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  1. SuperZar

    What’s your favorite bid?

    Except the time you walk up the bid on stuff you don't really want and end up winning
  2. SuperZar

    eBay $15.00 off on purchases of $75+

    I think the way it works is you get the $15 promo if you buy from a Canadian retailer.
  3. SuperZar

    Marvel Movies are a Success why can't Comics do the Same?

    There are some inflation online calculators you can check out. When I started collecting, comics were $0.20-0.25. They should be $0.90-0.95 today - still pocket change. It's true that energy/paper inflation costs have probably been higher than the average. But I believe there are two main factors. Same reason cost of going to see a movie or your favourite sports team has gone up so drastically. Arnold wants 50 million per movie, and my favourite hockey player wants 20 million a season. We all pay for their ridicules salaries. Also, since new comic sales continue to drop (thanks to direct distribution), the price per comic needs to go up to maintain profit. Anyways, my $0.02.
  4. SuperZar

    I'm getting priced out of collecting

    You might just be where I was 25 years ago. I graduated from college and got my first career job, bought my first new car, first house and had the first of three kids (all in 1y time). At that point I stopped collecting. It had nothing to do with any 'bubble', but I just didn't have the time or money. Now that I'm back with more $ and time than ever, I've been actively collecting again, but mostly filling up affordable runs - sticking to stuff for some reason is not that desirable to a majority of collectors, but has value to me.. Unfortunately many of my 'grails' such as GL76 have gone from $200 to $3000-5000 in that time period. If it was my only grail, I'd get it no problem. But I've calculated it would cost me just over $100,000 to get all the ones I want at today's prices. Ain't gonna happen.
  5. SuperZar

    Are the Boomers cashing out?

    Makes alot of sense, and certainly explains why the cover price of a comic book has surpassed inflation by such a large margin. I guess another comparison would be the movie industry. The cost to purchase a ticket w/popcorn-drink is WAY over what it use to be decades ago and also jumped the inflation numbers in a big way. I guess its because the Arnolds of the industry are asking 100 million a movie. Hollywood stars always did OK, but it's gotten ridicules. We're the ones who end up paying for those crazy salaries of course.
  6. SuperZar

    Are the Boomers cashing out?

    My dad was never impressed with my hobbies/collections. He would say the only thing worth collecting is money, and in many ways he was right. Hobbies by their very nature are going to cost you money. Don't worry too much about any returns and just collect for the pure joy of it.
  7. SuperZar

    Are the Boomers cashing out?

    Definately would agree with many of the comments here that what has kept the comics industry alive are older folks like myself. We either never left the hobby, or come back years later with more money and passion than ever... but we're not gonna be around forever. It's the old adage, 'The future lies in the hands of our children'. True that there are just so many other distractions for kids these days. But in my opinion, what really killed the hobby is the greed of the comics industry themselves via direct sales to comic shops - and inflation mainly due to rising production/distribution costs. As a 10y old in the 70s, I was very active with many other hobbies/interests and would never have missed reading the adventurs of Superman and the Hulk. But on the way to school, my eye would catch those comic racks at the corner 'candy store'. I remember at first only glancing thru a few issues before I had to run out so as not to be late. But one day, perhaps because of some awesome Gil Kane cover that promised the most incredible tale with adventure and surprise, I picked up my first issue for $0.20. Of couse I was hooked after that. That $0.20 was literally pocket change, and the comics could be purchased in my own neighborhood. According to inflation calculators available online, that $0.20 would be $0.90 today - STILL affordable to a little kid today. But no. He would have to take a bus across town and plonck down $3.99. Ain't gonna happen unless you're already hooked. Without easy access to comics at a reasonable price for kids (isn't that the market after all?), I just don't see any upside. Prices WILL come down, and at least I'll finally be able to afford my own grail one day. A NM copy of Green Lantern #76
  8. Totally agree. As a lifelong Adams fan I purchase everything he does. Over the past few years he's done SO many covers, it's been hard to keep track! Except for the already mentioned titles, he's actually hasn't done much writing or interior artwork. The Villain (writing) and Harleys Little Black Book / SpongeBob (artwork) comes to mind for very recent stuff. He seems to spend most of his time touring and doing commission work. This guy has got unbelievable energy and passion for his work. Also, have you seen this book below? To quote the publisher ... "Comic Book Creator spotlights Neal Adams' Batman: Odyssey (the recent 13-issue DC Comics mini-series written and drawn by the comics legend), in a unique, comprehensive examination of an artist and his work. We grapple with the question: is the book a masterwork for the ages or an epic fail of mythic proportions? CBC goes in deep with the creator to examine his intent with Adams vigorously responding to critics, as we balance the successes and weaknesses of the quintessential Batman artist's ultimate take on a beloved character - all behind a new Neal Adams cover" Haven't ordered it yet so can't comment on it's content, but sure looks like fun reading for fans!