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  1. or anywhere else. This "rumor" has been floating around for awhile.
  2. Love that Patsy Walker 54 that Rick posted. imho it's one Hartley's top covers, and that's saying something, everything about it just sings The degradation of his work over the years is just remarkably sad. I don't know if it's his hand or the type of books they made him do, either way.
  3. Esoteric collectors sometimes take an interest in them. Gadzukes, that's a great looking copy. The one to get and the one that gets nice money is the big #8, called Thrilling Adventures in Stamps, it's the bomb.
  4. Unfortunately, for comics, the default assumption is unbelievable profit, since the default cost of goods is the cover price. That, or you've got an invoice verifying the purchase price. It's one or the other...IF you get called on it.
  5. https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/can-you-deduct-your-expenses-from-hobby.html "Hobbies are fun. They can also cost money. Sometimes they can make money. If you have an expensive hobby, can you deduct any of your expenses? Starting in 2018 after the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (HR 1, “TCJA”), the short answer is “no.” For tax purposes, a hobby is an activity you engage in primarily for a purpose other than to make a profit. The IRS commonly classifies inherently “fun” activities like creating art, photography, crafts, writing, antique or stamp collecting, or training a
  6. Wait, it gets worse. Prior to new tax law in 2018 a hobbyist could itemize expenses such as the ones you mention above on Schedule A, misc deductions. But those were discontinued by law. So expenses don't figure into the mix. Forget about supplies. But the kicker is, forget about pressing and slabbing and shipping fees as valid avenues to reduce the gross profit. Tip of the day - if you're even thinking about declaring yourself as a business, best you have a resale certificate. At the very least you won't have to pay sales tax from HA, CL, CC, and Ebay, once you send them your cert.
  7. Active participation too. Four bidders above $1200. And all four coming in with snipe bombs in the last 10 seconds. At 4 minutes out the book stood at $750. Very exciting dustup at the end. But there can be only one. Maybe the winner was a Baker completist?
  8. I got an annie, too. Love the series, short run with almost every cover done by a different star - Maneely, Andru/Esposito, Shores, Burgos, Severin, Brodsky. I don't know if there's another series with such a varied lineup in such a short span.
  9. You can try but my thinking is no. It's a ped with no markings. An LOA stating got it from Marnin prob wont do it. If you had an invoice from Marnin that ties to an ad Marnin ran listing the Mass book then that could be different. But definitely write the submit up as the ped and include the paper, might as well try, and they will send it back.
  10. I'm no pro, but my understanding is if declaring as a hobby, hobby losses can only offset hobby gains. If declaring as a business, business losses can offset personal income, with no cap.
  11. That's a heady mix of righteous indignation and lack of responsibility and self awareness Yum
  12. fyi that Greek magazine from which CL 25 is swiped is on Ebay the seller references the boards in the listing https://www.ebay.com/itm/Greek-Mag-predates-Cinderella-Love-25-Golden-age-Romance-Matt-Baker-Only-Copy/193930978869?hash=item2d272fe635:g:6tUAAOSw3R5gQZlx
  13. There are junior associates who can do that for you so your time is better spent in more...lucrative endeavors.
  14. Best wishes of success on your Ebay listing and of course the treatment for your wife. And I do recommend something positive you can do on these boards about this sale. There is a thread called Comics Market - Sales Advertising (Ebay, Dealers, etc) where board members like yourself can display all info about their outside the board listings. You can find it on the CGC Forums main page, right underneath the Comics Market - Forum Only Selling Area link you used to get here. That would be the place to re-post everything you did originally in this now deleted listing, except a price and pi
  15. This lot is on Ebay. Best case scenario is a newbie seller unfamiliar with the rules looking to sell at at a price here on the boards that would make financial sense to end the Ebay listing early and eat the final value fee at the last highest bid, currently $11,000. Ethical issues are a whole other matter. Worst case scenario is a hijacked Ebay listing. And someone concocting a story about a sick wife. That would be awful. And why does the Ebay listing say the books are in Portland while the board listing says pick them up in Utah?