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  1. Looking for Romita's Daredevil #16 graded 9.2 or better, PQ at least OW I'm looking for a sweet book, not a bargain. Depending on presentation, I will pay more than others. bring it
  2. Stephen, you know Halperin owns the 9.0 Bible? Of course!
  3. What should be inevitable is that, in the midst of this discussion, valiantman get the recognition he deserves for the service he provides the collecting community. The data he presents, and from time to time his cogent analysis, is world class. It's provided free of charge and subsidized by his passion for our hobby. CGC sent out their latest Industry News email highlighting his most recent insightful piece. Thanks Doc, for all you do! https://comics.gpanalysis.com/news/2020/how-far-do-cgc-average-grades-drop-as-comics-get-older
  4. wasn't there a Bible and the Working Man posted? was that just a dream within a dream?
  5. Private insurance (Collectibles) and FedEx is the way to go. At least Collectibles will pay out - certainly on the first claim, and maybe beyond that. Anecdotal evidence is thin beyond the first claim. CGC will ship via Fedex - I have a private account and specify that they use it, and they do. CGC will not allow FedEx shipments to be redirected in CA. When things are going bad with a delivery I've had great service from FedEx once I escalate to management. I keep my temper, get a name and call back number, and become the squeaky wheel. Signature service is either hit or miss or just miss right now.
  6. the shedder of light on all things promo: @BOOT
  7. and no signature services during covid
  8. Just another day ending in "y" in Romance World All the small publishers are tough. Dog, your two Fujes are very nice, two more than the majority of collectors have!
  9. I understand the conference table was custom made to exactly fit rows of slabs 6 across and 10 rows deep with a little room at the end for tastey beverages on coasters of course. Cause that's how they dos it deep in the heart of Texas!
  10. What's the difference? It's about the ownership, not the valuation. This isn't a dollars and cents thing as you keep pointing out. You should do it man, no kidding. Go to Houston and take a look at your piece anytime you like. I'm pretty sure, Richard being who he is, would agree to take you out of your ownership somewhere down the line at entry cost. Think of it as a zero interest loan on your part, no downside risk, for bragging rights on a unique item for which there is no other, unlike the Action #1.
  11. Greg, argue the financial benefits if you could. You're the numbers guy, get the data together on a basket of books, you pick 'em rate of appreciation over a particular time period - everyone understands that past performance blah blah blah to what degree is this a correlated asset class to the S&P compare to other asset classes with similar correlation stop messing around and make a valid case or stick to who's stronger, Hulk or Thor PS love your work, man!
  12. Bags Unlimited has digest sleeves in slightly different sizes - poly resealable I prefer Clearbags.com and I like to back them as well, but that's just me.