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  1. [SOLD!] Added Fantastic Four Annual 6 6.0 WP $225 for Friday, 6/26/2020. See first post.
  2. I'm glad you brought this up. This has been one of our most requested features, and it's something we've got on the roadmap to build, though it's not live yet and realistically we won't be able to launch wish lists with notifications until later this year due to other core features we're currently building right now, but it's absolutely coming.
  3. Thanks for the question. For most of our "Dealer Partners," they actually ship direct to the buyer now, which cuts down on shipping time. For new or unknown users, we ask them to ship to us first to establish some credibility, which would lead to around 7-10 days before the book arrives. Otherwise it's fairly quick, since all shipments are sent via USPS Priority with signature confirmation. To date (about 4 months since launch), it's been rare for a book to take longer than a week to arrive.
  4. [SOLD!] Added Detective Comics 400 5.5 $175 for Wednesday, 6/17/2020. See first post.