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  1. There was a thread on the boards about it a couple years ago. Do a search or start a new one maybe in General. It is pretty affordable.
  2. Thanks Shane! These are all yours. Bound volumes are exactly what I was going to do with them. Glad you will be doing that. A great way to enjoy them!
  3. Wouldn’t Mylar be overkill and a waste of money for a slab? All you need is something to keep the case from scratching. The bags that come with it seem to do the job. I always take off the bag to view a slab anyway.
  4. Cochran/Gladstone lot goes to tv horror. Many thanks! The hardbounds are wonderful especially if you study the art, but there is absolutely nothing better than reading an EC in full color on newsprint like they were originally produced!
  5. I'm well aware of that Back in "my day" Everybody was free. Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Will Eisner, Bob Kane, Siegal and Schuster, Carl Barks, Wally Wood, Al Williamson, Harvey Kurtzman, Bill Gaines, Carmen Infantino, Gill Kane and the list goes on. Free and sometimes with a small sketch. I got 'em all and then some. It amazes me what some of these new "flash in the pan" guys charge their fans. One piece should always be free. Now if you are spending stupid money to have some somebody else do it for you and imprisioning it in a plastic tomb for immediate profit, I guess I see their point... I passed on Liefeld for free... Sometimes it pays to be old!
  6. Nice! A tough one. Looks like Mickey got busy on the top right corner..,
  7. "LOL"... Man, what happened to the days when you would just walk up to your favorite comic artist, have a pleasant short conversation and just have him sign your book?...
  8. I can't disagree on "Master Race" either. Worth the price of this whole lot. I tried to price these sets right so they would go into the hands of readers or collectors on a budget. Hopefully, a few more will find new homes...
  9. Why of course my fellow edaddict! Not a problem. The classic MAD #11 goes to OtherEric!
  10. An exceptional haul back when normal people could afford Golden Age comics...
  11. The “infamous” Terry Stroud at Terry O’Neil’s January Con