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  1. He did for this one, I was given permission by the guild....and was not going to have him sign anything without his face.
  2. Kudos to @Kevlarfor facilitating and art by Ash This is the way!
  3. Clara is top notch, she is awesome to work with.
  4. It's one thing if it just happened to me but it has happened to multiple board members. I am happy for the person that he has not screwed over but I would proceed with great caution.
  5. My initial batch was sent to me as well after multiple messages containing the CGC address. They were packed horribly.
  6. He will message you non stop, you may or may not get what you asked for. He also copies quite a bit so your never guaranteed an original or it’s an exact copy of someone else work.
  7. You would have to ask the original artist to get an accurate answer. This particular image/pose has been "repurposed" several times by well known artists so I doubt the original artist (Todd) would be upset with its use in this way. To me, this is no different than SOME (not all) remarques that are widely seen in the hobby today. Todd is even credited by the artist in question. As far as obscuring the logo, I "obfuscate" most logos in all my commissions (please reference the sketch cover mega thread). I personally do not like the True Believers logo and would cover it any chance I got....I did so on an X-23 book signed by Dafne Keen. I have worked with the artist in question and know that there is no ill intent by this or any of his work......in my opinion.
  8. He flaked on another board member just recently. Just doing what I can to warn my fellow collectors.
  9. I was the first to bring him to the boards and have his first several CGC books. My first round of covers went without a hitch beyond some shipping errors. The second round it became apparent that he no intention of sending me my completed covers or giving me a refund. I would not recommend him to any board member and I have said so in much earlier posts on this thread and private messages to several individuals. I ask that you use caution and anyone seeking him out to give pause.
  10. Be very careful, I have worked with him before. He is a scam artist. Still has yet to produce covers or refund my money. He has done so with several other individuals. I hope it works out for you.
  11. Kudos to @Kevlarfor facilitating. S. Moore
  12. ivdyer


    It's not about what works for me and in this case not everyone's situation is different. The individual's situation whom I was bantering with may be different but it clearly states on UPS and Fedex websites that they do not ship to PO boxes. My UPS and Fedex in Houston, TX will not even accept package, etc shipped to PO box. CGC also states and is on their website that if you are shipping via UPS and Fedex to ship to the address I and they provide. Because it is your first time shipping to CGC I would suggest doing what CGC recommends and can be viewed on their website and I have provided.
  13. ivdyer


    No pot stirring on my part. Was simply trying to answer your question. I only ship UPS to CGC using the address given. I have a UPS store in my building so it is readily available and working 8-6 is not conducive to USPS hours.