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  1. Thank you to @TB08SM for these.... and a eBay pickup and at a great price....
  2. Adding to the Jennifer Allyn collection.....
  3. I would vote Lou Ferrigno as well
  4. I have been there. Mine was a blue label 9.8. I use mylite and silver age backing board for the outer window bag with a modern size board and bag inside so the book rests on the bag not the backing board. I do that for every comic that is not a sketch cover.
  5. Rich Henn will be facilitating Monster Mania where Haley is appearing
  6. Thank you, was hoping JDM would pop up before it was slabbed but will add him at some point.
  7. Thank you to @jonjesperfor this one.... Picked this one up from Scorpion comics.... and thank you to @OV for this one....
  8. Big thanks to @Triston Pencefor this one.... and @piersonite for getting this one done....
  9. Last two Hero Initiative books. The second one I am really fond of as it was a 9.4 initially that Ash colored and added art, now a 9.8 and a stunner.....
  10. Had to, it’s Keen. I knew with a press and Ash I would have a solid chance.
  11. Ha....just got caught in my download. All is well
  12. Been waiting on these awhile but well worth it..... Allesandro Micelli
  13. This Keen was a 9.6, had Ash work on it now 9.8