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  1. Hi, I'm looking for the following books: #3 Image Expo Edition #3 Third Eye Comics Edition #4 Eh! Variant Cover #4 Robinson Variant Cover #5 Scalera Variant Cover Thanks
  2. Hello, Please add the following books to the Wytches (2014) set: Wytches #4 Robinson Variant Cover Wytches: Bad Egg Halloween Special #nn Thanks
  3. Hello, Please add the following books to the "Wytches (2014)" set: Wytches #5 - Scalera Variant Cover Wytches #6 Thanks!
  4. orange is the new blue? X-Factor #92: http://ebay.com/itm/152174940159 X-Force #25: http://ebay.com/itm/142060373446 Excalibur #71: http://ebay.com/itm/142060339408