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  1. I would love the buy multiple copies from one owner. I would consider a CGC 9.8 as well. thanks
  2. Hey all, I know I've asked this before, but I'm searching again. I would love to find some art and variants for the 2013 series, Five Ghosts, by Frank Barbiere and Chris Mooneyham. Not sure if I can afford covers right now, but I will always consider them. Mostly looking for: Amazing original art pages Original graded sketches ECCC variant NYCC ashcan Other variants are considered. I've been search for the 2 variants for quite some time, but let's be honest that not a lot of people are searching for them. A last known sale for the ECCC 9.8 was only a $125, so let's not get all crazy with expecting 4-5 times that price. I will consider reasonable offers. I'd love to see what is available! Thanks for your time.
  3. Doubt I'll ever use CCS again. I have books from April that are finally in the grading process, but have been scheduled for a month now. UGH.. Modern FT is always fast though.
  4. PM sent.... It will be hard to respond until later tomorrow night.
  5. Grabbed 3-4. Now I'm just looking for 9.8s of 1,2, and 5. I know some people here have these. $150 for the Wrightson #2 in a 9.8. Last sale went for less. The others, I would have to say, that I would like to pay a little less.
  6. You have the Ashcan & ECCC? Please give me a link.