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  1. MBFan Out of This World Adventures V1#1 7/50 entalmighty1 Amazing Stories 11/41 SpudsOnAHalfShell Amazing Stories 5/52, Famous Fantastic Mysteries 8/42 thank you!
  2. Now available individually Amazing Stories 5/52 $35 SOLD Astounding 3/38 SOLD Famous Fantastic Mysteries 7/42 SOLD Famous Fantastic Mysteries 8/42 $30 SOLD Famous Fantastic Mysteries 12/42 SOLD Out of This World Adventures V1#1 7/50 $65 SOLD Amazing Stories 11/41 $50 Famous Fantastic Mysteries 4/40 $50 Famous Fantastic Mysteries 6/42 $30 Famous Fantastic Mysteries 9/42 $30 Startling Stories Spring 1944 $50 Weird Tales 7/50 $75
  3. It's the first Canadian copy of #6 I've ever seen or heard of. I actually think it's rarer for that reason - and from the pic it looks way nicer than the 6.0 copy on Ebay now for $3,275.
  4. A little unfortunately, the indica for this one states Teen-Age Diary Secrets #5, even though it is the reprint of the #6. As such it will show up on the census under #5, Canadian copy. But at the end of the day - everyone who sees it knows it for what it is, regardless of the label.
  5. The thread is on hold while I work out individual book pricing. It will come back up tomorrow now. Some of the books may not be offered singly.
  6. congrats on a great score! imho, you definitely should use the Express tier. The Standard tier only covers up to $1000 and the book will be worth more than that. And then as long as you're pushed into the Express tier, make sure to peg the value at the max of $3000. Hard to say how much the FMV is. One things for sure though - it's a hot book, and the Canadian reprints (in general) are worth more % wise these days then they were in the past. Maybe 75% now relative to the US edition vs 50% or lower even 3 years ago. And according to the census they should put Marilyn Monore on the label. But I'd write that in on the bottom of the submit form anyway.
  7. Meaning that if you want them to cover books in transit that you are selling, CIS will require you to have a dealer policy. And you MUST check with CGC as to whether they'll ship to you in Texas via your FedEx account. They will not do so anymore to California.
  8. Thanks, Jim! Yeh, it did used to be a big deal some years ago, especially when you combined the fierce cover with the comic book insert inside. Everyone seemed to want a copy, but being pulp, it was hard to find a nice one. Still true. Essentially, the entire issue of the comic book OUT OF THIS WORLD #1 was included (except the original covers) as a kind of bonus insert in this science-fiction pulp mag. Lunar Station by Kubert, Man-Eating Lizards by Kubert, and Crom the Barbarian by Giunta.
  9. sweet book! and single 2nd highest after a single 9.4
  10. Startling Stories Spring 1944 $50 Bondage! Freaky!! Not exactly a classic cover, but always a crowd favorite