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  1. I have been a little out of the loop lately, can someone fill me in on the Chinatown pedigree collection. Ive not heard of it? posted is the last book I was able to get to complete the run...
  2. 4.5 grade ? Not a rare book either
  3. in 8.5 this just sold for 20k plus
  4. I think this alone answers the question posted here
  5. Yes thanks for sharing.... there was an exhibit at the Jewish Museum of comic art a few years ago where I saw that Torch cover .. some of the art at that show came from the Jerry Robinson collection .. and Joe Manerino’s collection ... wish more of it survived as the paper drives In the 40s contributed to the arts demise... would be nice to see more of it on this feed as Timely art in particular is IMO more scarce than DC golden age art...
  6. Seems like issue 6 had a few pages that were saved.. I own one page.. here it is... also i thought I would include a silver age Kirby cover that includes a comp from Marie Severin and a redo paste over by Romita.. Inking by Everett.