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  1. Nice! Looks like a Western File copy. I know Geppi had most of them years ago. Don’t know if he still has them. I have two Popeye ones with the Dellacourt stamp inside.
  2. Thanks. This is a cool one. Has all the Barks Duck Four Colors in two volumes. I also have Scrooge #1-40 in two volumes. I got these from a friend maybe 10 years ago. He needed the money and I was happy to oblige. He had bought them gently used in the mid 1960’s from Hollywood bookstores. The later ones he bought new. Once he got them all, he had them bound. They are awsome to just pop open and read a few here and there. The sad part, and there usually is, his older brother did the same thing with his ECs! But his brother sold them off quite a bit earlier. Missed them...
  3. Come on, do you blame him? Look at that map... We are in a crisis that this world has never seen. The sooner we realize that we need to forget about stupid things like "comic cons" for a while, the sooner we can hopefully look ahead to next year. There will be no more comic cons this year. Period! Get over it...
  4. I recently picked this one up for peanuts because the centerfold was missing. Hoping to find a coverless one. It will, at least, be a placeholder until I can upgrade.
  5. I would agree with that. ECs, despite the numerous reprints, have always been VERY popular. For a while, right after the reprints started, they seemed to stagnate a little, but folks realized, there is nothing like owning the originals. People tend to focus on high grade but the low grade ones are steady sellers for me at shows even at above guide prices. For every collector who wants and can afford the high grade ones, there are 100 collectors eager to buy any copy. I'm mostly looking for nice presenting mid grade copies. Even solid lower grade on some. A lot more competition than just a year or so ago. So glad to have the most expensive ones out of the way.
  6. Such a classic and a real nice one Ritchie. I guess I'll just have to do with this one. As luck would have it, it came along for the ride with the rest of the run...
  7. Love it! Just so wrong...
  8. Being a CA native, I have always loved this issue. The peyote part was an interesting concept. Barks really knocked it out of the park on this one. Yeah, very tragic about the San Gabriel Mission. I have been there several times as well as over half the other missions in CA. It apparently isn't a popular concept these days but it is a huge part of history especially in CA. I would truly like to hope it wasn't an arson situation. I heard that they had to move the statue of Father Junipero Serra to preserve it. I am confident, it will be repaired for everyone in the future. Ironicaly, even though the roof and much of the interior was lost. The original alter remained. A positive sign from above?
  9. Fu Manchu must have been popular in the day. Here is a promo pin for another one of his films...
  10. I’d take a couple of those DCs and a copy of Thrilling Mystery please...
  11. Nice one to pop your cherry on. My first was MAD #9. I paid $3. for it and my dad about killed me... Welcome to the dark streets of GA...
  12. I don’t think a store could charge more than cover price on a current comic. The previous months issues, maybe. But more than cover would be price gouging. Besides, how many people would pay it?
  13. That was the one. I would have probably been ok with $200-225 on that copy. Stiff, I know, but it’s an early one and one I don’t see often. Crypts are the king of the New Trends right now. Unfortunately, they seem to be bringing stiff prices with no end in sight. A few years and that will be a deal. The price it went for was a steal. I only need about 5 more and figure I had better just pay up now before they are out of sight. I have been known to pay up on stuff that is really rare. Got to buy it when you see it. This isn’t a book that necessitates it though. The ones that will really hurt are the two COT and the Crime Patrol I need.