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  1. It's funny but I see a lot more AF15 with chipping come up for sale than the other big keys (FF, Hulk, JIM, TOS39, etc). Not sure if it's that people only want to let the substandard copies go, or if it is a lot more prevalent with that issue.
  2. Doesn't Heritage charge a buyer's premium too? If so, that would have to factored into the price.
  3. I was thinking $10K-15K a point but as it gets to the higher grades, that rule of thumb doesn't seem to apply. Also, there's a premium for non marvel chipping issues, but I don't know how to quantify that.
  4. holy smokes, 1st prints are $40+. we don't even know if this character is even in the movie, much less who's playing her.
  5. I def agree on the 2nd prints. real sleeper as there are much less out there than the first prints.
  6. a 2.5 Cream/OW just closed on ebay for $27600. The last two 2.5s which closed on ebay were $25,400 (4/24) and $24,269 (4/10). crazy, this seems to be going up by the week!
  7. Looks like Captain America 25 (1st Sam as Cap) is nearing $100 for raws. Any one thinks this has long term prospects or sell now? I think FWS went beyond most people's expectations, maybe even more than WandaVision.
  8. #1 is still undervalued IMO. I'm pretty certain FX is going to do a bang up job on the show. I buy any and all Y I see in the dollar boxes. If it blows up even halfway like WD, I think this series will draw in the casual viewer who'll go looking for the back issues, like WD. I remember when you could sell any WD back issues below #100 easily.
  9. this is pretty funny. I sold a few of 365 when he cameo'd in ESV for $15, but it's been crickets since then. So bad that I pulled all my listings and just didn't bother. But you're right there's a ton of sales $25-30. Odd, especially with no news.
  10. Honestly, I read it and I don't get the appeal. I remember I bought two of the Frison variant #1 when it came out cause she was the hot artist at the time. I never bought anymore SIKTC and I don't intend to. A $1K for a 9.8, this absolutely absurd for something that wasn't even hard to find when it came out.
  11. Probably will close around $50k that’s a very nice copy