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  1. Hello Dave, Marvel Comics #1000 is not part of any other Marvel storyline/run. While it has many variants it only has one issue which makes it ineligible for its one set. Here is the link to the CGC Registry section of the chat boards.
  2. Thank you for your post. Mollie is no longer with our company but we wish her the best. Please note that Marvel Comics #1000 is considered a one-shot and is not eligible for its own set. The book has been added to a few one-shot sets already but I am more than happy to add it to any that have been missed. If you find any applicable sets please make the request on the appropriate "2020" thread below which is pinned to the top of the CGC Registry page.
  3. @Willardkoffman, Thank you for your post. I will dig into the mobile registry issue with our IT team. Please pm or email me with the certification number for the books that are not appearing and I will fix the issue. For the Spawn books, please make a request on the thread below. Please review the first post (made by yours truly) that provides instructions on how to properly request additions. The CGC Registry section of the boards has 3 "2020" threads for all of your registry needs.
  4. @SteelgripStarkey, Please make your request on the thread below. Please note that we have 3 "2020" threads pinned to the top of the CGC Registry section of the chat boards for requests. Thank you
  5. Please contact our London office at the email address below. It may be cheaper and faster to submit through our UK submission center as the UK services and fees include round trip shipping AND insurance to the US office and back. Please note that you will incur an additional shipping fee for the books to be sent from France to the UK and back.
  6. Account credits/debits are not a feature that is visible in your online account. If you have a premium or elite account you will receive a $150 credit automatically on your account which does not cover shipping fees. Once you submit your books for grading our accounting team will apply the credit as applicable and bill the rest to the credit card provided for your submission. If you have any further questions please contact our customer service team at the email address below.
  7. @nesta please email our customer service team at the address below. Please note that our "non-operations" teams such as customer service are mostly working from home and are not available via phone at this time. Thank you
  8. Hello, I have changed all of them to "nn" issues to be consistent with the actual book titles. Thank you
  9. Please add this to the "2020 score update" thread that is pinned to the top of the registry section. Thank you
  10. The first several years that CGC was open, we gave coverless books a 0.5 designation. However, we eventually decided that, as a coverless book, it really didn't need to be assigned a grade, (hence the "No Grade" designation). But we still wanted people to understand that, although CGC was not assigning it a grade, it was still authenticating the item by encapsulating it (and labeling it clearly as "Coverless") so that the book would not be mistaken as, for instance, a reprint or a color copy that someone made at their house. We feel that the "No Grade" designation is better for coverless books than a 0.5 grade (or some other grade such as 0.3 or 0.1).
  11. If the books were all under the same grading tier and/or service, they will be shipped back to you in one package. If your books qualified for multiple tiers (Modern, Economy, etc) or you added CCS pressing to one or more books, they will be split onto multiple invoices and shipped separately.
  12. I believe USPS Registered Mail is the only "regular" carrier that will insure collectibles. UPS and FedEx may insure collectibles, but only up to $100 but please double check for accuracy. USPS is a much slower service while UPS/FedEx can deliver overnight so this will be a judgement call based on the book value and your comfort level.
  13. I am glad to hear that this issue was resolved even though it was out of the control of CGC. I am sure you are meticulous like the rest of us but I always inform everyone to closely inspect your package before accepting delivery. You will rarely encounter issues but checking for tampering and damage is vital before signing for the package!
  14. Unfortunately, if the signing is not witnessed by someone authorized by CGC, then the signature cannot be authenticated for the Signature Series label. Testimonials, photographs, video recordings and any other proof of signing are not accepted. The book can still be graded but it will receive a green (qualified) label instead of the yellow signature series label.
  15. Hello @combiner1, Thank you for your post. Please contact our customer service team at the email below. Please include the certification number and images of the book in its holder.