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  1. If your time to you is worth savin’ Then you better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone For the times they are a-changin’
  2. Dr. Love

    ComicConnect and ComicLink August auctions

    Featured auctions are listed alphabetically, Focused are alpha within Age. Been that way, if not always, then awhile.
  3. Dr. Love

    Post your Bronze Romance Books

    I think that's it. But when you see her, maybe you could ask what it was like to work with Toth and Colletta. And does she keep in touch with Liz Berube? Let us know how it went, please. Have fun!
  4. Dr. Love

    Nightmare situation with eBayer / PGX

    Or if you do, don't crack it out. Cracking it out is like hitting the bathroom after a supermodel just took a wicked dump in there. You might experience things you wish you hadn't.
  5. New to me. Biro doing what he does, mayhem in the streets. Sweet!
  6. Dr. Love

    The GA in Australia

    Thought you guys might get a kick out of this. What are the odds of finding the Ozzie copy of this really hard Atlas?
  7. Dr. Love

    Golden Age War comics

    I don't think I've ever posted this one. Got it from a fellow boardie. Thanks again, bro! I love this book, I'd marry this book if I wasn't already taken.
  8. Dr. Love

    Nightmare situation with eBayer / PGX

    Or why get stuck in midstream? CGC should just push the product to its conclusion and be done with it - the case that can't be opened. It's almost there already in the new iteration. After almost 20 years the market has been prepared for the concept of purely cover centric art. Raw copies are always available for those that hold onto "old ways". Most comics are available now in digital form too.
  9. Dr. Love

    Nightmare situation with eBayer / PGX

    Sure it's the grading company's fault. Ask nicely and I'm pretty sure you'd get your grading fee back. Maybe shipping. And you wouldn't be entitled to any of that. Check out the terms and conditions for the different companies. PGX guarantees nothing, CGC guarantees that it's an "authentic" comic. Say what? You think that terminology is some kind of goofy mistake on their part - think again. As far as buying and selling, Schrodingers Cat is a reasonable sort of comparison. You're buying a black box purported to contain a book. You're really buying a document with a front cover that you can see and a back cover that you can see in a plastic case. If you get the thing that is pictured on the listing, then you've got no beef. The argument that a certain array of letters on a document, the title, conveys any certainty about a number of pages or even what is contained between the covers is commonly assumed but not necessarily true. It's critical to understand this. You're buying something that can be visually inspected - up to a certain point. A good analogy is a house sale. A seller must disclose those things he knows about the house. A buyer can inspect. But you can't open every wall looking for mold, that is you could ask but you wouldn't get permission. And then if you buy the house and down the road you find mold behind that shower wall? You can't go back to the seller. You bought a black box purported to be a clean house but it aint. You have recourse - don't buy a house, build a house. Same thing with slabs. You want to make absolutely sure of the page count? Buy a raw book and inspect.
  10. Dr. Love

    Nightmare situation with eBayer / PGX

    or buy if you can absorb a 50% or more haircut - which is what the qual grade will do? could have been worse, could have come back purple, always a distinct possibility with PGX. I'm afraid this one's on you.
  11. Dr. Love

    Superboy - Complete!

    Your fault, Danny. Saw this thread, had to have this book. HAD TO. I'm a huge Swan fan. Superboy looks so sweet - and that blush in his cheeks! Superpower helps overcome the pain of being a teen with a receding hairline.