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  1. A 2.0 just got listed for sale on Shortboxed.
  2. Just a small sample of books added in the past week or so, out of hundreds of new listings:
  3. Hundreds of slabs are listed for sale every week, these are just a few of the highlights from this week alone
  4. Not yet, but we're working on it! If all things go as planned (fingers crossed) then we hope to expand operations into Canada end Q2/early Q3. -Gene
  5. Hundreds of slabs are listed for sale each week. Below are some of the highlights listed just this past week alone and are currently available (as of this post).
  6. Eerie 14, Jungle Comics 118 Okajima, War Battles 5, Journey Into Unknown Worlds 24 sold.
  7. Posting here because I think some boardies would be interested in these! Some seriously amazing Golden Age books just got listed for sale on Shortboxed! Over two dozen super rare, classic pre-code war, horror, and classic covers from Atlas, Harvey, St. John and more. Covers from Russ Heath, Bill Everett, Schomburg, Matt Baker and other greats. Some highest graded, Pedigrees, File Copies and single digit census books. These are expected to go quick. If you don't see it on the app, then it's sold. What is Shortboxed? Shortboxed is a mobile app to buy and sell graded comic books that we l
  8. Thanks for all your claims, comments and DMs. I'm closing this sale post and the books will be added to the Shortboxed app this weekend.
  9. Yep, just blue painters tape to hold the mylar flap down. Not using it over regular scotch tape for any particular reason.