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  1. 1 hour ago, KirbyJack said:

    Always loved this cover; we’ll see if the innards are as fun.


    Nice score! Either that one or #35 is my favorite. I love it so much, I paid up for a real nice one. I saw the original art at SDCC once. Just floored me. If I had it, it would have to go in the "junk room" my wife would have a fit if I hung it up any where else. (not that I will ever have that problem)...

  2. 1937 Little Orphan Annie brass Decoder Badge with original pin. Great Art Deco design!

    $25. With free postage!  VERY Cool and VERY Cheap! Think of wearing this to your next Comic Con?

    Now where else but in a Robot Man sales thread would stuff like this turn up for sale on these boards?



  3. Probably not but thought I'd ask...  Anybody looking for early MAD Magazines? Like issues in the #32-70 numbers. I have most of them including more than one copy of each in varying grades and will post them at good discounts if there is any interest. Let me know.

    Also have some oddball pre-Mad and early MAD ripoff "stuff" like this if anyone is interested...


  4. Flash Gordon 1952 Coloring Book Whitman Pubs

    Cool, "Day Glow" ink cover. Great space art and story

    128 pages with about 30 neatly colored.

    Front cover neatly detached. Some kid colored Flash's eye in with pen on cover. Looks great "in the bag"

    WAS $15.   How about 1/2 off at $8.?



  5. Batman 1966 Watkins-Strathmore Pubs Coloring Book

    94 pages. About 7 very neatly colored. Little bump at top and a few small spine creases.

    Unusual publisher and a bit hard to find

    WAS $25.   NOW $20. or it gets snatched up by the hungry hoards at the flea market!



  6. SOLD!

    The Golden Age of Marvel Comics #1 and #2 1997 Softcover in full color about 150 pages total

    Reprints tons of classic Timely tales with characters such as Capt. America and the Red Skull, Human Torch, Submariner, The Angel, The Destroyer, The Fin, The Vision, Red Raven and others.

    Beautiful, bright, glossy near un-red condition

    WAS $25 for the pair   OK, how about $20 for the pair? (can be sent via Media Mail)




    gamarvelreprint2 b.jpg

  7. Just got a few more items today...

    Marvel Comics Re-Presents Marvel Comics #1 Hardcover Reprint with Dust Jacket 1990

    This is about as close any of us will ever get to owning a copy of this historic issue. Beautiful, full color edition. Origin and first appearance of The Submariner by Bill Everett and The Human Torch by Carl Burgos.

    Bought new by me, read carefully once or twice and put away.

    WAS $25.  OK, How about $20. for the first ever Marvel Comic Book?