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  1. 7 hours ago, Duffman_Comics said:

    Mark Evanier and John Pound did in "Graphic Story Magazine" #16.

    I know I have posted it earlier - but it was a long time ago and deserves another airing:


    GSM16.1 (708 x 1089).jpg

    GSM16.2 (757 x 1068).jpg

    GSM16.3 (768 x 1089).jpg

    GSM16.4 (699 x 1059).jpg

    GSM16.5 (734 x 1081).jpg

    GSM16.6 (701 x 1085).jpg

    GSM16.7 (686 x 1076).jpg

    GSM16.C (837 x 1085).jpg

    Thanks for that Duffman. Classic story that I haven’t read for years. Graphic Story Magazine. Makes me remember my good friend Richard Kyle who had a hand in it and supposedly coined the term “Graphic Novel”. I discovered Richard’s bookstore while in college. We became good friends. He taught me a lot about the GA age of comics. He knew a large number of the pros of the era. I even remember him having framed Kirby originals of the walls. Splash pages $100. And Covers $150. each. He knew how much I love ECs. One day a few weeks before Christmas I went into his store and he told me he had a gift for me. He slid out an envelope from under the counter and spread out the contents. A complete EC fan club kit with all the newsletters! He made me promise I wouldn’t sell it. Are you kidding me? Not on your life Richard! 

  2. 13 hours ago, 50YrsCollctngCmcs said:

    Hey Bob I always liked your themed comic cover posts and I thought of one that I bet doesn’t exist. We decided to head to the the Del Coronado hotel for a mid pandemic weekend escape. As I looked at the beautiful hotel and thought of other resort beauties like the Grand Hotel or the Broadmoor; I wondered if any of these inspiring facades had been featured on a comics cover? They have been in movies like Some like it Hot and Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeve; but I don’t recall a comics cover! I’m sure I’m wrong though and the boards can prove it!

    As an aside driving through San Diego we went by the deserted convention center and then had lunch in the Gaslamp District. They look like they are not doing too well. It was an eerie site thinking of what could have been.

    Hey, you missed SDCC it was last week...:baiting:

    I can’t think of any comic covers with any famous hotels on them. Maybe a few old crime covers with somebody getting shot up in front of a sleezy hotel. I do remember a few Archie’s with comic cons pictured on their covers though. 

  3. 3 hours ago, FoggyNelson said:

    What I notice most is that I hardly get much mail anymore , years ago our mailbox would be full ever day😷☹️☹️😷

    Me too. Mostly junk mail. But I do get a few checks and bills. I think this is a big part of the problem for the Post Office. Having a monopoly on first class letter kept them solvent when people were mailing a lot. Now with a lot of competition for parcels and the internet, they are floundering. That, and continued bad management as well as what is now going on...

  4. 8 hours ago, AnkurJ said:

    Shipped a package by priority to someone who lives about 45 minutes away on 7/23. Has yet to arrive....last scan was 7/27. At what point do you get insurance involved? It’s an expensive piece of art but was packed very securely.

    I’d hang in s little while. Very slow as they say here. Frankly, at 45 minutes away,  I would meet the person in the middle somewhere for hand delivery on an expensive piece. (shrug)

  5. 2 hours ago, 1950's war comics said:

    The USPS is under extremely challenging times these days , although letter delivery has dropped to near nothing, parcel delivery has exploded.. but still not enough to pay the bills...

    the USPS is saddled with an enormous legacy cost which could have easily been bailed out if not for the virus, heck i heard the post office is 7 billion in debt , .. well we just printed 3000 billion (1000 billion= 1 trillion) so the paltry 7 billion of post office debt should have been eliminated so we could have that important Govt entity solvent and back on it's feet !

    also the post office has basically stopped hiring career employees, they only hire part time or temp workers which receive probably half the benefits and wages as full time and no pension

    not much motivation to do a good job when you are working side by side with an older employee who makes twice as much as you do for doing the same thing ..

    True and very sad. My postman and the folks at the two post offices I mail out of are great people and serve me very well. Not everybody in this system deserves a bad rap. 

  6. 2 hours ago, 1950's war comics said:

    i grew up when back in the day mail always took much longer ,... sometimes it took six months to get something from a catalog ,... but it always finally showed up !!

    today's "instant gratification" crowd need to realize,.. and they will realize when they get older that one month is not a long time.. neither is two months ... i wish that it were true that one month is a long time but it is not , it is a very brief period and it flies by ....

    So did I. I sent for everything I could get for a dime or a cereal box top! I have plenty of patience. 

    But when a I hear mail is being held up or manipulated on purpose for “other” reasons, it is VERY disturbing. 

    Hey, we have to wait for comic books. There are people who have to wait for prescriptions and medicine. This is inexcusable and needs to stop. 

    In addition to slow delivery, I have also noticed a lot of damage as well. I have taken to add insurance to a lot of packages I send out. In 40+ years of dealing through the mail, I have only lost 2 packages. But times are different now. 

  7. 13 hours ago, OtherEric said:

    Today's book.  I only need issue #19 to finish off the Two-Fisted Tales run.

    Just astounding colors on this one!


    Congrats! And yes, such pretty colors. A great run that I think you will complete soon. 

    I’m down to a little less that half the runs of Crime, Crypt, Vault and about 7 of the SF titles. And there is that pesky run of the Romance titles... I pick at them when the right copies come up at the right prices. I almost don’t want to finish. ECs are about the only books I still want to finish runs of. 

  8. 2 hours ago, n2wdw said:

    Comic Link July 2020 Action

    This has been a great auction for me.  I spent more than I would otherwise, since I haven't been to a con since January 2019 (Terry's), and I probably won't be going to another one until who knows.

    This auction had a number of Bettie Page and Marilyn Monroe CGC mags.  I was excited about these lots, as you don't see them often.  I thought bidding was soft, and this allowed me to win a few.  I'll post pics later.

    Here's my big win of the auction, the Lost Valley copy of Fight 35.  I've been looking for a copy forever, so I decided to just go for this.  Bidding got to $2500.  I decided, what the heck, I'll put in one more bid at $2600.  It was the high bid about 2 hours before the close. I was surprised (and happy) my bid held.  Thanks for reading. 


    Wow!!! Score!  I think that is my favorite FH book. I have upgraded my copy due to color several times. The color on that one is superb. Funny story about that one. I was at the SDCC when that collection debuted. A guy next to me pulled that exact copy out of a box. I remember hoping he would put it back. He looked at it for a minute, started to put it back then put it in his keeper pile. Glad it ended up in your collection Mike! 

  9. 4 hours ago, n2wdw said:

    Those are some very nice wines, especially with a big rib eye.  Maybe start with seared foie gras to go with the Doisy.  Who is your wine storage (just curious) -- Zachys?

    My wife and I built a cellar in our house.  Holds about 2800 bottles, and right now we've got about 2200.  Here are some of our babies.





    That’s dedication! I’m a bourbon guy but these days, I just can’t seem to keep a bottle long enough to have a collection...:roflmao:

  10. I count 12 full magazine boxes of them in my junk pile. I’m pretty close. I am still missing about 1/3rd of the ACGs, a few Avon’s, many Star. I didn’t actively seek them out as much due to their lack of “spark”. Also about a dozen others. I discovered them early in my collecting quest and bought up everything I didn’t have. It’s been a fun ride and one I wouldn’t ever attempt now...

  11. 1 hour ago, bronze_rules said:

    The new postmaster has recently implemented mandates to deliberately slow down mail, in oder to ‘save money.’ Trying to avoid politics, but if you are voting by mail, make darn sure to do it earlier than later.

    I kinda suggested it above. I'm showing up early and in person now matter how long it takes. Might be the most important one I have ever participated in.

  12. 3 hours ago, gino2paulus2 said:

    Oooooooh Sharon thank you so much I LOVE IT!!!! A little Update my wife and my baby did end up contracting it from me despite our home quarantine efforts but everyone is hanging in there my little guy seems to be recovering well we had a scare there one night but he is good. My day 14 of quarantine is tomorrow I am still having a little chest congestion but they said that could last for several weeks. My wife and I both lost our sense of taste and smell which has also not returned yet but given the myriad of symptoms that one can get this seems like small potatoes in the grand scheme. Thanks again for everything you are doing to help prevent the spread of this we appreciate you!! :foryou:


    Damn Gino Really? I think we talked about this when it started. Glad to hear you are all doing better. I have NO doubt if I got it I would be a gonner. No one can stress enough the brave things folks like you and my sister in law (covid nurse) are doing for us. I know you are a humble guy but thanks so much and I hope you all recover fully. This is NO joke.

    Do what they say people so somebody like Gino can go home to his beautiful wife and family and not wonder if he is passing it on.