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  1. Anyone else still waiting on CGC to invoice the books that they dropped off at the show?
  2. Just booked my room! Didn't check the thread this last week so missed the early admission line but that's ok. Very excited for this one!
  3. Sorry for poor photos. Just got these in. Some nice high grade silvers among others.
  4. Yeah that sucks. I'm waiting on my latest that was delivered yesterday to show up. Can't rest easy till they are in the system
  5. They usually enter them in the day after receipt, but it can take a few. Reholders will show up in your account. BUT I just checked my account and interestingly enough, the invoice for my last reholder submission (their error) has disappeared so maybe they are still having issues. I just got those books back a couple weeks ago.
  6. My list is currently showing my submissions. I should have a couple more being received today so hopefully those will show up.
  7. Modern FT Rec/Verified 8/28 SFG 8/30 Graded 8/31 Economy FT Rec/Verified 8/28
  8. Great TAT! I just subbed 2 Econs with FT. Excited to get them back.