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  1. Corey Hamscher....nice guy, great prices
  2. His commission list is open and is working through them
  3. Thank you to @piersonitefor this one.... and @YEPITSME for this one.....
  4. Really stoked to get this one back, colors are amazing. Done by Francisco Rivera. Rosario Dawson as Ashoka Tano.
  5. All the way from Turkey on a Turkish edition God of War blank from Metehan Erbil......
  6. Nice Vampirella by Freddie Lopez Jr. Great to work with.....
  7. Another IG find and great artist to work with Ed Castro.....
  8. Sean Anderson is amazing, just got my commission back yesterday. Love his style and is great to work with....
  9. All X-23, all day.... Celor by way of @Par2ch Nice IG find and great to work with Neal Jones.....
  10. Kudos to @Kevlar for these.....
  11. Major kudos to Ash for making this 8.5 Lee Weeks sketch a 9.8. Lee was quite liberal with the ink and the back was a mess, hence the 8.5 grade. Ash colored the piece and added one of my favorite images from a classic Wolverine cover on back. Ash doing what he does best. Before..... After....