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  1. Since you drop off directly do your subs go straight to Received? Or do you still have to wait for them to be checked in?
  2. Final bump. Price drop on ToS. Will leave here till this evening and then move on.
  3. That's all for tonight. Many more to come over the next few weeks.
  4. Giant Size X-Men 1 6.5 White Pages Restored (Trimmed) - $1800 Pricing this one around half of recent blue label sales. Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe not...
  5. -Thread closed and books moved to IG @drewdle81 Starting the long process of letting some of my precious' go. Three books to start off tonight. The rules: The first unconditional trumps all else. Payment via PayPal is fine. Check and MOs are even better. Checks wait to clear before shipment. Payment due within 7 days. No returns on slabbed books. No HoS or Probation list members. Prices include US shipping. Int'l folks please PM first for a shipping quote.
  6. Books went to Grading/QC yesterday but no change today Guess I have to wait till Monday.
  7. 11/21 (Received) Standard Tier went to Grading/QC today.
  8. Nice mine was received 11/21 so fingers crossed it goes to grading this week.
  9. Am I the only one that does Standard tier? Seems everyone is modern or value lately. Anyway, off to refresh again.
  10. Nearly 40 packages I shipped on 11/30 sat at the sort facility until this morning. There was a 60 trailer backup because of Cyber Monday that they are slowly clearing.
  11. 1 Express Delivered 11/13 Received 11/13 SFG 11/13 Grading/QC 11/24 Shipped 11/24