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  1. Dr. Love

    Baker Romance

    Heck of a book, buddy!
  2. Dr. Love

    Baker Romance

    painted yes. I like 27 especially. but the marketplace has spoken, nobody's wallet ever thought it looked Baker or even Bakerish
  3. used to be about half off. But with Coles going through the roof that difference has narrowed considerably, depending on the book of course as far as Overstreet, you're quite the kidder
  4. Brian does the back cover show a Toronto mailing address? Or the inside front cover, first page?
  5. This book came in 3 flavors: Star, Star Accepted Publications reprint, Superior Canadian reprint SDD always denotes the Canadian issue
  6. meowww Jack the Superior edition is more purpley than the US issue (School Day Romances 3) and this one has with some purple overspray on the spine for a little flavor flav
  7. Dr. Love

    Fiction house anyone?

    Obviously no Zolne Planet, but I like it, like it, yes I do
  8. Dr. Love

    What are the rarest romance comics?

    One of the Lichtensteins. A bit surprised it went for under 1K, that was a decent price.
  9. Dr. Love

    Very lame little NYCC thread

    As you might know, that Confessions 11 is particularly tough. Nice one. Hitlers and romance. You must be quite the fun date!
  10. Is that a combo tv/vcr player?
  11. Dr. Love

    What are the rarest romance comics?

    nice one, Corey! here's the code equivalent, Charlton style "Don't, don't you want me? You know I don't believe you When you say that you don't need me. Don't you want me, baby? Don't you want me, oh? Don't you want me, baby? Don't you want me, oh?"
  12. Dr. Love

    Show Us Your Atlas Books - Have A Cigar

    romance is so un-cool it's become the new cool speaking of cool, that's one beauty of a really impossible book to find in anything approaching grade. And I like the two signed Heaths a lot more than the two signed Everetts. I wonder if they had to twist these guys arms to work on these books? But to me it looks like Heath was maybe enjoying the change of pace and was getting into stretching into a more realistic milieu. I should have made it to one of the war dinners, I would have asked him about this. Ah well.
  13. Dr. Love

    Post Your Promotional Comic Books Here!!!!

    "hard to find in grade, no matter what" - that from 4 years ago 11 copies in the census, and for the past 16 years this promo couldn't get higher than 6.0. But now there is the recently highest graded 6.5 in the Comic Link auction. Currently at $413!
  14. There is one in the present Comic Link auction, a census high 6.5, out of 11 copies. Currently at $413!
  15. There's a graded copy of this in the present Comic Link auction, a 6.5, highest graded of 11 copies. So far up to $413!