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  1. hey Fett you've got 23-26 but CB+ had to go to JVJ for this one - you don't own a copy?
  2. You almost never see back scans on the boards these days. And you never see graders notes, certainly not at this price level. Kudos to you.
  3. And the one thing we haven't heard yet from the OP is "I just changed my address on PayPal". Which, if he wants to buy books through PayPal he's going to have to do anyway. At that price level of book you would think. And yet, not yet. Sending it to the address on record as he keeps saying is a non starter, his tenant lives there now. OP's big fall back plans seem to be he'll come in person for a pickup, pay with a money order or somesuch non protected manner, or have the book be non-deliverable and sit in the Post Office where the OP will come and sign for it with drivers license. All may be unsatisfactory, and rightly so. But the OP is right in this respect, Prof. A buyer deserves the opportunity to talk it through first before you regretfully pull the deal. Which apparently you did to a certain extent. You don't owe him a book, and also apparently I was hasty in thinking you owe him an apology.
  4. The pic will be placed where the cursor is positioned. After you load one pic, use the space bar to move the cursor over a few spaces and then load the pic.
  5. J2dac, answer this question please. It speaks directly to motive.
  6. You wouldn't have been able to get this even if you were sitting at your computer when it went up. Good, now I get a chance to vent about something that's been driving me (and October and others) crazy for at least 4-5 months. Don't ask me how, but one guy - and ONLY ONE - gets to the new listings right away and BINs them. As in, immediately, within seconds of when they go up. No matter the day, or the time. The only other person who has successfully bought from Jerry has been October. Jerry has resisted any and all attempts to offer his books as auction items, even with evidence and assurances that he could net 2-3X more using that format than BINs. The same guy who bought the Cinderella Love 25 has now bought the overwhelming majority of what could be one of the greatest Atlas rollouts ever seen in terms of grade and coverage - better than Circle 8? Over 300 Atlas and counting. Unbelievable stuff - Sherry the Showgirl 1,2, Showgirls 1,2,4, 46 different Millie the Models, and 191 Atlas romance. Many other publishers as well. This ONE GUY has now bought 276 books and has spent $48,037 to date - book by book by individual book. All at least 50% under FMV, or more. Interestingly enough, this ONE GUY has been around for years on Ebay as a romance buyer when we were all known to each other. He was there as a strong participant in the famous Sparkle City romance slab bonanza of 3/10/13 when he was the winner, among other books, of the mislabeled Cindrella Love 25 6.0, the highest graded at that time, for the then unheard of price of $2,188. I've reached out to this ONE GUY through Ebay, one romance collector to another, but he won't talk to me. Me, Dr. Love!
  7. The same complaint could be made against the majority of ourselves, that is sellers on these boards. Except with us there's not even the thin rationale of labor cost vs benefit. Most of us are either too lazy, or have been conditioned to feel back covers don't really count. On a 9.6 maybe - but a midgrade? Yes, no back covers on 5 figure books here too. Or how about a 6 figure book? Case in point - a noob just listed a 129K book. Granted it's a 9.2 and there should be no surprises of any kind on the back, but still. Also, phone pic. Also, no notes - spend your own dang $15!
  8. Physical gold is pretty close to where it got to a decade ago. Now silver on the other hand...
  9. True that. The TADS 7 is the romance Baker with the most original art. The 9 is a reprint. Also, the #7 is one of the very few Baker romance slabs coming in at 9.2 or better.