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  1. Here's a real a wipe to block ihkax4. He buys 45 items from me at auction then doesn't pay until e bays unpaid item case opens on his butt then pays. Next he sends me a message demanding to know why I opened cases on him. A week later he opens a case against me saying that non of the 4 packages I sent him showed up even going as far as to claim he asked at the post office and his neighbours houses to no avail.So I uploaded the tracking to show that they had indeed been received by him. Now at the very last moment he closes those cases against me only to open up 4 new cases as follows Reason Missing parts or pieces Comments "items missing in order" This is pure retaliation for the unpaid item against him. So while he continues to F me about my paypal account remains in a negative balance. I've accepted the returns so let's see what I get in the mail I somehow doubt it will be my books. Save yourself a headache and block this clown.
  2. One to block popritchie . Buys Infinity gauntlet 1,3 and 5. Then tells me he can't pay for the items but kindly tells me I should no doubt be able to sell them as second chance offers. Then messages me again to tell me that If that doesn't work I will be able to get my seller fees back from ebay. Wow thanks for the advice mate I've only been selling on Ebay for 14 years. I offered if he needed time to pay then thats fine in reply he re offered me the above advice yet again. I filed a non payer bid to get my fees back. A proper time wasting c u next tuesday.
  3. One to block 1962jgl. Won 2 Silver age FF's then goes silent. Sent messages no response. Didn't even respond to ebay when I opened a non paying bidder claim. I checked his "positive" feedback to find some people claiming he never paid up and some saying they got paid eventually after hassling him. Why some people would leave a positive feedback rating just so they can highlight the problem in the comments section is beyond me. Mot people view the feedback score not always the comments underneath.
  4. I'ma uk based E bayer who up until a month ago was selling worldwide as I have since 2003. I refused all of fee pays kind offers to enrol in their GSP and offered my own international postage rates. However in this last month I've found that when I list an item it is impossible to offer shipping anywhere else than the UK (those options are now shaded out) unless I opt into global program then lo I can once again ship worldwide. I want no part of GSP as it is illegal. ALL PRINTED MATTER is exempt from any import/duty fees by law over here(due to an old law on the statuary books about reading matters educational value). I ,ve had a butchers at Pisstake bastards(pittany Bowes) web site and they even state that import fees for books in to the uk is zero so by their own admission they shouldn't be adding on charges. GSP= SCAM. I'm currently dealing with my tax assessment with the inland revenue while I am at it it is about time this scam was brought to their attention(for all the good that will probably do,but still).
  5. Here is my Marvel Preview 2. https://scontent.fman2-1.fna.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xap1/t31.0-8/s960x960/12983865_10206054171335072_6034142469054452403_o.jpg
  6. tell them you are blocking them until they return the book you gave the refund for--- maybe they might just send it to you and then you can keep blocking them. Couldn't hurt to try... Holy this worked sorta. He claimed he had sent the book back but to send him an invoice as the book hadn't made it back to me.So I did and he has paid up. Result.
  7. Block this guy mbeggs6370 Buys a Avengers 48 off me back in May isn't happy with book requests refund gets refund then never returns book(yes I know don't refund before getting book back but this was my first refund request I've learned now).E-bay were no help in the matter despite my telling them he has essentially now got my book for free. Today I receive a message from him via E bay demanding to know why he is blocked as he apparently tried to bid on one of my x-men books.