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  1. Dr. Love

    Frisco Larson Kudos Thread

    Just like all the others, my transaction with Jim was quick, effortless, and rewarding. Great packing on two wonderful Timely books. Would love to buy some more! Thanks Jim!
  2. great advice - consult a pro. Especially on the distinction between moving the books through the estate, or as the beneficiary. in my layman understanding, unlike the sale of personal assets, which can be approached as just extra random income, there are different rules that apply to the sale of collectibles. When you sell a collectible such as comics, there are only two flavors: business or hobby. "IRS Summertime Tax Tip 2014-15, August 6, 2014 Millions of people enjoy hobbies that are also a source of income. Some examples include stamp and coin collecting, craft making, and horsemanship. You must report on your tax return the income you earn from a hobby. The rules for how you report the income and expenses depend on whether the activity is a hobby or a business."
  3. Dr. Love

    Am I the only one

    back in the day, getting divorced, they didn't care so much about the stupid books you obsessed over. You could actually walk out with your books and throw some low ball valuation around. "I'll take the AF15, and you can have this...fill in the blank drek" now you better have a prenup or a postnup to protect the preciouses you can run but you cant hide from GPA
  4. and that would be to me. Thanks, Jim! btw, if anybody has a slabbed Krazy Komics #1 (1942), 7.0 or better, that they're interested in moving, please hit me up Timely funny animals rule!
  5. Dr. Love

    YEAR IN REVIEW: What's New In Your Collection...

    Yeh I'm wild about this one. It's crazy self-referential, not just to ducks but to disney overall, and with homage to mickey in the center. And it's more contained to the space, less madness and mayhem than usual. Love at first sight!
  6. Dr. Love

    YEAR IN REVIEW: What's New In Your Collection...

    A little this, a little that
  7. quite a lot you can do about it
  8. Dr. Love

    Tips on Collecting Golden Age!

    what's the bank? can't break it if you can't name it
  9. Major keys have to be slabbed - a few for funeral expenses, as you've said is all you're interested in doing, is no big deal if you're going to keep the rest, as you've said you want to, no need to slab if not, just hand them over to an auction house like ComicLink and they'll front you the slabbing costs. Didn't the marketing director cover that already?
  10. Dr. Love

    Baker Romance

    To me, judging from the front cover scan, it presents like an easy 8.0 every day and twice on sunday. Obviously something up with the book that's not obvious in a scan. Or some serious bc stuff. In other words, it looks like the poster child for a 4.5 in a face forward slab, which is all most care about anyway. Not counting the miscut - which CGC won't but which a buyer might. Good job, Roland! Great eye, as always.
  11. Mile High as per Redbeard Ron Pussell, back in '96. This issue has very violent story, Courage of Love, where Jed the farmer goes after his stepdaughter - water throwin, face slappin, pushing and shoving, ending with an actual whipping. Like with a whip. Ah, romance, the gentler genre.
  12. Dr. Love

    Lichtenstein's "Whaam!"

    10X for the Lich romance. The higher the grade, the higher the multiple. If you know which issues to look for. Many are sourced, but some are not, and there is no definitive list. Primarily because, believe it or not, those that know definitively aint telling.
  13. One of these things is not like the others! and have always long admired it. So nice to see you post it again!
  14. Dr. Love

    Lichtenstein's "Whaam!"

    do you think it was war imagery that put Lichtenstein over the top? or maybe something else? and talking about poor old Heath - what about Tony Abruzzo, Lichtenstein's real go to guy for swipes from Robin Snyder: "I have been looking for this fellow for over 30 years. He is the great lost mystery man of the comics. Tony worked for National for about 20 years and no one could tell me his name when I uncovered a huge number of pages of his original artwork during my tour of duty there. I advertised for help and asked everyone at the company. No one knew or cared."
  15. Dr. Love

    Any LOVE for Back Covers ?

    if LOVE is what you want