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  1. Damn just sold mine on feebay a few days ago.
  2. Honestly I think it's in poor taste to leave a negative on this but it's your prerogative. The larger spine split is certainly visible in the photo and the extra 1/2" at the top doesn't change the grade by any real amount relative to what you paid. This is why I don't sell cheap books on eBay.
  3. Closed and moving to other venues. Please PM me if you are interested in anything. Thanks all!
  4. Worst a seller can leave is a negative comment, but the rating left from a seller is always positive now. Ebay’s way of eliminating retribution from sellers against buyers that leave a negative.
  5. Sellers cannot leave negative feedback for buyers FYI. Easier though to just open a claim with eBay for item not as expected and force a return. What’d you pay?
  6. Ursa Minor #3 Take Me Home Edition 9.6 SS Signed by Natali Sanders and Tom Hutchinson. Case does have a crack (book not affected) and other scuffs as shown. This was Natali's personal copy. Price: $800
  7. Legend of Oz: The Wicked West v2 #1 Detroit Fanfare Edition 9.8 SS Signed by Natali Sanders. Case does have a scratch and other scuffs as shown. Price: $350
  8. Just a few select high grade moderns tonight. Please note I'm heading out of town Wednesday night so any books claimed/paid for after around noon MST that day will have to ship when I'm back the following week on Thursday. "The usual vault rules apply: touch not lest ye be touched" - Brodie -No one on the HoS or Probies list. -No returns on graded books. -First trumps any PMs. -PayPal G&S only. -I ship to the US and Canada only. Shipping via USPS Priority in the US is included in listed prices. Canada peeps please PM me. -Always open to offers! Books coming up: Gen 13 1 9.8 Cover G Gen 13 1 9.8 Cover H Batgirl 23 9.8 Middleton variant Spawn 280 9.8 Mattina Virgin Star Wars Boba Fett 1/2 9.8 Wizard Exclusive Legend of Oz: The Wicked West v2 Detroit Fanfare Edition 1 9.8 SS Ursa Minor 3 Take Me Home Edition 9.6 SS
  9. X-Men #101 - 8.5 White Pages A book so nice I subbed it twice. I expected a 9.2 on this, being nicer than my 9.0 that has fingerprints all over the center of the back cover. It came back as an 8.0 the first time. I cracked it and did nothing but resub and it came back 8.5. Price: $400