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  1. NM copy please. $500 paypal ready
  2. Looking to pay about $200-$250 for a CGC 9.8 blue label of AV #2 Wrightson variant. paypal ready
  3. Another thing I didn’t notice. Thanks. I’m not sure what I need to do to figure out which copy it is. I’m guessing it’s a convention copy from early 2013 or late 2012.
  4. I have been looking for the self-published ashcan for a few years and no luck. Maybe one day! BUT, while looking I stumbled upon a difference between 2 of the #1 covers. The regular #1 has the artist sig Mark, but this one I just bought does not. They also have different back covers. The census does not show any difference and neither does the CGC label, but they are clearly different. Also, one is not a second print. PLEASE, can anyone help with this?
  5. Really?!?! Nobody. These boards are getting a lot less helpful these days.
  6. Looking to buy a few or all from this list. I would prefer to buy from 1 seller if I can. CGC 9.8 blue label preferred. Y the Last Man 1 FOUND Preacher 1 & preview $400 for pair DMZ 1 FOUND Scalped 1 $250 American Vampire 1 & 2, variants included 1 reg $75 1 RRP $200 1 variant $150 2 wrightson $200 Paypal ready for the right deals!!! thanks
  7. Still looking for LB Cole goodness. Some other PCH I’m interested in: Weird Terror Tomb of Terror Blue Bolt Spook Beware Horrific
  8. I know somebody has one for sale!
  9. I completely understand about how scarce a lot of these books are. I’m only trying to pick up some 2.0-3-0 graded issues. There aren’t many, if any, sales on a lot of them. But wow! Sellers can get nuts with their explanations. Example: I was looking at a 2.0. Gpa shows a 1.8 at 111 and a 2.5 at 113. They were from 2016. Most recent sale was a 4.5 for 1200 in 2018, so that’s what they base their price from. This doesn’t totally make sense to me. Oh well! I think I just need to be patient!