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  1. yes existentialism is a train that arrives quickly in the night
  2. Here are some of the San Franciscos Timely's in my collection
  3. But I’m still interested in knowing the history of the SF Cap 1? West you know what or where it’s been? I would assume it important on such a high priced item to establish a provenance...
  4. Oh I didn’t even realize my post name had changed... lol... I started to post books years ago but then lost interest after the site had changed and for some reason it felt more time consuming... my opinion on the scan debate is that to see anything you have to see it in person .. and even then your looking through plastic...
  5. Question: Does anyone know for sure the history of the SF Cap #1?
  6. The Denver Cap #1 originally was purchased at Greg Manning and was considered the second best Cap #1 at 9.0 .. years later other lesser copies were subsequently graded 9.2's.. I brought the Denver to a Chicago Con about 6 years ago where it was regraded by CGC twice from a 9.2 to a 9.4. I have never seen the SF Cap #1 but looking at the scans the corners look a little soft. I also own the Allentown Cap 3 which does have more brilliant gloss and color than the Denver Cap 1 so I would assume the Allentown Cap 1 beats the Denver in that respect. The Denver though has extremely sharp corners and a perfect spine.
  7. I own the Denver 9.4 and the Allentown Cap 3 9.6.... I have no intension of selling either nor did I ever. The Cap 1 I bought from Manning Auctions in the early days of CGC as a 9.0. John had put it up for sale after he bought the Allentown Cap 1. The Denver had a very small light crease on the upper back cover , it was intact pressed at Chicago Con twice from a 9.2 then tried again at the Con till the crease came out to a 9.4. In defense of my book, it's extremely sharp, I wouldn't call the Allentown far superior but if its like the Cap 3 Allentown I own I would expect its fresh gloss to outweigh the Denver that way but not in structure. I have not seen the San Francisco copy but looking at the scan, it doesn't seem to have the structural integrity of the Denver at least as per the scans. John had always said the Denver copy was the second best copy as the Mile High had color touch and was not in the same league.