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  3. Discount time! Take 10% off remaining books. I'll keep this thread open until 5:00pm PST Friday, Oct 19.
  4. shortboxed

    Comic-Con 2019, July 17-21, San Diego, Ca.

    Scored Preview Night + 4-Day Badge during pre-reg! Anyone else get lucky?
  5. shortboxed

    Heroes Con — June 14-16, 2019

    This thread might be biased, but if I could only travel to one show, should I go to Baltimore or Heroes? I'm in San Francisco, so it's expensive to travel to the east coast for a comic con. The past 2 years I've gone to Baltimore and it's been amazing, so I'm totally fine with going back for a 3rd
  6. shortboxed

    Berkeley Comic Con Nov. 3, Comics Only! Great old school show.

    You know it. Got some really good stuff coming out
  7. SOLD! Captain Marvel Jr. #73 VG/F Great split cover! Date stamp on cover