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  1. Thanks John. I’m thrilled that 9 pieces (50%) sold and mostly to collectors that I didn’t know before the event. I priced to sell and provided links to auction/dealer comps showing upside because I think LiveCon collectors wanted value more than sizzle. Bought two cool pieces from long-time friends, nice to reconnect. Even received offers on two main gallery pieces, agreed to sell one. Overall, really fun event...hats off to Bill and other exhibitors to provide the CAF community a welcome repreive, a ‘great escape’ from the COVID-19 mess. Cheers!
  2. My teasers (16 new) Gene Colan – Brain dead Rich Buckler – Kill the invulnerable Don Heck – Assembly required Carmine Infantino – Quick, my secret ring John Cassaday – America the Beautiful BWS – Rise and shine, sort of Walt Simonson – In a galaxy far away Sergio Aragones – Rhymes with “blue” Dave Sim – Not low society Howard Chaykin – Buzz-knucks Tony Daniel - Rooftop runway Bill Everett – Doom and gloom Mark Pacella - Cablevision Greg Land – Archer’s delight Bernie Wrightson – The color of horror Dave Stevens - Guess what I did in high school Marvel Fleer – Grave danger Moon Knight – Third time’s the charm See y'all soon...
  3. Happy Memorial Day weekend folks! Something truly special to post... a magnificent splash from legendary French artist, Philippe Druillet! Druillet revolutionized the comics narrative with "The Six Voyages of Lone Sloane" in 1972 and this is the opening splash from the first voyage "The Throne of the Black God" introducing the space-traveling Lone Sloane and-- you guessed it-- the mysterious Throne of the Black God! A true pioneer of graphic storytelling, Druillet was one of the founders of Heavy Metal (“Métal Hurlant”) and revered as one of Europe's "Big 3" along with Moebius and Hergé. Drawn with colossal scale (28" x 36" inches!), among the largest pen-and-ink OA ever created. Just a tad bigger than my scanner, so my daughter was happy to pose with it: Link Be safe, stay healthy and enjoy your long weekend!
  4. Birth of a genre! Historic splash page from the Conan prototype story "Kull of Atlantis" that Barry Windsor-Smith created months before the arrival of Conan the Barbarian #1 in 1970. 100% BWS pencils and inks, a classic image and first page of the story drawn. BWS used this Kull prototype to create Conan the Barbarian and the rest is comics history. By Crom! Link
  5. As's an old photo (ca 2010), oversized 19" x 19" so too big for my Mustak twice-up scanner. A classic Defenders shot by Pollard with deep Sinnott inks!
  6. Very cool piece from a vintage Marvel calendar— I own Pollard’s Defenders pin-up art used for August. FMV is hard to peg for a Stan Lee drawing by an artist best know for his work on Disney’s Uncle Scrooge...Heritage archives shows 20 pieces sold between $500 - $2500. I’d say upper end of that range given the Marvel lineage and perhaps label it a “Frontispiece” (always loved that word) to maximize value. That’s my FYI, below is the published Defenders pin-up from the August calendar:
  7. Happy Mothers Day everyone! Hope you can take time to celebrate the Amazing, Incredible, Fantastic, Invincible, Sensational Women without Fear and Super Moms in your life. Stay safe and healthy!
  8. Working from home, I can better appreciate the art on my walls and in the vault which was typically on every day feels like Friday! However, as I’m much more relaxed than traveling to/from clients so the “escape” value for my art has somewhat diminished. Interestingly, the more time I spend enjoying my collection, the less susceptible I am to impulse buying, especially at auction. I still get blown out of most auction targets and win only a few, but not as much “grazing” between tracked lots. Finally, I’m re-reading way more TPBs, Artist Editions and Omnibuses.
  9. I checked HA website and it doesn't look like sales taxes can be reduced via consignments. Apologies, I had recalled when I recently bought a car and the gross amount for sales tax was reduced by the value of my trade-in. Sorry mates, I think sales taxes are ALWAYS collected it goes back to which state you are shipping to..
  10. Five states with no sales taxes: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon. Fortunately, my daughter attends college in one of them.
  11. Hey Brian! Paying taxes on top of BP (and credit card charges for some) is no fun but it's the law. Regardless of when you pay, Heritage retains custody of your items until shipped and they are required to collect taxes from buyers according to their shipping address. Currently, I have a few months of wins paid for but held at Heritage, usually ship after the Signature auctions. When you move and change your shipping address, the new state tax rates would apply. FYI, any sales credit or consignments applied before shipping can offset/reduce the total taxable amount. Perhaps, he has friends/family in his old state that might accept and forward the Heritage package.
  12. All, I'd like to buy any art from FF Giant-Size #5-- please let me know if you have a page or know someone who does. Curiously, there are no pages on CAF or in HA archives. Not even sure art from this issue has survived. Anyway, would greatly appreciate any leads. Thanks!
  13. Loved seeing those amazing X-Men pages by Jim Lee and Scott Williams in the Heritage auction, sadly missed out on them. Thankfully, I do have this incredible Lee/Williams DPS from Justice League #6 (2012) featuring Superman vs. Darkseid in the ultimate clash of Good and Evil. Talk about Big Bang! Link
  14. Congrats, the X-Men 248 page was a great pick-up. I’d even say the Havok panel is better than the cover image.