth is due to loss consumer confidence, shock/transition in the service job market, hence less business investment, disruption of future trade relationships and supply chains, and possible future change in behavior (how many retired people will be going on trips and some are holding off retirement now). Anyways how much down is the 64 million (6.4 trillion) dollar question, but the stock market and the economy certainly wont be like the good ol days for many many years. IMO Govt intervention and early vaccine can help for a soft landing but ultimately this is not a quick recovery (took 2-3 years to stabilize last crash) except if you are in the teleconferencing, cloud computing, grocery, automation sectors. For reference I have a front row seat to what was the hottest local (Seattle) economy and coronavirus. There are some winners like Amazon buts lots of companies like Starbucks, Expedia, Boeing, and Local businesses who are getting devastated long-term in terms of earnings. All expansion plans are off and layoffs are likely coming. Local small business already have started. That being said I like holding on to my collection as it wasn't created primarily to store wealth although it does, and unless I lost my Job (knock on wood) I don't need nor want to sell.
  5. great deal less then what I paid for my 9.0
  6. Great buyer and fast payment, nice transaction