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  1. +1000 This has been occurring for some time now, I first noticed it 1 1/2 years ago with my GA Cap purchase and posted about it and I assume it was happening before then. If you could address anything about HA for us, Rick, it would be to shed some light on this issue.
  2. The Search function, as it stands now, has been seriously degraded. It used to be robust, while somewhat unwieldy. This would be a game changer for me. Also, you've got to be able to sort for slabs at the very least. Michael Brill, can we assume all the previous Advanced Search functionality will be ported over to the new site?
  3. Yeh it's not a good look. I've also had more than one exchange with Matt on the subject. And yet here we are.
  4. Yeh not so odd. They constantly and consistently miss the SDD print on the cover. But they should be labeled as Superior books, that is the publisher. Rather than labeled as St. John or even St. John, Canadian edition. Which they are not. The OP is known to me through ebay, as momocomics. I've bought a few books from him and I've got to say he's got some of the largest and nicest offerings of canadian "editions" of romance books that I've seen on ebay in all the years I've been looking.
  5. Your feeling doesn't seem right, as apparently they still are in the middle of that lawsuit. As per Zaid: "I wanted to alert everyone to a decision that was issued by the Pennsylvania Superior Court, which is the appellate court that heard the appeal in the current lawsuit, on October 18, 2019. The Court has reversed the decision of the trial court to dismiss the case outright on summary judgment. This decision did not determine the liability of any party but held that as a matter of law the lower court should not have reached the decisions it did, i.e., the decisions were for the jury to determine rather than the court." Zaid being Zaid: "I can state outright that we believe the Superior Court decision contained numerous and significant errors of fact and law." Get ready for a quiet settlement? "The defending parties are considering all available options as to next steps."
  6. On CC, Flex's #18 6.5 did very well, the color was gorgeous. The Church 9.4 took quite the haircut, from 19,200 a year ago to 14,000.
  7. so it's you that owns the sole highest 7.0! so close...and yet so far! I'd definitely love to see that the next time we get together, and I'll bring some more romance too
  8. A great looking TAR 14 6.5 sold for $2,890. One of the best Bakers imho. Congrats to buyer and seller.
  9. So I was in one of my favorite reading spots looking at the latest issue of Heritage's magazine, Intelligent Collector, and lo and behold I see this congrats Rick! the back story on this must be awesome!