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  1. Me too. One of the best Plastic Man covers. And what a great way to get such a classic book. Generally, who cares about the back cover anyway. My copy has a married centerfold. I don’t care one bit considering what I paid for it.
  2. Large and beautiful Tarzan "Treasure Hunt" premium map and bookmark from early 1930's
  3. 1940's Car License Plate Topper from a Stockton, CA car club. Has glow in the dark paint so it will pop when headlights hit it. Two sided in heavy gauge steel.
  4. I probably have more Tarzan "stuff" than I do comics. 1930's Tarzan Tea Can from South America. Looks like maybe Hogarth art?
  5. I have very few Tarzan comics. But this one (although pretty common and cheap) is one of my favorites. The jungle is just so lush and green. You can almost hear the birds and jungle noise. And the way the water dripping off the trap...
  6. Next to Single Series #20, this is maybe my favorite Tarzan. Hard to find a copy with dark blue/green color. I've upgraded mine a couple of times just for the color.
  7. Wow! Two beauties! Congrats! I'd be all over either one especially that Kaanga... I like this one a lot too.
  8. Catrick had one of the Firestone giveaways in his last sale. Nice copy at a decent price. It didn’t sell. Perhaps you might want to PM him and make an offer. He is always very agreeable to fair offers and a great guy to deal with.
  9. Wow, very cool! Has Graham Wilson written all over it. Glad it landed in a place that it should be.
  10. Everyone is going to want to go on day one don't you think? We have both been. You can cover the entire room easily in one day. And that is with a full dealer room. Many of the dealers that I spend a lot with are not going. I have spoken with them and bought stuff in some side deals in the past couple of months. Only thing I would miss is giving guys like you and David a hard time...
  11. According to the government, I am a certified "senior citizen". I feel great, I stay busy and active and have no underlying conditions that I know of. I had a friend in his '40's die of covid a couple months ago. Big, tough guy. with a barrel laugh. He went from fine to dead in two weeks in a covid ward with people moaning, coughing and crying all alone. Couldn't even see him or talk to him. He is still awaiting burial. Another friend, got it and recovered after about a month. He said it was the worst thing he has ever endured. I won't go into the details... My little sister died 3 weeks ago pretty suddenly (not of covid). Couldn't see her either. Got a short one sided conversation (me) in but that was it. We are going through hell to get her taken care of and a possible small celebration of life. Due to the selfish and un-caring attitudes of many people, we are now worse off than ever before. I get it. We all want our lives back I do too. But until we all stand together, sacrifice and care about each other, we are in for a long ride here. Comic books and money seem so insequential to me at this point. Can't spend that cash if you are dead. I'm not paranoid or scared of dying from this. I just don't want to go through the long painful process this brings. I don't want to give it to my wife, family, friends or even total strangers over something that is really of so little importance.
  12. Very glad to hear. Sounds like a real good day for you. Sorry, I couldn't be there myself...
  13. Frankly, I don't know how it opened in the first place. Large gatherings are still a no no in LA. Different cities (not counties) seem to do what they want. One very LARGE flea market went on last weekend but all the rest are still closed in different cities. Yesterday, they closed bars back down in many CA counties (including LA) but not boarding Orange and Riverside counties. I suspect they will be this week. Oh, beaches are closed for a month as of today. Torpedo sounds like the next one. They have the Palliadium booked and as a back-up a venue in Santa Ana. Santa Ana was the place with the most looting and demonstrators in Orange County and is currently experiencing a high amount of cases. Why a 3 day show? Who cares about "guests"? Trying to replace SDCC? The worst part is probably no out of town dealers that used this as a stepping stone to SDCC. As a serious GA collector, there would not be a whole lot of reason to go anyway. And frankly, I don't like the tone of their announcement. Masks not required and barely mentioned. You have to sign a statement that you won't sue them if you catch the disease. But in RED letters at the bottom: "No weapons allowed". Frankly, a bit insulting. I hope it goes on for those who really want it, but unless things make a drastic turnaround, I probably won't be there either. I really miss comic shows, flea markets, estate sales and the like but I have done amazingly well buying and selling on line for the past few months. Amazingly well. Stuff is selling strong and have picked up some great stuff for myself. The only thing I miss about shows really, is hanging out and talking with my buddies. And, dirty con boxes are like eating the food left over on someone else's plate...
  14. Just hit the mailbox. Not high grade or high demand but early ‘40’s Schomburg war covers for $10-15. each... who says GA is expensive? Not to mention, but these are interesting reads as well. Although #3 is obviously the “big dog”, there are several in this run with great covers.
  15. Frankly, I can’t even imagine flipping books in those boxes.
  16. Looks like “social distancing” was no problem there...
  17. I much more prefer Fritzi over Blondie. Blondie is a lot more "domestic" and seems to nag Dagwood a lot. Fritzi is more of a lady who gets around a bit and shows a bit more skin. How she hung out with Phil is beyond me. She could have done better. Fritzi's are still kind of affordable. I find a lot of them like these, box diving at comic shows. Anybody remember those?
  18. Classic! A position that most of guys have been in one time or another if you are married or have a girlfriend!
  19. The word is appropriate, “obtainable”. I am into other things other than comics. So when a comic reaches the price of say a ‘40s era Harley knucklehead, nice real estate or a 1959 Gibson Les Paul guitar, I really have to question the logic for me. I am in the very envious position of having collecting for about 50 years. I have hung on to most of my books. As a young collector, I was very hard working and dedicated. I looked every where and told everyone of my love for old comics. I was pretty obsessed. Old used book stores, swap meets, garage sales, want ads, trading with other kids and even going door to door asking for them landed me a lot of books for very little money or even free. Fast forward to my late 20’s. I was now a husband with a baby daughter. The time came to buy a house and off went a lot of my big GA books for the down payment. I still miss my Cap #1 and especially my More Fun #52-53. But I know that ship has sailed. Most of my big key SA books went for college educations, weddings and setting up my kids for good lives. A very worthy investment and a smart decision. Don’t miss them anymore. Being very realistic, there are a couple books I’ve never owned that given the right copy and right price, I think I could still obtain. Dynamic #8 and just maybe a low grade Suspense #3. I will probably die without them but if you put the word “grail” in proper context, these would probably qualify...
  20. And, in the same vein, annother new arrival. Has a bunch of pin up pictures in the back as well as other GGA Lotta fun for 12 bucks don’t you think?
  21. War comic? Since I don’t know where else to post it, why not? Great, short run title. FULL of inappropriate GGA with a funny cross dressing story. War is Hell...