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  1. SuperZar

    Stolen - Amazing Spider-Man collection

    You can be sure if it was the policeman's locker, the case would be moved to the top of the pile as a priority.
  2. SuperZar

    Oddly Similar Comic Covers

    Another ....
  3. SuperZar


    Site is completely useless so can't comment. No links work except for the 'Log in' link where you're expected to provide personal information... move on.
  4. SuperZar

    Comic books that rock

    This one is to easy ...
  5. SuperZar

    Who is your least favorite inker?

    Serious? Klaus Janson easily one of the best all-time inkers. Made alot of plain vanilla art really come alive. I'll certainly agree with Milgrom. Dan Adkins also comes to mind as very mediocre.
  6. SuperZar

    Antique Roadshow/Pawn Stars Appraisal

    So this guy had NO idea, not a clue what they were worth? So he expects us to believe he doesn't have a computer with internet access, and the only way to find the value of these items is to appear on the Roadshow. OK.
  7. SuperZar

    The classic iconic cover thread.

    You're right about Janson inking Perez...and Perez was not one of those mediocre artists I was thinking of. Just always admired his inking style. He added so much to the artwork and in my opinion never got enough credit for his contribution.
  8. SuperZar

    The classic iconic cover thread.

    I remember picking this up for the awesome work of Klaus Janson and not George Perez. Really loved his style and in my eye always improved on the work of mediocre artists.
  9. SuperZar

    The classic iconic cover thread.

    These covers always had me mesmerized as a kid:
  10. SuperZar

    What’s your favorite bid?

    Except the time you walk up the bid on stuff you don't really want and end up winning
  11. SuperZar

    eBay $15.00 off on purchases of $75+

    I think the way it works is you get the $15 promo if you buy from a Canadian retailer.