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  1. Still speechless Gino. Although, it looks too high grade for you! Watta Grab! Anybody on the boards get that nice copy that just closed on the bay last night?
  2. Wow, that almost hurts my eyes! Hard to settle on Friction House books with faded color...
  3. +1 I've never seen that one before. What's up Richard, you branching out into "love" books now?
  4. The later ones from #15 on seem a little elusive. #17 is the last one I need and seems to rarely turn up either.
  5. Yep! Oh, you probably want to see it close up without those other annoying issues in the way. I'm not a big Ditko fan but this is one of my favorites of his.
  6. OK old man, so that's how you want it? Let's double down. I'll see your Beware Terror tales and throw in Strange Suspense Stories AND This Mag is Haunted (missing one...) The strange Suspense #5 is the River City but a copy of the cover because I keep the orig in one of my pedigree boxes and am too lazy to dig it out. And hey kids, we haven't even started throwing in other companies like Farrell, Ace, Standard, Superior and a lot of other misc publishers...
  7. A clear-cut example of reefer madness. What's he covering up with his left hand?
  8. I find this guy a little creepy But THIS guy really takes the creepy award!
  9. Cool item. I have one (colored in) but don't have a picture handy. It is pretty collectible but I've seen quite a few. Lets just say, you won't retire on it but it would garner a real nice dinner with your special girl. Post a photo for these fan boys. It ain't a funny book but way related.
  10. Beautiful book Serve! I love the green background. I'd go to that Church any day of the week!
  11. Dang Gino!!! Awsome score. You must rob banks. This is in my "top ten" wants. Never owned a copy. Maybe someday...
  12. Alrighty then... I see your run of Horrific and raise you the run of Weird Terror!
  13. Isn't it Comics Vs Toys in Eagle Rock? Or is there another store called Comics n Toys? Geoffrey as in Geoffrey's Comics in Gardena? If that's who are you talking about, then yes, that store is still open and they actually bought out HiDe Ho comics in Santa Monica, so a lot of their sticker prices has Geoffrey's comics on them. Is the store in Monrovia you are talking about called Comic Cellar? Maybe I should go by Geoffrey's. Used to get some stuff there once in a while. The Comic Cellar is what I was thinking of. Anybody know if they have any decent vintage books there?
  14. Pay it a visit as a potential buyer first to get a "lay of the land"
  15. I doubt you could even set up at a "swap meet" for $14. out here. I do the Long Beach Veteran's Stadium Antique Flea Market on the 3rd Sunday of the month. (google it). It is HUGE and filled with a lot of quality Antiques and collectibles. Probably the best show in LA. It costs me $85. for a 10' x 20' space.
  16. Is Geoffrey's still around? He used to have a lot of all age books. Hit and miss price wise. I know he died but thought his family might be running it. I think there is also a shop I've heard of in Monrovia that supposedly has a decent amount of older books. I don't know the name though.
  17. The films came as you see them here but were also offered in little boxes separately. I used to see the little boxed films quite a bit but not as much lately. I've always loved how they call out the "features" of the gun. This one works well by the way. And yes, Action #32 was the first mention of the Krypto Ray Gun. I should pull out my copy and scan it.
  18. Yes, they are very addicting. Very nice load. I thought at one time to go for a complete collection but decided to narrow my list. I collect all the Matt Baker issues, all the bondage covers and all the otherwise great covers that appeal to me. Still a LOT of books. I'm about 75% done with Planet run and might actually complete that run one day. I'm about 20 away from reaching my goal but I continue to pick up many Friction House books that come my way...
  19. Baker art inside? Why yes there is!
  20. Here's a fun one. The only one I know of with Recil's home address on it.
  21. You know, I've been wanting to post my CoC run, but lacking one issue as well, was kinda waiting until it would join the stash. Now that RM has pulled the trigger however, and made it acceptable to post a 96% run, I feel greatly relieved, bwahahaha! Congrats, RM, a nice feat! Here's my lil contribution; 23 and then 22 are my favorites. Photo'd from the top; Here's a question for the members; which issue is missing from both RM's and my collection? It's not the same one, BTW. I was going to hold off until I got the missing one but at today's prices, I probably won't live that long. Your quest should be a lot easier than mine...
  22. Alright... I see your COC run and raise you a complete run of this! Ha, so there! I still have to shoot my other Harvey runs.
  23. Always liked that cover. Precursor to Action #1?