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  1. There is indeed a color break. That is how you can see it so obviously! Anyways, I'm not the only one who agrees this grading is sh*t. See new thread ....
  2. Possibly they do have tougher 9.8 criteria. CGC slab below just sold on Heritage. Notice the giant crease right side of cover that was obviously pressed? Looks terrible on the edge too. What grade would you give it? Certainly not a 9.8!
  3. You make a good point about the survival rates of newsstand vs. direct edition. When I look at 6.0s of the same copy, it's more like 50-50 of newsstand vs. direct edition. It would certainly make sense that newsstand copies are more difficult to find in high grade.
  4. Not sure I agree with this chart. I just purchased an X-men #142 from 1981. Of all the last 45 sales in 9.6 since January 2020, only 6 are newsstand (GoCollect data). They also definitely sell on the higher end of the $ scale, but nothing dramatic. Personally I always look for and purchase the newsstand editions exclusively because that's what I had as a kid. The direct editions just look weird to me.
  5. As a kid, I always snatched up anything Byrne did. Just loved every panel he did. As for Perez, I always found him kinda 'Meh'. To me, his work was only interesting if it was embellished by a good inker
  6. Interesting. I'm seeing multiple listings of the same book for books I'm interested in, so I'm hopeful going into the next auction :). This also can't be good for consighnors!
  7. The upcoming June-2020 Clink auction is at about 9000 books. Is that a record? Just wondering how much higher it's ever been if anyone else has ever noted.
  8. Nothing in GoCollect either. I assume the 3x copies are from collectors who sent in for submission and then kept for their own collection.
  9. So it's like layaway then. After the 20% down and 3 equal payments there was no interest or premium extra you were responsible for? Just curious ...
  10. Finally got this at a price I can live with at the previous ComicLink auction. Picked up 6x slabs. Not finding too much on the current auction and may pass, but the one in June is beginning to look interesting. We'll see....
  11. I believe even if you list on UK eBay your listings will be available to any eBay country you select to ship to anyways. That's how it works on Canada eBay where I list, and most of my buyers are from the USA.
  12. Sal's work really shined when he had a great inker such as Klaus Janson touching up his work. True he never did too many covers that I recall...
  13. Curt Swan of DC was the Sal Buscema of Marvel. Both very prolific and always considered average, but now over time their work is much more appreciated.
  14. No worries. There is a trade agreement between Canada-USA (NAFTA). There are no duties for products going across the border if they were manufactured in either country. Comics have always been printed in either Canada/USA. If they came from overseas or anywhere else, there would likely be duties imposed. I regularly cross the Canada-USA border, with $1000+ in comics. Border services only collects the GST (federal 5% tax) when getting back into Canada. Never any duties.
  15. Totally disagree, and most Canadians avoid any sellers using GSP. Not only are shipping charges generally higher, but they tack on large import duties that don't exist for comics! Total scam. I also made the huge mistake of purchasing a 2x slabs from a seller that was using the GSP. It was insulting and painful enough to pay duties, but then I realized you cannot combine shipping from sellers using GSP! That was a tough one to have to swallow, but never again. Buyer beware.... I have NEVER been charged for import duties for comics coming from the USA for regular sellers not using GSP