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  1. ronaldxxx


    I bought 6 silver age slabs (some keys) from Sean. Great communication, lightning fast shipping. Highly recommended!
  2. I bought 2 key slabs from Rick. Great communication, fast shipping and items were packed very well. Thanks Rick!
  3. New Mutants #26 CGC 9.6 s/s Claremont & Sienkiewicz New Teen Titans Annual #2 CGC 9.8 s/s Wolfman & Perez X-Men #114 CGC 9.8 s/s Grant Morrison per pm
  4. Hi Rich, 2 x Lobo #1 9.8s with all sigs including biz. -1 newstand (barcode) and 1 direct edition (creative team) --if possible 1 x Demon #1 9.8 ss Thanks!
  5. Shadowman 1 x 2 Infinity gauntlet x 2 Uncanny xmen 221 x 2 Uncanny xmen 244 Take it at 35 off
  6. I'll take a #1 as well, thanks for the sig op Rich!
  7. Excellent seller! He sold me his Saga RRP, great communication, item was packed well and shipping was fast. Thanks Kelly!
  8. Mike gave me a great deal on a couple of books. Great communication and the items were packed very well. Thanks again Mike!
  9. Anthony gave me a great deal on some key modern slabs. Great communication and fast shipping! Thanks again.
  10. He gave me a good deal on some hot modern books. Highly Recommended! thanks!