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  1. Hey folks. It's been a while since I've sold on the boards. I'm selling my WD #1 graded 9.6. Asking $2050 w/ shipping. Please PM me as I don't get updates for thread posts. You can see pics here: My kudos are here:
  2. I have a couple nice keys for sale. Take a look. Shipping is on me in the US. Here are my kudos, and here are my Feel free to reach out with questions or requests for photos. Daredevil 168 (1st Elektra). CGC 9.0 VF/NM Blue Label. $215 shipped (US). Detective Comics 474 (1st modern Deadshot). $260 shipped (US).
  3. This is my last Stan Lee signature book. First appearance of the Inhumans. Ships for $315. Reach out if interested. Thanks. My kudos My eBay seller reviews
  4. Hey folks, Looking for the following books: Archer & Armstrong 10, Lupacchino variant Harbinger 8 Lemire variant Ivar, Timewalker 1, Kitson variant Eternal Warrior 5, Mack variant X-O Manowar 11, Sears variant X-O Manowar 15, Kotaki variant Thanks.
  5. Has anyone who has been screwed after ordering from them tried to call? I know they have more than one location. I'm trying to figure out which one he'd most likely be at.
  6. They don't even need a full-time IT guy (not that they can't afford it). They could just use Shopify or Squarespace or whatever site that plugs into a POS and be done with it. Do they have anyone repping them on the boards? I'm not done griping. Spurlock made a doc on Mile High? What's it called?
  7. What is the deal with these guys? Do they not want my money? I ordered a book about 3 weeks ago, paid through their primitive shopping cart, and have not received the book yet. I tried contacting them through the site over a week ago, however I still get no answer. I've ordered from them before; which because of their poorly designed and implemented 1998 Geocities-looking site was still a less-than-ideal process, but at least I eventually got the books. Has anyone else had to deal with this? Why is their online customer service so terrible? Didn't the owner just drop like $100k on some Star Wars variants for the shop? How come he can't spend $20k on decent online store? Sites for Midtown and Ultimate Comics are a way less trouble, so why does Mile high––one of the largest comic shops in the country––still suck? Okay. Done with venting.