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  1. comic selfies. shallow, narcissistic at best, totally self serving at worst
  2. Noticing a new format shift for HA - and most welcome. They're now posting a back cover scan on all single lots, no matter the worth of the book. Also, the raw lots that are three and more books have a different visual spacing than before. They used to be all jammed up on each other, you could see the first one but not the other two. Ridiculous. That's changed for the better, see below.
  3. here you go guys invaluable resource https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/7990319/st-john-romance-comics-checklist-fantagraphics-books
  4. Congrats on the book Steve! that's awesome
  5. The sale of collectibles is always considered income. Legally, income must be reported. The transaction might result in a profit, loss, or break even. But the end result doesnt determine whether reporting is required. Actually, the sale of anything is income. There are some minimum thresholds for garage sales though. And there is the letter of the law, and what people do of course. Keep records. Comics are the easiest things in the world to establish a cost basis in lieu of other documentation. Cover price, ouch. NOTE: I may be incorrect on some of my statements. Looking into it. Love taxes!
  6. An unfortunate situation, with no clear wins. May the odds be ever in your favor, but when they don't pan out, as has already happened to Sharon on a submit that damaged a book, it's more difficult to let go and hope. And this oh so prominent reholder disclaimer, which comes up right away in your face lest you not notice it, doesn't exactly give off a warm and fuzzy feeling.
  7. I forget the order of the process, but if trimming the entire edge was the last step after stapling then how could the wedge shaped pattern of the interior pages be present? The pattern you look for to make sure there's no post-production trimming by amateurs?
  8. OP, if you dont mind - who is the insurer and what seems to be the problem
  9. and since this thread was raised from the dead, let's bring it back around zombie style to where Bedrock started it western romance photo cover, the most reviled of all sub-genres call me crazy, I love this book.
  10. as has been said, Bob was always willing to help the noobie. He was generous with his time and his knowledge of the hobby. 7 years ago I asked him if he could shed some light on what were the loose grading periods. His insight was very valuable to me then and since. RIP Bomber. "Andy, glad to help. First off I totally avoid the period after Mark Haspel left, especially the whole year of 2011. That year, especially onsite grading at Philly and Chicago, they were giving away grades. I don't feel safe until the second half of 2012. I also look at the cert number itself. Certs starting with 095 almost certainly went through Matt Nelson and are pressed. This is when he was the only game in town. Not necessarily bad but good to know. Certs starting with 014 and 015 came during a tough period when Borock was on the way out and Haspel was taking over. Haspel was the tightest grader they ever had, especially at first. He loosened up a little bit when they started to get a lot of new pedigree collections in."
  11. Thanks Michael, great books, great thread! Absolutely appreciate the back cover scans. Sadly the majority of sellers now dont include one in their threads, not for mid grade books at relatively low prices. But that goes for 5 digit books too. Drives me bat shot crazy.