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  1. I'm enjoying them so far. I was already a fan of the short stories that several of these are based on, and I'm glad to see them adapted in some form. The others have at the least been intriguing.
  2. Hah, I think these are all just about the same grades I put, for the same reasons...nice to know I wasn't alone in my thinking. Welp, out in one round, I expected. Good luck @Shadow! Hopefully I was just the first stop on your quest to ultimate victory!
  3. I loved this series, both volumes, and am so happy they're doing this. I feel like they're more likely to stick to the ones that require the least amount of outside/obscure/specific comic knowledge--i.e., the ones most accessible to the largest audience--but so what, they'll hopefully still be fun to watch.
  4. And don't forget a cattle prod...I swear they don't stop letting people in until the place is at least 50% over capacity.
  5. So at this point, we're waiting for the PMs, right? (Just want to make sure I haven't missed anything.)
  6. @Buzzetta These are last year's dates. For whatever stupid reason, he hasn't updated the website (his NYCBM one or apparently Facebook). This year's is March 9-10. (Just got my ticket earlier this week.)
  7. Does backstory matter, or are you willing to jump in anywhere? (And by backstory, I also mean just knowing the characters...) I enjoyed X-Factor v3 (2006-2009), with Peter David writing, when Multiple Man led the team sort of as a detective agency. I'm also a fan of Excalibur and Exiles, though both have some highs and lows over the runs.
  8. Can I vote for it to have been Peter Parker, with Harry Osborn taking over the mantle of Spider-Man from then on?
  9. Cocomonkey

    This guy!

    All these comments have me really wanting to watch this...