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  1. If you collect them as hard as I do, there are many with just classic stories and contents. People just tend to focus way too much on the front cover. Some with mild covers contain very classic PCH stories and interior art. I find most superhero books fairly boring and predictable personally. And over the years, I have happily sold or traded a lot of GA superhero stuff for EC's and PCH.
  2. A few recent Atlas I picked up...
  3. The age group of PCH buyers and sellers in my area is expanding a lot. LOTS of 20-40 year olds, bored with the ease of obtaining SA/BA have "graduated" into GA. Mostly PCH. They have realized that a lot of this stuff rarely turns up and when it does it's like a chum pool. Lot of flippers calling me and jumping my boxes buying up anything they can flip at as low as 5-10% margins. Often to each other. "Old guys" like me are a target for them because a lot of us got our books way back in the late '60's-early '70's for $1-5. a book. I am still buying when I can. companies like ACG, Avon and a few others tended not to have all that much in the way of gory off the hook stories. They were always, something I passed on to buy the better ones. I'd say other than those (which are still not a high priority for me), there are about 15 books that I still am after. I had my chance at the time but bought other stuff I wanted more. Chamber of Chills #19 comes to mind. It was all over the place at guide and file copies to boot. I missed the boat but if I am lucky, I will eventually have one. The market is and will always stay strong on them. Especially if priced anywhere close to earth.
  4. This thread has been buried far too long. Was looking in the Avon boxes this weekend and found a few that I doubt have been posted...
  5. And this oddball. I've only just seen a few copies. It is a bit oversize.
  6. Much to my surprise, the "Package Guy" showed up on a holiday to bring me this gem!
  7. How about a River City for $5.? Termite chewed and all...
  8. Was required reading as a kid in school. I liked it so much, I actually read the real book!
  9. I have collected them for close to 50 years. I have seen them red hot and a slight disinterest when prices seem to be to the moon. They have always come back. They have been on fire for several years. I think a lot of people are priced out especially on the keys and higher grade ones. Even some of the more common EC ones show a strong over-guide showing. Some of the lessor ACG issues are still fairly affordable. When I do shows, these are the boxes that get cleaned out first. I have had a real hard time replacing them. I think next to “men in tights”, they are the most popular books in the hobby. The key to collecting them is patience. Wait for the right grade/price ones to come around and jump on them. They are my favorite books and I have most of them. No way, would I have them if I didn’t buy many of them many years ago when a lot of people were grabbing other stuff. If you don’t pay too much and buy the right ones, you will probably never get hurt.
  10. That suks... The last show I went to was the LA Paperback show the second week of March just days before the shutdown. There was a guy from out of state with about 4 tables of pulps of all kinds. So many cool ones and ones I'd never seen. His prices were so good, I literally spent every dollar I brought and could have easily spent a lot more. I just never get to see a spread of pulps like that. I could only imagine what the Pulp Fest is like. Does anybody have any photos of past shows they can post or the Windy City show?
  11. What a striking cover. This is probably my favorite of that run.
  12. Very nice! As luck would have it, I just got this sheer beater. Easy, the worst shape one in my collection. Haven’t added one in a few years and by FAR the cheapest one I’ve ever bought. Just glad to even have a “hole filler” on this one.
  13. And this completes a very tough run of this title. These just so rarely turn up.
  14. A recent pick-up. True Crime #5 with the wild Marijuana Racket Girl story.
  15. It would be Don & Maggie Thompson. Legendary comic collectors and writers for the Comics Buyer’s Guide.