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  1. I don't have direct experience with those boxes, but 6 seems high and I would not fel comfortable stacking that high. It's also a pain to access anything below the top row. Have you considered Drawer Boxes? They can be stacked that high because they're structurally rigid and the weight gets distributed on the outer drawers, not the actual boxes where the comics are stored. Plus you can pull out any box easily. I use them myself and they're great.
  2. I use the BCW Magazine Folio - the regular comic folio is too small for GA books. If I'm carrying a lot of books, I use a shortbox + hand cart.
  3. Deleted - posted in wrong thread
  4. Terry O'Neill, Bunky, Superworld, New Force, Jamie Graham, Harley
  5. One last bump before I close the thread today at 3:00pm PST. Feel free to send over any offers
  6. Via Instagram, Alan from Heroes said three people were taken into custody yesterday at the shop and two had prior arrests for car burglaries. No word on if the books have been recovered.
  7. Horrible. Will post this on Instagram and spread the word throughout the Bay Area community. Hopefully we can catch these scumbags.
  8. Blue Bolt 106 And probably not your last! Welcome to the wonderful world of L.B. Cole.
  9. Blue Bolt 106 CGC 6.5 OW [SOLD] Classic sci-fi cover. 3rd highest graded copy! Only 20 on the census. A 5.5 sold at auction on ComicLink for $1,850.