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  1. No, didnt see it, thanks for bringing it up. Its great to see Heshka hit the secondary market. I dont know but wonder if any of his pieces are trading privately.
  2. Yes of course. TADS 9 is a complete reprint issue of TADS 7, which is all original Baker. In fact, for a small issue it packs a punch, as it has the most pages of original Baker than any other St. John romance book. The cover for TADS 9 is a reprint of an interior panel from one of the stories inside. The Alter Ego Baker issue doesn't list it, but the updated more definitive Art of Glamour does. Who said it wasn't? Hmmm?
  3. Brides Romances 7 I sold it to somebody here I think, but Hulks head hurts when it comes to names and places. Waited to the last minute but here she is
  4. Bob, this link to the Diary Secrets nn is broken and Joshua you'll want to add this issue to the Diary Secrets run
  5. Youthful Romances 14 sold on HA last year
  6. I, on the other hand, am looking for a nice copy of this book. If anyone has one they're willing to sell...
  7. some special person should post their Diary Secrets nn since Sqeggs is being held in an undisclosed location, that leaves...Robot Man?
  8. gingers doing what gingers do - making trouble
  9. so on to more important things the 8/13 HA Crain Sci Fi Sig Auction - you guys would know better than me - but unbelievable right? 44 Yakimas, 58 Spicys, OA up the yazoo, books, etc Has the market seen anything like this before?
  10. The incomparable Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction who doesn't like Freas? IIRC, Cat has an original Freas painting
  11. Dr. Love

    i give up

    That is correct, there is no concern from anyone other than you and your friend. As has been said, it's not an issue. If the case is intact, the encapsulation crew performs a purely mechanical function and do what they're getting paid to do, reholder. It doesn't involve graders, who are busy grading. CGC is not in the habit of performing services for which they're not getting paid. There is always risk of course, but it lies overwhelmingly in the area of shipping. Why anyone would even think of reholdering any AF15 to get a new Marvel label and risk what could happen to that book between hand off and receipt is beyond me. Now the reasoning behind that decision, the risk/benefit analysis, that would make for a decent thread.
  12. Ted, that's as compared to back cover scans refused upon request? if you don't mind, can you put one up for this book please? thanks much!