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  1. One more bump, then I think I'll let this one sleep for a bit.
  2. For a Monday, motivated buyer, please refer to my feedback.
  3. Looking for Space Adventures no. 33 (1960) 1. Around CGC 6.0 universal, no less than CROW, PLOD okay, no trimming, foxing, rusted staples 2. Raw is okay too but must present well 3. Paying FMV (refer also to GPA averages). 4. Payment through Paypal. 5. HOS and probies need not apply. 6. Please PM with images and for inquires. Thanks for your time
  4. Completed another transaction (FC386) with Rick and as usual, no issues at all. Deal with Rick in confidence!
  5. Purchased a couple of esoteric Wally Wood magazines from Jeff and the transaction was flawless. Quick to communicate and ship, very friendly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jeff to others on the boards. Looking forward to our next transaction