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  1. Could not resist this homage cover by Marat (colored by Kincaid) with the actual creators image.....
  2. I have a Ron Pealman signed Mylite bag and it had a window outlined with blue tape. He was going fast and started to sign above the window, I pointed that out to him and he told me "well you put the window in the wrong place, I should charge you twice." Thought he was serious and then he smiled real big and laughed....then told me "no, I am serious." He started to laugh again. I think he wanted to watch me squirm. He was a cool guy.
  3. Super proud of this Ash piece with Breakfast Club cast.....my apologies for the poor lighting JD Correa pieces back from CGC....yes the labels are wrong
  4. Never one to pass on WW especially not this one.....
  5. Nice pickup, I picked up his Captain Marvel. We are adding something on the back.
  6. I paid for mine in full but it was on a CGC SS 9.8 blank signed by Stan so Dan from Scott’s wanted him to work on it last. He never got to it. He then worked on it later but I had paid extra for a little more finished sketch. Dan and I both agreed to let him work on it some more....it’s just taken this long for him to finish. Hope it truly is next week then the grueling wait to ship overseas and CGC process
  7. Mattina still has mine from NYCC last year. He did not finish and it has been in limbo ever since. Just received word that it should be finished by the end of next week.
  8. I have been watching a few of these sketches for several months. All from the same seller. The prices have fluctuated from the ridiculous to still not worth it in my opinion. Well, this one went up for auction with no reserve and finally got one at a more accurate price point. Its not the greatest sketch as it was done by the writer but when its Robert Kirkman I feel it was worth the investment.....
  9. Great books, always happy to help.
  10. Alfie Allen? Maybe or a GOT book.
  11. Thank you to @Par2ch for this amazing Jeff Edwards and CJ sig......
  12. Thank you to @Kevlar for these.... Thank you @Rich_Henn with this timely sig..... and kudos to @Par2ch for another Jeff Edwards piece....
  13. One should educate Mr. Larsen on what a “reader copy” is. Just because one encapsulates their book does not mean that one does not read said book.