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  1. I really love this Fantastic Four #219 cover by Bill Sienkiewicz and Joe Sinnott featuring the full team (using their powers) joining Sub-mariner in battle— a homage to the classic FF#1 cover! FF 219
  2. Count me in as a big Sam Grainger fan! I'm proud to own one of his best covers, the classic Nick Fury #14 "Day in the Life" with Herb Trimpe pencils and Sam Grainger inks. A memorable image dripping with 1960s swagger and Steranko-inspired aesthetics. If Sam had a Mount Rushmore tribute, I'd think this would be on it. More info .
  3. I plan to attend and expect to be 1/2 vaccinated by then.
  4. I'm still trying to grasp what's happening in the marketplace and certainly not one to criticize record prices-- heck, a good portion of my collection were top of market purchases over the years-- but the Wonder Woman #231 (1977) cover selling for $25k blew away my expectations and comparable prices. Mike Nasser and Vince Colletta don't normally realize prices anywhere close, and surely not together. During the past 3 years, the next highest WW covers sold by HA would be $22k (Perez), $10.8k (Bolland), $9k (Infantino) and $8k (Sekowsky). During same period, Nasser covers sold for $16k (ASM
  5. Dino here with my . I just wanted to offer noteworthy/quality pieces at great values across a spectrum of affordable price points....I was happy all my pieces sold but do admit my pricing approach wasn't fully caught up to today's frothy market. I hoped pieces would go to collectors who appreciate them but I couldn't exclude dealers as they are collectors too and the DD format is by nature democratic... "first claim, first served". While I see no difference between a collector flipping and a dealer reselling for profit, the 2-3x pricing less than a week later is more in-your-face than usual
  6. I expect one Sat lot to possibly exceed $20k.
  7. Similar, there are pieces in every collection that would/could blow up 50-100% over “recent” sales at auction. Auction fever spurs higher and higher prices in an already strong market.
  8. Congrats B! That’s a great splash from a gotta-have comic for MIS and Anderson fans.
  9. Lobo $192k Maybe I sold my Lobo splash too soon...
  10. Something fun and clever for April Fools Day...this wonderful Adam Hughes MJ pin-up has been the most favorited AH! piece on CAF for years and even inspired a tattoo! Finally got my AH! piece... AH! Mary Jane
  11. The climactic battle page from Crisis on Infinite Earths #10 when the combined might (50 heroes!) of the Multiverse gather together to battle Anti-Monitor. Cover scene as well. Perez and Ordway bring it all together. Attack!!
  12. Really outstanding, congrats! This was the first GA Cap comic I ever bought, always loved the classic cover!
  13. A Bronze classic, this Defenders #6 cover features the Silver Surfer busting through the iconic Sanctum Sanctorum window to aid Doctor Strange, Sub-Mariner, and Valkyrie against Cyrus Black. Thrilled when it came to market, so I mustered all my mystical powers to get it! Link
  14. Agree, plus the 25% BP makes it tougher for bidders. I bid on the Michel Vaillant F1 page ($13,750) and the Bianchi Spidey 20 cover ( $6875) but lost on both lots. C’est la vie.
  15. Really fascinating discussion. Even as I learn more about NFTs, I constantly feel naive as new issues and possibilities emerge. I can't help but think AT&T (and DC Comics) are driven by IP lawyers that are (1) unsure how the future of digital art and NFTs will evolve and (2) protecting the unknown upside aka "fear of missing out" of lucrative future earnings. They only have to look at Marvel signing away Spider-man and X-Men movie rights to Sony for a song, before the huge revenue potential for MCU films could be imagined, much less realized. Granted, Marvel was in financial distres