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  1. Love this look, clean lines, no clutter and the books pop, very nice. Minimal but super classy. I really like this setup. What shelves are you using and where did you get them?
  2. Seeing this thread, thought I would chime in on a little nostalgia from a MTG player and collector that got in early..... Had a chance to buy the original artwork for Force Field for $800 back in the late 90's but I didn't have the money for it at the time, had to pass. I used to own several MTG originals, mostly from the late 90's early 2000's when i was still playing. Mostly land originals as i thought those were the coolest looking at the time. Plus I owned an original with some furry beast or monster in a tree, can't remember the name of it. Reminded me of the Guardian Beast card. I originally purchased Terese Nielsen's island original back in 2001/2002'ish (can't remember the set it was from, still have my signed cards from her though) I believe it was the only land card she has done besides the guru lands. I think I paid $600-$700 for it at the time which I was younger and not making a ton of money at the time and put it on the credit card. Sold off all my cards, including the power 9 and all my art when I got out of MTG in the mid 2,000's so I could put a down payment on a house. Now, $1,500 for unlimited mox pearl and $4,000-$5,000 for alpha/beta mox pearl is disgusting crazy money. I mean thats some ridiculous money. $2,000 for an Ancestral Recall is freaking bananas. In 2011/2012 Ancestral Recall was a $300-$400 card slightly played, i know because i had an extra one I found and flipped. I thought i did good at the time Ha! I also lived near the Seattle area around the late 90's early 2000's and WotC had a shop/tournament/arcade/hang out place on The Ave in the U-district i would go there and hang out all day and night and play with people and play in the occasional tourney. High end cards were so cheap back then. I bought a moderate to heavily played Timetwister for $35 there from another player. Same guy had a mox sapphire for $75. I also remember playing MTG back in 1994, pulled a lotus out of an unlimited starter pack. Very cool. I also remember paying $6 for unlimited mox ($10 for alpha or beta) at my local comic shop and $12 for black lotus. Timetwister $7 and dual lands $4, I had 2 shops in the area with similar prices, gotta love pre-widespread internet days. My times have changed.
  3. Drbearsec is a legend, fantastic transaction. A+++ thanks again.
  4. GA has the Visions book http://www.golden-age-collectibles.com/ComicsBook.asp?Book=16010&SCId=1119
  5. Whats the story on this book? I have never seen it before. I always thought YE OLD LORE OF YORE was the first Cursed Pirate Girl?
  6. So how does this work with a CGC SS yellow label? I am not too familiar with the process, you still need to have a witness with you correct? Was/is Roiland doing sketches on site, or were they pre-done beforehand? I remember visiting Kevin Eastman in 2015 and he had done a bunch of blank sketches before his appearance in his hotel, will a CGC witness still recognize this action as a legit yellow label if he/she didn't actually witness the sketch but came from the creator anyways? Like the example with Eastman doing them before in his hotel? Seems like such a gray area when it comes to this. Or maybe its just me. Prices on CGC sketch for Roiland have come down quite a bit. Stuff dating back to October was in the $500-$700 range. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_sop=10&_from=R40&_sacat=0&_nkw=rick morty cgc sketch roiland&LH_Complete=1&LH_Sold=1&rt=nc&_trksid=p2045573.m1684 Now stuff is in the $200-$300 depending if Harmon is on there too or if they are colored.
  7. Ya you are right could be. I just wasn't sure he was doing sketches. I know he wasn't at the Fan Expo in Canada because he was way too busy, but maybe RI wasn't as busy. I hope prices come down some, would love one but I am only in at about $200
  8. Tons of Roiland sketch SS have popped up on the bay in the last couple of weeks. The bay is flooded now. Prices are high even with the sheer volume of available issues, not much selling. Did Roiland do a private sketch signing or something? Wondering where all of these came from all of a sudden.
  9. Good info on the blanks, thanks. It seems to me that they seem to keep the con variants between 1000-1500. The Last Of Us variant was 1500. I missed out on the #30 blank and the Nintendo variant when they went on sale on Oni's site. Oh well can't have it all.
  10. I hope prices dip a bit. There are still a few earlier issues I would love to get my hands one. I would also love to pick up the R&M: PLYSI #1 Nintendo Power variant. Anybody know the print run on this one? $300 is pricey.
  11. Snagged my 4 day pass as well, I am stoked! Ill be there for sure.