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  1. Dr. Love

    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    Forget the gals. From Car 54: Nipsey Russell or Ossie Davis?
  2. Dr. Love

    Happy Valentine's Day! Show Some Love!

    Very very nice. If I owned this book I'd bid the heck out of the 8.0 coming up.
  3. Dr. Love

    Silver Romance Collectors Thread

    DC romance is heating up for sure. This is a decent lower to mid grade lot, seven 10 cent books in one place with decent covers and one big box 12 center which are desirable too. The front covers are all in place and not showing any egregious defects, the back covers less so but back covers usually don't get the weight they deserve. btw, the 10 cent back covers are outstanding house ads, worth collecting for themselves alone. So $15 a piece to save the trouble of hunting them down individually, not too bad.
  4. Dr. Love

    What are the rarest romance comics?

    yeh, and he signed this one too - see the little sign in the background "Vivid Hartley"
  5. normally I'd step aside, bros before books, but I've been looking for a decent copy for a long azz time on this one Chris so... I'll do first run by you if I ever sell it
  6. well well look who showed up! uhh, in their excitement, someone forgot to say take i'm feeling giddy with power