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  1. Thanks to everyone who made it to the swap, either as a vendor or an attendee. There were over 150 people in the room and it was pretty hectic for a while. So many good books in the room! And it was great to put some faces to names. If you dropped off books with CGC, you made the right decision to do it at the swap, as the lines were long on Sunday. I really hope everyone had a good time! Wasn't quite the same experience as the brewery from last year, and the hotel wouldn't let people take drinks away from the bar unfortunately, but I'm already making plans with the hotel to set up a satellite bar in the lobby space in front of the comic swap room. However the room and setup was nice, and obviously the location in the same hotel as the main event and where everyone was staying was a huge bonus. There were even more people and more books than last year. Overall I'm very happy with the event, so thanks again to everyone who came! If anyone has any constructive feedback for the event, please feel free to chime in. Whatever we can do to make it a better event, we'll do. -Gene Pics coming below...
  2. Boardies- if you want to grab a drink from the hotel bar (on us), please grab a drink ticket from us at the check-in desk. This helps us ensure we're not buying drinks for the whole hotel BJ and I (Gene) are checking everyone in and we're wearing Shortboxed t-shirts.
  3. [Posted with Terry's permission] Looks like it's gonna be an awesome weekend full of comics! Just a reminder, on Saturday there's two awesome events: We are hosting the Comic Swap from 1:00-4:00pm in the Mesa Verde room on the first floor. There will be a lot of really nice books showing up! All collectors and dealers that will not be set up on Sunday, so it's all material you won't see at the main event. You're welcome to bring books to sell & trade, but we don't have any more table space available. Admission $10. Artist Reception from 6:00-10:00pm on the Waterfall Terrace. Meet & greet with Erik Larsen, Joe Staton, Jim Steranko, Michael Golden and Renee Witterstaetter. Bring books to get signed! Food will be provided and there will be a cash bar. Admission $30. Link to Comic Swap thread:
  4. Short answer: yes! Longer answer: Since the event is being hosted in one of the conference rooms, they aren't able to setup a bar inside the room. However, I will be opening up a tab at the hotel bar during the event
  5. Update: all tables sold! You're still welcome to add your name to the waitlist in case of any last-minute cancellations. Remember, you can still bring books to sell/trade as a regular paid attendee for $10, you just won't have table space.
  6. TABLE SPACE AVAILABLE! Update: all table spaces sold We just had one extra spot open up, if anyone wants it, shoot me a DM ASAP. If there are multiple requests, I will add you to the waitlist and go through the queue in order received. -Gene
  7. Looking forward to a great Comic Swap! If you have table space, I just sent out setup details. If you're attending, there will be a check-in table outside the room and you can just pay the $10 admission fee at the door. The room is the "Mesa Verde" room on the first floor of the hotel.
  8. We're hosting a free comic book swap in the Seattle area on Saturday, April 4! We've rented out an entire brewery, Good Brewing in Woodinville, so we'll have the entire space to ourselves to buy, sell and trade comics, pulps, and OA. We've already got 30+ RSVPs and a couple folks coming from out of state and one from Toronto! There will be tables set up for everyone, but with limited space and to ensure everyone has some space to set up, please limit yourself to 3-4 shortboxes max. Leave the full convention setups at home. We teamed up with Kihei Collectibles to put on this event after hosting a successful brewery comic book swap at Terry O'Neil's Cal Comic Con last year. And of course, nothing goes better with comics than craft beer, so we decided to rent out a brewery again and we'll definitely be picking up a few rounds for attendees. There are tons of collectors in the Pacific Northwest so we just wanted to do something fun to bring the community together and encourage some buying, selling and trading. We'll be capping the attendance at around 50 people due to space limitations, so please RSVP at the link below if you can make it! More details in the flyer and please RSVP at I've also included a few pics from last year's Cal Comic Con swap at Stereo Brewing to give you an idea of what to expect. Note: the pics are from an event we hosted in Southern California, this new event is in a different brewery near Seattle.
  9. Gonna be a great show! We're bringing a bunch of Golden Age slabs we haven't brought out before