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  1. So much nice stuff here, as always. Can not resist the Silver Streak #23 - Take that single item, appears to be a group pic.
  2. Comcav


    Dude - WHAAAAA!!! That Pep #8 is melting my brain. For folks who haven't experienced an Allentown book, just stunning. Many as nice or nicer than Mile High copies (like this one). Just crazy awesome.
  3. Comcav


    take per PM
  4. I know how dear this book is to you, sorry to hear you need to move on from it. Just an epic backstory, I'm sure it will find a good home. Be well, and my best wishes for your pooch.
  5. Comcav

    Golden Slabbage some peds

    Oh I thought he was done posting?
  6. Comcav

    Golden Slabbage some peds

    more books plz
  7. Comcav

    Golden Slabbage some peds

    Well, now we have a real challenge! Hello my friend. Spinning up takebot 4,5,6 for added Rick deflection... SHOWTIME!
  8. Comcav

    Golden Slabbage some peds

    Ready to dance with the devil? Game on