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  1. Just sold Jack a small pile of beater ECs. What a great guy to deal with. Prompt payment and smooth transaction. A credit to these boards. Thanks Jack!
  2. Yes, but only SA and newer. Not many keys or big books. And VERY pricey. I wouldn’t go out of my way to go.
  3. Great set up and beautiful books. Great to see some “new young blood” on the scene. Hope you guys did well!
  4. I remember cramming a dozen guys in sleeping bags and eating at Denny’s so you could spend all your money in the dealers room at the SDCC at the El Cortez. Good times!
  5. Any old cheap 10 centers? Not really looking for big GA keys just odd old stuff.
  6. I actually see Capfreak from time to time at the flea markets helping out his mom. Never talk to him though.
  7. Yeah, a much friendlier and better crowd here now. I used to avoid it like the plague. It’s a lot easier to be a turd on line than in person. Lots of lil pp’s when I started. Most of these people would NEVER say what they say on line to you face to face. Hey, it is a comic book crowd. We all love them or we wouldn’t be here. Goes way back when we were real outcasts to the world. No matter what you love it should be OK here. I have learned so much here, hopefully given some of my 50 years experience collecting to others. And made so many great friends. Most I will never see in person but it doesn’t matter. Now, the Water Cooler... tread at your own risk...
  8. What a tragic waste of a vintage Fender Precision Bass...
  9. Yes, that is the case. I have a COT 17 (#1) in mine. I have heard of a couple that even have the last 2 issues of Crime Patrol as well. If you were basing a price on contents, having first issues would make it worth more and thus increase desirability. I guess in a slab you are just buying a cover anyway. I actually count the interior to having value as well. Nice to have this info on the label...
  10. I would go with just SA for the books you pictured. A lot less chance of them moving around if you handle them...
  11. I guess you are a lot younger than me... I get what you are saying about high grade copies. These were read by kids. I went on the bay and they seemed to be $10-20. Each in what they called “high grade”. Unless I am missing something. I paid nothing for these but this hardly seemed like a huge “score” to me especially the Shortcake. The other two were decent though.
  12. Was just in Geoffreys a month ago. Very little GA but some non key SA. They told me it was all on their EBay store.
  13. That should do well. Seems a lit of folks are looking for it and you don’t see it much. I was going to have mine graded but they refused to list the contents on the label. Since they contain random back issues, contents vary. I’m lucky enough to have 3 first issues and one 2nd in in mine. I would think it would make a price difference to a future buyer. Since they won’t do it, I’m keeping it raw for now. Wonder what’s in this issue?
  14. I sure miss Basement, Worldwide, Doldoff, Earl Shaw and a lot of others that just can’t seem to make it worthwhile to travel west. These guys always have interesting and odd stuff that I like.
  15. Thanks for posting these Cool. Looking forward to your opinion on the show. Especially overall prices.
  16. There are always good deals to be had if you work hard. Skip the wall books and hit the boxes. Also ask every dealer if the might have what you want. Often it is under the table. The dealers don’t have time to box dive during set up.
  17. “New Kids” on the scene. A great spread. How were their prices?
  18. Antique mall finds today. Two different sellers. The 2 Moderns are very high grade. I thought Strawberry Shortcake #1 was hot. Guess not. Mostly why I stick to GA/SA...
  19. Man, that was great! Thanks for posting it. Those were the days for SNL. What a cast! Belushi as the Hulk. Perfect. I think he is the one I miss the most. Such a “physical” comic.
  20. I actually don’t think it as cool as the current market would suggest. There are many of these type of PCH covers. It just bugged me enough to get this one. Besides, when I think how little I paid for most of the rest of them, it kind of took a lot of the sting off... I also don’t have the COCs wine glass cover. It used to be just as common as the rest of the issues. I just never got around to getting it until it was too late. I’m sure, like this, there will be a copy out there with my name on it someday...
  21. Also got this one. My run of these is complete but a vast upgrade to my current copy. This Russ Heath cover always creeps me out!
  22. Mailman brought me another complete run yesterday. I had to pay up pretty hard for a low grade copy but the run is now complete. I will have to do a complete run photo when I get the chance.