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  1. Ahha...I'd tried searching, but didn't see these, I really need to tweak my search settings, I think...I've seen the more modern ones, the ones that look like standard vending machines, filled with comics, but hadn't seen an older one like this from the 60s before. I wonder what they go for?
  2. I saw this posted to r/comicbooks over on Reddit...has anyone ever seen something like this before, or have any information on it (or have one that's been restored)? Looks like it would be an amazing way to display books...
  3. When my wife and I moved into our new apartment a couple years ago, I finally decided (read: was given permission) to hang some things...I just could never really settle on what. I had a few things for sure I wanted hanging, but otherwise, not much of a plan. Well, over time, some more stuff got accrued, and a nice little theme emerged. The Zero Hour books were always on my list to put up (they're part of a set for the whole LS, but these had the best sketches...the lanterns got smaller as the series progressed and there was less and less negative space, until the last issue or two just had signatures), then after getting the Grell GA books from Blastaar in the Christmas raffle (thanks again!), I had a plan in place. Got myself the Neal Adams profile sketch to tie them together, and boom, finally got around to hanging it all. The fact that they're all on a green wall (which isn't coming out as well in the pictures) is just an unexpected bonus, haha! And still plenty of wall space to add things in the future! These join the Spider Jerusalem sketch and Neal Adams Cyclops profile I already had hanging in the hallway outside that room...
  4. Wow, very nice haul! I love the art in those old materials...I have the core books from AD&D, but have always been on the lookout for others.
  5. I liked the three of them on Discovery and am looking forward to this to that extent, but I'm a little worried that CBS may be over-saturating the market on ST shows now (Picard, Discovery, Lower Decks, and now Strange New Worlds)...and also, I'm past tired of prequel shows. They can't break the boundaries too much, because their big-picture future has already been established...I was so glad when Discovery changed its setting for Season 3. Even given how little of Pike's tenure has been set as canon, there's only so far they can go with new technologies and new aliens and new conflicts. They can introduce some new aliens, or the first contact with later-established aliens, but still, things can't go too far from what the situation was like at the start of TOS, especially if this is set less than a decade before then. I want to know where things went after Voyager got home, what new technologies may exist at the dawn of the 25th century...settings where they can do anything to expand the universe, basically. Oh well.
  6. I saw the first two scans and thought, "Oh man, is 9.4 considered a mid-grade now?! on a cracker!"
  7. After doing a few puzzles with my wife (and still in the middle of a nice 2,000-piece space-themed one), I have my next shelter-in-place project lined up! Took advantage of the Star Wars day sales/offers over the weekend to get the Death Star II Battle set for free...
  8. It amuses me so much that this is a question that can be asked, and somehow seems like a totally normal thing...
  9. Since NYC went into shelter-in-place, I've finished The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern and Collapsing Fire/The Last Emperox from John Scalzi. Now I'm reading The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Your Home by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor (of Welcome to Night Vale). I have a request out for a galley ebook of the next Murderbot book that I'm hoping gets approved, but hasn't gotten approved or denied yet. Not sure what I'll dive into after Faceless Old Woman, if I haven't gotten access to the Murderbot book. Maybe the Roger Rabbit trilogy that's been sitting on my shelf for a bit, and then back into my Michael Moorcock Complete Read-Through that I paused about 45% of the way in...
  10. Congrats @Azkaban!!! Wow, I think I had my best performance in the consolation round than in any round I can remember for a while with 2 bullseyes...I definitely also fell in the "8.0" trap on that last book! And that Omac looked like it was in better condition than the MSHSW, but oh well...
  11. I don't even know my opponent yet, but I'm just gonna assume I'll get crushed. By two seeding-round bullseyes are going to be the highlight of my showing this year, haha. Either way, grades in!
  12. Finally finished it after watching a downloaded last episode (my Netflix, for whatever reason, kept bugging on the last episode at around the 17m mark). I was okay with many of the lesser changes, and even the ending, but I have to say... Not sure if that even needs a spoiler tag, but whatevs.
  13. I am the Greatest of All Time! Wait, the ranking list does go from lowest to highest, right?