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  1. WTB 2 copies of TMNT: the last ronin #1 first prints.
  2. still a lovely book. good luck with the sale!
  3. do the spawns and TIG, due to value if they are 9.8s. also agree with paperheart. pick what you like. i feel that TIG would be a nice display comic.
  4. For Sale Tales to Astonish # 44_6.0 Price: $900 priority mail Shipping cost for slabs $20. ONCE I SHIP THE ITEMS, I WILL POST YOUR TRACKING INFORMATION ASAP! No HOS or Probation list members. Payment via PayPal will be due within 48 hours of claiming please. If you need more time than that, let me know in advance. Signature service will be added I will also accept check and money orders if you are willing to wait for me to receive payment and before I send you the comic. In thread trumps PM's. I will send invoices out with the price and shipping. No Returns on Slabs, unless damaged during shipping If you need additional pics or have questions shoot me a PM.
  5. recommended seller! always top notch, never disappointed and always willing to help and work with you. I bought a good stack of comics from Claudio and they came packed perfectly. i will always buy from this member. Thank you again!
  6. Just received a stack of comics for a great price, Thank you TJ! recommended seller!
  7. Because! they are freaking awesome...who doesn't love pizza eating, ninja skilled, has a rat as a father, loving turtles?
  8. Sorry to hear this Claudio, i pray your days get better. seeing if these are still available for sale. Need these for my collection. Amazing Spider-Man #23 - GD+, maybe GDVG, $85 Amazing Spider-Man #47 - VF range, $150 Amazing Spider-Man #65 - FN+/FNVF, $50 Amazing Spider-Man #83 - VF-, $59 Amazing Spider-Man #85 - VGFN, $35 Amazing Spider-Man #121 - Death of Gwen Stacy, VGFN (overall creasing, minor staining), $210
  9. bought a comic from 1Cool, amazing price and worked with me without any hesitation...thank you for everything. recommended seller.
  10. looking for first prints to start a collection but willing to buy 2nd prints as well and variants. Just started reading the comic and i am really digging it.
  11. Looking to buy Thor Vol 6 1-5, raw not slabbed, but if you have them slabbed. I may be interested depending on the price. Thanks
  12. when i saw it i thought off the back 6.5 to 6.0, but i agree with what you posted.