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  1. I joined this club finally. Good to see a few familiar TF fan names in here.
  2. Yeah, I don't support Dreamwave books. Gen 2 Marvel is ok but replaced by Regen one. And now the Transformers 84 #0 changes a lot of narrative for the old Marvel Series. Glad to see the thread still kicking.
  3. When you read the whole story not just the last panels, you will find that it is indeed the legit Venom Symbiote being transported that escapes in issue 49 and infects the Dinosaurs from the Savage Land before infecting Wade. Cable and Deadpool #50 also Pre-Dates, "Iron Man, Demon in an Armor" one shot.
  4. Met Richard Rivera (creator of Stabbity Bunny) today at a LCS signing event. He confirmed the #5 original printing had only 100 copies made. He was shocked to see his set finish that high, and was raffling off a #1 original print.
  5. Nice! Highbrow, Chromedome, Computron, and Fortress Maximus. Not IDW, but cool none the less. Facebook group would probably like it more, pm me for an invite.
  6. Where did you get the print run data? Because 75 2nd was not even in the top 300 the ordering was so low. #8 Berger had 600 copies confirmed, and 75 2nd is rumored to be much less. So just wondering where you get the info that 75 2nd is less rare than #8 editorial?
  7. Print run was estimated at 106k (according tp comichron) for 1st print, 2nd print never made the top 300 list and was released in April 1996.
  8. No the book is actually quite rare, considering there are threads on this site even where people were telling others "It doesn't exist". Stop trying to act like you know all about every rare comic, it's obvious you are clueless.
  9. Raw copy sold for $2k in 2016. no 9.8's exist, and only 3 9.6s. so yeah. Nice to see the peanut gallery hasn't changed much around here.
  10. Sandman 75 2nd Print. Absolutely the rarest Sandman comic. 1 of 3 9.6's and none graded higher. $3000. 1st I'll Take it beats PM's or anyone trying to negotiate. Thanks!
  11. If referring to the White Phoenix, yes, only at the next 2 or 3 stops on his roadshow. SDCC is one of them.