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  1. D'oh. Can't believe I didn't mention that. Yes, each story is 100% self-contained.
  2. I wish I could make them more affordable. Each copy cost me $1.25 or more to print, so I'm taking a bit of a loss, but I believe in this idea (and the comic) so much that I want more kids reading it.
  3. As some of you know, I write a series of Indie comics called House of Fear. Dark Horse published a collection of 5 stories in May. The series of scary stories is intended for kids 7 and older, although technically they're all ages...there's just plenty of dialog in them, which tends to bump it into a higher age bracket. I'm selling bundles of the individual issues so people can hand them out to trick-or-treaters. These issues are all 32-48 pages long. No ads other than a mention of the Dark Horse book on the back cover. They're full size comics, in full color, printed professionally. I normally sell them for $5 each at comic conventions, so this is a limited time offer for Halloween. I want kids reading comics, and handing them out instead of candy seems like a great idea. The three issues in the bundles are Teeth, Dead Lake, and The Infestation of Mr. Skinny Legs. Each bundle includes the same number of copies per title. Quantities are limited, but I'm hoping to have enough of a supply to get through this season. Prices include shipping via Priority Mail (medium flat-rate box) in the United States. If you're outside the US, send me your address and I'll quote a price. I accept PayPal or Venmo, although Venmo is preferred so I don't get charged a fee. Prices are as follows: 15 comics for $30 shipped to the US. 30 comics for $45 shipped to the US. 45 comics for $60 shipped to the US. 60 comics for $75 shipped to the US. I can only fit 60 comics into the flat-rate boxes, but if you want more, let me know.
  4. For sale is my collection of Edgar Rice Burroughs vintage paperbacks. These are pretty sharp copies that appear unread. Various editions. Most are the first printings of different covers from different publishers. There are 54 paperbacks and one hardcover in this lot. Most of them sell on eBay in the $5 to $10 range, plus shipping. I'm selling them all for $80 plus shipping.
  5. One time price drop to $225. I'll close this thread tomorrow after work if there are no takers.
  6. I'm selling my collection of Midwood vintage paperbacks. I purchased them through the years, and all of them are in great condition, with good corners and unbroken spines. Many feature Paul Rader covers. There are a few Donald Westlakes and Lawrence Blocks in there, too. (There are two Carlas in there, but they're different editions.) These are great copies. I've been happy with the collection, and I'm even more uptight about the condition of my books than I am of my comics (although the Island of Sin book is corners, but the book is cut at an angle.) See images for more detail, and ask questions if you'd like. Many of these sell in the $10 to $14 range on eBay, but some are in the $30+ range. Several cost me $75 or so, but that might be poor decision making on my part more than anything. I'm selling these for $350 shipped in the U.S. More outside of the United States.
  7. Thanks for the encouragement and support, everyone. It means a lot to me that you'd just come by and say congratulations, let alone go out and buy the book. Man, I miss this place!
  8. Thanks. I might not actually get to hold it in my hands until Saturday. The anticipation is killing me.
  9. Woo hoo! Out today in comic shops, and May 14th in bookstores. Too bad they don't slab tradepaperbacks.
  10. Up for sale are 16 copies of Marvel's Star Wars: Darth Vader #3. That's the first appearance of Doctor Aphra. These issues are at least NM, with at least six of them being NM+. These are comics that are in very nice shape. Each issue is in a Mylite2 bag with fullback. All 16 copies for $80 plus shipping. Prices are eBay for this issue ranges in the $7 to $15 range. I'm asking for what amounts to $5 per copy. I prefer shipping Priority Mail, but if you want Media, let me know. Just understand that the PO might inspect the box.
  11. Now you're talking. Hadn't thought about that. I really need to work on my signature to do that. If I sign comics myself, for myself, do I need a CGC rep there to prove it's really me and not my clone (who may or may not exist, but I can't say one way or the other).