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  1. A small group of old Halloween pinbacks. These are VERY hard to find thusly I have very few...
  2. What would Halloween be without the MUNSTERS?
  3. terrible.... that's pretty short sighted of the guy.. he should thank his blessings that you gave him anything... now he's suspicious of you? If he thinks his stuff might be worth so much more, he should figure it out for himself before putting it up for sale. Exactly Do your homework before you put it out for sale. Now days I just pay the full asking price and move on. Action #1 or anything else. Now, if someone asks me I have be honest or just move on and let it go.
  4. Yep from the late '30's I believe. I have 3 other different models all bakelite as well.
  5. First off LIKE THIS IS GOING TO EVER HAPPEN??? As far as "sharing the wealth", I bought a photo from a flea market dealer I regularly shop at once. I paid $20. for it knowing it was a real find. I sent it into an auction house that specializes in this material and got around $2400 for it. Next time I saw the dealer I handed him $500. cash. He asked why and I said I bought something from him and did well at auction with it. Instead of him thanking me, he proceeded to want to know what it was and what I got for it which I wouldn't tell him. I said it was a windfall and he should enjoy the money. Now, he is suspicious and won't sell me anything anymore. So much for doing the "right thing"...
  6. I'm a lucky guy. My wife is real antique dealer. She gets me up early to hit the flea markets and estate sales. And when I can't make it she often brings me home stuff like this for $25.
  7. One of my wife's favorites (and she doesn't care about comics)
  8. A cool 1920's Devil Candy Container. Large and made of paper mache'. Made in Germany like all the best Halloween stuff was.
  9. First up today. There aren't a whole lot of real Halloween superhero covers. DC did a few which I will show this week. This one is one of my favorites as it is not only a cover but a cool story as well. Gets real crazy at the end.
  10. Nice Marty but wouldn't admission be 10 cents in your day?
  11. Now that's what I'm talking about! GREAT photos!
  12. OK, it's HALLOWEEN week! My favorite holiday of the year bar none. We really do it up at our house. Anybody else remember the first time your parents quit taking you around and let you go alone with your friends? EPIC! Running from house to house with some shaving cream stolen from your dad and your mom wondering where all the toilet paper went she just bought. We couldn't wait for it to get dark and we would be out until 10:00 if we could. We would take a pillow case, fill it up and sneak back to the garage to "unload" then go out again. We would only show our parents the samller second load and keep the garage "stash" a secret. I remember there was a kid in the neighborhood whose older brother and his friends would cruise the streets in his pick-up. They had some kind of water pumper in the back and would hose the unfortunate kids who did not see them coming. We knew better and hid in the bushes as they drove by looking for "victims". Good times! I will be showing a few Halloween items every day this week as time permits. Probably won't be any boring horror comics unless they are directly Halloween related. (That would be way too easy). I would ask that you post stories from your childhood about fun Halloween experiences instead of a bunch of random horror comics.
  13. And a CLASSIC later issue. If this were a comic book it would be worth stupid money I suspect.
  14. Wifey bought me this one at an estate sale for $5. She had no idea what it was and it was they only one they had. I very willingly burned through her "honey do" list that weekend!