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  1. Bump! Added Victory Comics #1, Plastic Man #33, and a few more Flash Comics issues.
  2. Bump! Added Battle Action 11, Fighting Yank 7, and Giraffe comics.
  3. Bump! Added a bunch of non-DC to the list and removed some DC books that have been acquired.
  4. Agreed. One that was recently added to my want list.
  5. Beautiful Flash book! I'll have to follow up with one of those Hawkman and 1st Hawkgirl covers.
  6. Looking for complete, unrestored copies with: non-brittle pages I generally prefer slabbed and ~4.0-7.0 copies. Action Comics #42 All-star Comics #37 Captain Marvel Adventures #78 Exciting Comics #51 Fighting Yank #7 Flash Comics #7 (low-ish grade, up to 4.5), 36, 37, 39, 78, 86 (as low a grade as possible while still complete), 89, 96, 103 Jumbo Comics #82 Jungle Comics #98 (higher grade, 7.0+) National Comics #1 (low grade), 11, 21, 24 Plastic Man #33 Rangers Comics #21 Victory Comics #1 Wow Comics #18, 29, 38
  7. Speed was definitely an issue when both putting bids in and changing pages. I feel like they don't really need a visible seconds counter on the clocks in the catalog overview unless it's <10 minutes (or so) or if you click into a specific item. That might improve the ease of looking through the catalog, placing tracking bids, and load times. You don't really need to know that info until the end of the auctions when you generally know what you will be bidding on anyways. If the load speed and the time it takes to register each bid can be improved, I don't have any big complaints about the auction section now. I liked the UI once I got the hang of it.
  8. There are still a couple stragglers that were out of place when I went through the listings last night with a slab or two in the OA section, but it looks pretty good from what I saw. Hopefully the mass bidding works, was tested, and goes well with the new site.
  9. I can't even figure out how to log in to CC to try to add things to my watch list. Every time I reset my password, it says the new password is invalid, and trying to register a new account with the same email doesn't work because it says it's already in use.
  10. Page 104 and onward of the current April auction are all sold listings from the last auction.
  11. Bump! Removed lots of books and added a few Nedor books.
  12. I have no insight to higher testing capability for the government, but I actually was just talking to a family doctor that was next to me at dinner. He told me people are coming in raging about not being able to be tested despite them wanting one or showing some symptoms. He said the thing they don't understand is that he's equally as angry because he doesn't get to choose who gets tested. It's some algorithm that chooses who gets tested (if anyone) due to the scarcity of testing kits based on their vulnerability and severity of symptoms from what I understood. Despite this, he doesn't have testing kits anyways. He said he just found out this afternoon that he's supposed to have testing kits tomorrow to start. I don't know how true that is or if I misunderstood fully, but I found it interesting.
  13. Bump! Added Showcase 22, Action Comics 40, Adventure Comics 58, and All-American Comics 25 & 26