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  1. Was trying to post just that book yesterday but my Photobucket was not cooperating.
  2. Matt Smith from the Cap Hero Initiative auction..... Excellent pickup from Yaw (thatdudebooks) Richard Bonk
  3. Two new pickups.... Rick Leonardi Glen Fabry (from @Par2ch)
  4. As the first to show his work on the boards I can tell you he is awesome to work with and it has been great seeing his popularity rise. Kudos to @Par2chfor bringing this op to the boards.
  5. Welcome to the boards Clara. I received a yellow label because I provided a submission form and creator form to you via email and you sent the book from Europe to CGC directly, never breaking the chain of custody. This is a strict CGC signature series policy. Your other client had the book shipped to him and was then going to ship the book to CGC that violates the chain of custody and would in turn receive a green label (your art would be unverified)
  6. Try no more sketch covers this week.....start small
  7. I have an X-23 by Vitti coming. It was supposed to be submitted at the same time but was left off for some reason.
  8. $150 per for the next 24hrs.
  9. No, Comicsketchart had these signed by Stan and you can contact Doug and team (Mike Haslem) personally to attest to their authenticity. Anyone that knows me here or within the comic community knows that these are indeed real signatures and stand by any third party verification. Again, these were not purchased with COA's as these were being held by Comicsketchart for future art which would then have been encapsulated/graded through CGC. I had other books that got pushed in front of these and never got back to these until it was too late and missed CGC cut off date....not by much but missed nonetheless.
  10. The Rules: $150 per but open to all reasonable offers....I paid $250 a piece at the time Payment via Paypal only within 3 days please. No returns. Free shipping within the US No sales to probies, etc.... 1st in thread or PM wins. These were purchased and held by Comicsketchart (Doug Peters and team) for art but it just never happened and missed the CGC cut off to get slabbed. I am open to all REASONABLE offers. I paid $250 a piece at the time.