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  1. Hello. I’m looking for Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 first Sinister 6 in high grade. PayPal, wire ready. Thanks
  2. Hello! I’m looking for Fantastic Four Annual #2 high grade. thank you
  3. Looking for Amazing Spider-Man #5 9.2-9.4. Willing to negotiate with owner between $9,000-$15,000 depending on grade and PQ. No writing or stamps please.
  4. Looking for Amazing Spider-Man #14 First Green Goblin Willing to pay around $14,000 for 9.4 and $20,000 for 9.6. Open to offers outside range depending on PQ/Pedigree. No writing or date stamps.
  5. I’m looking for X-Men #1 9.2 preferably with no writing/stamps and darker green ink. I have plenty of references and offering $95,000. Please message me with any leads. Thank you
  6. Hello im looking for giant sized X-men #1 9.8 white pages. Paying auction prices,gocollect,gpa recent fair market paypal/wire with references thanks
  7. Looking for high grade FF 48 and 49. 9.6 grades. Paypal/wire/check ready.
  8. Looking to buy FF 48 9.6 with white pages only. $9500 check, wire, paypal. Thanks
  9. Looking for Journey into Mystery #83 7.0-7.5. Willing to pay 18-25k depending on grade, PQ, eye appeal, etc.
  10. Looking for Amazing Spider-Man #1 in a higher grade. Will pay recent auction/GPA. Thanks!
  11. Looking for Amazing Fantasy #15 5.5 CGC OW/W. Willing to pay recent auction prices around 45k depending on eye appeal. No chipping please. Thanks
  12. CLOSED!!! Bob was great to work with. Thanks again guys.