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  1. We're hosting a free comic swap this Sunday in San Jose, CA. Well, specifically Campbell. Our last swap had 30+ people show up with books to sell and trade. There's a mix of everything that shows up; all genres, raw and slabs, cheap and expensive. A lot of trading. It's a ton of fun and I hope to see a couple boardies there! See flyer for more details.
  2. We flew from Seattle and shipped our booth and slabs. It wasn't cheap, so thanks to everyone who picked something up
  3. Just the two wall displays plus 3 short boxes (hard to see on the table). We only brought slabs.
  4. One customer literally asked, "Your prices are really, really fair. Why?" My response: It was great meeting you @1Cool! Thank you @comicjack! Always a pleasure seeing you at cons - looking forward to seeing you again at Terry's show in Jan. We've been to the con as just attendees the past few years, but this was our first time setting up at the show as well as our first East Coast show (we're from Seattle and San Francisco). It was so much fun meeting people from the boards and Instagram and just having a ton of fun after the con, too. Thanks to all the boardies who stopped by to say hi! Here are a few shots of our booth, as well as some fun pics we took with cosplayers holding their first appearances or key issues:
  5. Missed out on Preview Night but got 4-day!
  6. Added (I'm Gene). I actually have no problem being referred to by my online handle, and likewise I don't mind calling someone by theirs - most of the time it's all we've got to go by! Admittedly, I often forget people's "real" names and only know them by their online handles. Sign of the times, I guess.
  7. We'll be setting up at Baltimore for the first time! We're traveling all the way over from the Bay Area and Seattle. Super excited - this has been a favorite show for years as an attendee. Our booth #1309 will ONLY have graded books, nearly all of which are CGC. So please do stop by and introduce yourself - would love to meet more people from the boards. Here's a preview of some books we're bringing as well as our booth location. We'll be super easy to find, just right off the main aisle in a corner spot - look for the big Shortboxed banner pictured below. Looking forward to meeting some of you! My real name is Gene, btw There's a lot of pics, so if you reply to this post, please don't quote all the pics and flood the thread!
  8. I unfollow anyone that posts raffles or mystery boxes, problem solved.
  9. Scored this at Rose City Comic Con 😍 3rd-highest graded, out of 22 Universal.