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  1. I sure miss Basement, Worldwide, Doldoff, Earl Shaw and a lot of others that just can’t seem to make it worthwhile to travel west. These guys always have interesting and odd stuff that I like.
  2. Thanks for posting these Cool. Looking forward to your opinion on the show. Especially overall prices.
  3. There are always good deals to be had if you work hard. Skip the wall books and hit the boxes. Also ask every dealer if the might have what you want. Often it is under the table. The dealers don’t have time to box dive during set up.
  4. “New Kids” on the scene. A great spread. How were their prices?
  5. Antique mall finds today. Two different sellers. The 2 Moderns are very high grade. I thought Strawberry Shortcake #1 was hot. Guess not. Mostly why I stick to GA/SA...
  6. Man, that was great! Thanks for posting it. Those were the days for SNL. What a cast! Belushi as the Hulk. Perfect. I think he is the one I miss the most. Such a “physical” comic.
  7. I actually don’t think it as cool as the current market would suggest. There are many of these type of PCH covers. It just bugged me enough to get this one. Besides, when I think how little I paid for most of the rest of them, it kind of took a lot of the sting off... I also don’t have the COCs wine glass cover. It used to be just as common as the rest of the issues. I just never got around to getting it until it was too late. I’m sure, like this, there will be a copy out there with my name on it someday...
  8. Also got this one. My run of these is complete but a vast upgrade to my current copy. This Russ Heath cover always creeps me out!
  9. Mailman brought me another complete run yesterday. I had to pay up pretty hard for a low grade copy but the run is now complete. I will have to do a complete run photo when I get the chance.
  10. Great run Hap! Finished mine quite a while ago. Hope you are not missing a #9 or #10...
  11. Great book! I stumbled into a small comic shop in San Francisco on my honeymoon and found a nice one of those. And, you don't want to know how long ago that was...
  12. Yeah, back of the box for me too. With all my underground/parody ECs. Some real odd and unusual stuff. I don’t have any of the Picture Stories from History/Bible ect anymore.