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  1. Adding to my love of this cover with another homage, this time by Cory Hamscher.....
  2. I have dealt with and continue to deal with CA regularly. They are a reputable company.
  3. The simple answer is no but there are several forums that discuss this topic in depth
  4. I will follow the superman them with this supergirl courtesy of @Par2ch
  5. I am in full agreement with this sentiment
  6. Actually never referenced my appearance. You made an assumption that I was holier than thou, I referenced those that know me and dealt with me on this forum as proof that I am not. You continue to make assumptions about those you know nothing about as you have made assumptions about this book. I therefore can only assume that this is the way you are and does not warrant anything further. Unlike you, I cannot do this all day.
  7. Never said I was troubled nor have I been at talking at length. In fact your use of bloviating suits you more than me. Engaging in trolls can be satisfying at times but as this thread shows your not worthy.
  8. Not an opinion, it’s fact. Again, based upon the replies on this thread. Again, please refrain from replying and remember your arguing with someone that has the book and agrees with your assessment of the value of the book (the only thing I agree with for those that are following).
  9. Not an accusation, stating facts based upon this thread. Your assumption of me would be incorrect, verified by anyone who knows me or dealt with on this forum. Please refrain from replying
  10. Are you implying that I am "holier than thou? I simply provided you with a known possible explanation to your question
  11. Why ask a question that you already have a "plausible explanation" for but to only incite more rhetoric. The sole reason I did not want to partake. You seem to have an answer for every question/explanation/comment. I regret chiming in.
  12. I did not want to get involved in this rhetoric but it is common practice for the cover artist, writers, etc... to get several "comp" copies of the book....even before distribution. It is entirely possible that Jonboy received his copies before Keanu.