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  1. Almost pulled the trigger on this one, nice book!
  2. Tough to get on her list and long wait time but well worth it
  3. This individual needs to be reported or jump on board with how these forums work and the people they represent.
  4. Have been eagerly awaiting this one from Kenneth Rocafort....love his interpretation of the characters
  5. I was wondering where this one went too....killer
  6. You have some solid QB choices in the draft, not to fret
  7. Kudos to @Kevlarfor facilitating and Ash for the work. Homlander and Starlight Added Monaghan to these two....
  8. So what was the over/under on me posting some Ash work in 2021? I assure you these are not the last for 2021 but starting off strong..... I have posted these two before but added Monaghan so worth a view here.....
  9. This has taken on a life of its own what a great way to bring in the new year. We all need some levity in our lives.
  10. There is a story behind every sketch but that is definitely one to hold onto
  11. I am going to have to take a picture “proof of life” style, me holding a newspaper with current date and book when I get home on Sunday.
  12. Your good, we are good. Not sure why someone would take credit for a sketch that’s not theirs but to each their own. I assure you though it’s in my collection. Not home at the moment but can take a pic later.
  13. Meaning I don’t know who this is personally but it is someone who is taking credit for a book that is not theirs
  14. Not sure who posted this but this is my book and in my possession