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  1. Here's a real a wipe to block ihkax4. He buys 45 items from me at auction then doesn't pay until e bays unpaid item case opens on his butt then pays. Next he sends me a message demanding to know why I opened cases on him. A week later he opens a case against me saying that non of the 4 packages I sent him showed up even going as far as to claim he asked at the post office and his neighbours houses to no avail.So I uploaded the tracking to show that they had indeed been received by him. Now at the very last moment he closes those cases against me only to open up 4 new cases as follows Reason Missing parts or pieces Comments "items missing in order" This is pure retaliation for the unpaid item against him. So while he continues to F me about my paypal account remains in a negative balance. I've accepted the returns so let's see what I get in the mail I somehow doubt it will be my books. Save yourself a headache and block this clown.
  2. One to block popritchie . Buys Infinity gauntlet 1,3 and 5. Then tells me he can't pay for the items but kindly tells me I should no doubt be able to sell them as second chance offers. Then messages me again to tell me that If that doesn't work I will be able to get my seller fees back from ebay. Wow thanks for the advice mate I've only been selling on Ebay for 14 years. I offered if he needed time to pay then thats fine in reply he re offered me the above advice yet again. I filed a non payer bid to get my fees back. A proper time wasting c u next tuesday.
  3. One to block 1962jgl. Won 2 Silver age FF's then goes silent. Sent messages no response. Didn't even respond to ebay when I opened a non paying bidder claim. I checked his "positive" feedback to find some people claiming he never paid up and some saying they got paid eventually after hassling him. Why some people would leave a positive feedback rating just so they can highlight the problem in the comments section is beyond me. Mot people view the feedback score not always the comments underneath.