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  1. Aliens poster art (1988) and 30th Anniversary TPB cover (2019) by Mark Nelson:
  2. Cool discussion. Personally, I’d take the $100k in art, enjoy it for decades and then literally give it away (anonymously) so the art returns to our hobby How sad to think about any key/valuable OA disappearing forever! Dollar-for-dollar, I’d probably rank art > supercar based on “bang for the buck” but if OA prices climb much further, I might be looking to trade Adams for an Aston, Byrnes for a Bentley or Millers for a Maserati.
  3. Frazetta Johnny Comet Frank Frazetta's absolute mastery of pen and ink shines in this early Johnny Comet strip with all three main characters: Johnny (in Frazetta's own likeness), stuntman Ace McCoy and Jean Fargo, Johnny's gorgeous blonde girlfriend. Published Oct 10, 1952.
  4. I’m starting to feel bad for the piggy...
  5. TRANSFORMERS #73 p30-31 (1990) DPS Optimus Prime vs. Megatron battle at the Twin Towers. DAREDEVIL Man Without Fear #4 (1993) Finale DPS + TPB Cover (the only page DD appears in costume)
  6. I've only heard TMNT described as a parody of DD based on story and similar origins. There are 3 main allusions that Eastman and Laird made to the Daredevil franchise outlined here: 1. Master Splinter vs. Master Stick What is a good ninja without a wise Master? Originally the pet rat of ninjutsu Master, Himato Yoshi, Splinter trains the young Turtles into the ninja warriors we love. But, how did Splinter receive his name? Maybe it has something to do with Daredevil’s Stick, who is a Master martial artist and trainer of Matt Murdock, Daredevil’s alter ego. 2. The Foot vs. The Hand The enemies in both franchises share a special relationship. In the Ninja Turtle world, The Foot Clan is a household name, lead by the infamous Shredder. This is a pretty clear parallel with Daredevil’s The Hand, which originally debuted in Daredevil #174. In both series, both groups of villains are pretty similar as a group of costumed ninja “bad guys”. 3. A Similar Origin The best for last. The origin of Daredevil is pretty well known, where a young Matt Murdock is the victim of a chemical truck accident. A mysterious chemical splashes Murdock in the face during the accident, blinding him, but also hyper-attuning his remaining senses. The Ninja Turtles were created in a similar accident, where a truck loses a canister of ooze, which hits a young boy exiting a pet store. Although this boy is not hit directly by the liquid, the Turtles fall into the sewer, where they encounter Splinter and come in contact with the mutating ooze. As seen below, there is a pretty clear reference to the Daredevil origin, where a young man is hit in the face by a can of ooze, specifically “near his eyes”. A reference to Daredevil #1 origin...
  7. In 1985, just as TMNT began its meteoric rise into Indy comic pioneer / global pop icon, Kevin Eastman pitched Marvel on a Daredevil-TMNT cross-over. A fascinating concept given that TMNT was a parody of Frank Miller’s Daredevil which was at peak popularity at the time. Eastman’s tryout piece with DD and Leonardo in tandem is, I believe, one of the largest (18 x 24) and most detailed Turtles art as Eastman truly aimed to impress, escaping beyond the narrow page dimensions and manga style of early TMNT art. Strong Miller influence and blockbuster appeal but Marvel ultimately declined (perhaps a regret in hindsight). Anyway, here is the art (photographed through framed glass): Eastman Marvel Tryout DPS Note: Eastman’s inscription “To Eric - Best Wishes!” is to a fellow boardie and the original owner of the piece.
  8. Agree with Bronty. It’s a solid FF page by Rich Buckler inked by Sinnott (who is tops) with a nice full team (Medusa had replaced Sue Storm) panel plus Fantasti-car and Baxter Building. $1k seems fairly priced if you like the page.
  9. Sorry, I was referring to the Bronze Capt Marvel splash next to DD cover in the center section. You’re looking at something different, an oversize (Carole Danvers) Capt Marvel piece next to the Crime Illo cover in the other section
  10. Gil Kane Capt Marvel splash with Rick Jones...was priced at $18k last year, might be same or higher now.
  11. Funny, Neal Adams has a booth about 30ft away where he sells “limited edition” signed 11x17 B&W copies of the Batman 251 cover art for $150. It would take 2 minutes for him to walk down to Heritage, examine the piece and say “Yep, genuine!”. But, we know that ain’t gonna happen.
  12. PS. the highest valued piece in the room... I’m here all week. Try the veal...