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  1. I remember buying that one off the newsstand. It was quite the shock but I got the joke and loved it. Hard to believe it was even published at all. Real gutsy move. Also, one of only a few issues without Alfred on it.
  2. Flea market comic finds, how I’ve missed them... Most of our’s are either back or coming next month. My favorite one opens in May. Hoping all my favorite dealers come back and have been putting away some good stuff.
  3. With some liver, a few fava beans and a nice Chianti
  4. Sal Deceria? I probably spelled his name wrong. I’ve known him for many years. I don’t think he has a shop anymore but still does all the shows down in LA. Got this nice pile of low grade ECs from him at a local show about years ago.
  5. My copy also has the same spine roll. I have had this one since the mid 1970's when I was very actively collection SOTI books. Here is also a group shot of the whole run. Probably the best run of crime books ever produced.
  6. A very classy seller and a very fair move by the buyer!
  7. I take that approach. Straw-Man is a lot more of a completist than I am. His goal is to have at least one of every pedigree. I mainly want “marked” ones. Nothing cooler than sliding a book out with “Larson” on the cover or seeing that Bethlehem stamp or X on the back cover. Then there are those San Francisco’s with marks on both sides. Many have such interesting back stories as well.
  8. I’m on board with that. I would much rather drive local to LA even if I did it a couple days than drive down to SD and pay for a hotel. Just that much more money to spend with the dealers...
  9. I keep wondering when those Harvey file copies will dry up. Seems a lot of Romance still. And Adam seems to put up another round of the giveaways every week on the bay. My favorite is the two Flash Gordon’s. Great Raymond art in them.
  10. I agree. One of the earliest A-Bomb covers I’ve seen. Picked up a couple more copies on the cheap, just because...
  11. Obviously, either the scan is bad or a repro cover. The color of the inside cover looks funny. Staples look new and too small. Like fifties, I think my copy also has a bit of a spine roll, could be trimmed on the right but most definitely at the top. Look at the right side. No matter what, looks more vg than fine either way.
  12. John McLaughlin out here on the West Coast took a solid stab at it. John was a VERY wealthy trust fund baby and big collector of comics, pulps and rare books. When Chuck first brought the initial batch to the Casual Con in Buena Park, CA, John was the biggest buyer of the day. Chuck was selling most at double guide. Word got around the room that John was offering triple guide for them. He kept it up for a year or so then got bored. He amassed several thousand of them. Most of them were lower priced issues but Mile Highs! Stacked unbagged on tables and the floor of his house. Was an ama
  13. He’s probably just “kind of firm”...
  14. Having a HARD time keeping it up tonight Rick?
  15. I was going to maybe put this mint 1960’s bobble head on eBay. It has now been, how I say, “retired” by the team due to public pressure. Would this now be considered “offensive” and be possibly not be allowed by eBay?
  16. I bought my 5 year old granddaughter a bunch of Dr Suess books for Christmas including Zoo. She loves them. Am a bad grandpa? Should I point out the “offensive” parts then try to explain them to her? I don’t think so. She is being raised to believe all people are equal and not to be treated any different. If we could all retain those wonderful childlike qualities the world would be such a great place..,
  17. No comment tonight. You seem to have recovered from “pretty firm” to FIRM.
  18. Just looking for the right books Rickster. A little thin for me this time...
  19. Congrats on that classic WWII Supe! Here is mine. No high grade but it has an interesting pedigree. Came from the estate of Grim Natwick (Betty Boop creator). I was lucky enough to get in the first group of this sale. Was hoping to get some original Betty Boop original animation art. I quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen as it was scooped up quick. Walking into a back bedroom, I spotted a pile of early GA comics. This was in the pile. I just grabbed the whole box full.
  20. And these Nutty Award cards also from the same period and also Davis art!
  21. Ran into these in a box recently. 1959 Wacky Plaque 88 card set. Great art by Jack Davis in his prime.