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  1. Thanks for all your claims, comments and DMs. I'm closing this sale post and the books will be added to the Shortboxed app this weekend.
  2. Yep, just blue painters tape to hold the mylar flap down. Not using it over regular scotch tape for any particular reason.
  3. These books are all for sale - putting them up here first to give the community a chance before I take them down this Friday, September 25 at 9:00am. Whatever is left will be available on the Shortboxed app afterwards. I will post individual replies for each book below. Chamber of Chills 23 5.0 Ghostly Weird Stories 122 4.0 [SOLD] Chamber of Chills 19 3.0 Startling Comics 49 5.0 Archie 50 6.0 Thrilling Comics 49 5.0 Details: Shipping is included within the U.S. via USPS registered mail with signature confirmation. US only. Payments via check onl
  4. We do have expansion to Canada high on our roadmap! We've been getting tons of requests to open up service there; it's just a matter of firming up country-specific policies and business logistics (legal issues, registration, etc.) but Canada will be our first expansion outside of the US. We're on it
  5. We just launched the seller portal today! It's available to all users, but if you don't have automatic updates for your apps, you'll have to update the app to see the new version. To do so, just search for "Shortboxed" in the app store and update to the latest version. It's been a crazy past few months building this feature and I'm super excited to get it out there. We're already seeing lots of seller registrations pour in Really appreciate all the great feedback and feature requests so far. Thanks to everyone who DM'd me. Now back to work to start building our next set of features