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  1. Woops! I didn't think I placed well enough for a prize, and I've been out all day....umm...I'll go with #64, the Art of Illumination book, if that's still available!
  2. First comic at all was Marvel Masterworks vol. 1, reprinting AF15 and ASM 1-10. First actual comic I remember getting was Uncanny X-Men #300.
  3. Lucky! This was the only thing I actually wanted to win, and doesn't seem like I did. Good luck finding something!
  4. You heard something? I still haven't gotten this point, I'm assuming it's all a loss. Which sucks, because I really, really wanted to get Warren Ellis to sign my Spider sketch, but oh well. The rest of the stuff I put in for, whatever, none of them were lottery-only, so not like I'm totally shut out.
  5. I'm not really sure when they start...I feel like they were always already open whatever time I got there last year. Definitely before 9, maybe before 8. I looked back at a video I took 2 years ago (2017) and by 8:56 AM on Thursday, it looks like all of the show floor lanes were pretty packed. I don't think any of the Main Stage panels fill up right away--some early on, but none were like, if you weren't in line before 9 or 10, then you were SOL. Each of the show floor queue lines gets very packed (and we're talking lanes that are like, 5-6 people wide), with them moving people forward over and over, before they start on the next lane.
  6. If it's like it was last year, which was a surprisingly big step in a good direction...they'll let everyone inside and downstairs into one of the halls (1C, IIRC, but it doesn't matter, you get funneled there), which will be separated into two groups. On your left as you enter, you'll be able to get in one of the lines for a Main Stage panel for the day, to tap your badge into that and save a spot. On your right, there will be multiple queue lanes (as each one fills, they start filing up the next one) to just get in on the show floor. When the floor opens at 10AM, they'll start letting the show floor queue lanes in one at a time, and after a few of them have gone through, the Main Stage lines will start tapping badges (from there, you can either head to the show floor, or get back into another Main Stage line to save a spot for another panel, if it hasn't filled up yet).
  7. If you mean the signing, it was lottery only. I'm still waiting to hear on my lottery entries, for the lottery that ended Friday and which they said results would be sent out by yesterday...has anyone heard any results either way for that lottery yet? (They said they'd let you know if you lost all of them, too.)
  8. I was thinking 8 and 9.2, and then talked myself out of each...argh!
  9. Getting closer, getting closer...gotta say, the panels seem a little lackluster this year compared to previous, at least to me. I'm also really annoyed that they removed the ability to Sort By Date Modified for panels and everything else on their website and app, because now it seems impossible to tell if they've added or altered any panels or exclusives without just checking the whole list over again and hoping to spot something different... If anyone tries for and happens to win a pre-show lottery spot for one of the two Warren Ellis signings, and isn't bringing the maximum whatevers allowed...I've got a sketch of Spider Jerusalem I really want to get him to sign, but it isn't really clear if he's doing any signings outside of those lotteries (right now, he's only listed as being in panels, and I've only seen those Fri/Sat signing sessions appear on the lotteries). So if you aren't bringing whatever maximum things they allow, I'd love to be able to slip that sketch in there to get signed as well (I'd pay whatever cost there is for getting it signed, obviously).
  10. I finally got my grail and joined this club! So excited.
  11. Saw this last night (opening night, with a snazzy sticker on the playbill saying it). I thought the show was good, even though plays like this, with practically nothing on stage but people talking to each other, aren't really my jam, and both Charlie Cox and Tom Hiddleston were great. We'd hoped to stay after to get our playbills signed, but there was a huge crowd already by the time we got outside, so I'll likely just go over there one night and wait until another show ends, so I can get a good spot by the door.
  12. My wife and I actually have tickets to this for next Thursday (which turned out to be opening night, something I didn't know when I got the tickets, hehe). We saw Charlie Cox when he was off-Broadway in Incognito a couple of years ago, and while I was a bit lukewarm on the play, I thought he was very good (sometimes, screen actors don't do as well on stage, and vice versa). We're definitely looking forward to seeing this.
  13. Looks like enough other people agree that Hasbro way overpriced the Unicron figure...
  14. I used a really old iPad 2 for years, pretty much just for this purpose, and it was great. Sadly, the screen finally cracked and rendered it unusable about a month ago. Now, I use an old LG Gpad 7.0 that I usually use as a book eReader. It's a bit smaller, but works fine enough for comics.