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  1. Great seller, great communication, and great packaging. I would recommend this seller to anyone. Will buy from again! simple and easy transaction. Thank you rabid!! -Frank
  2. Just bought four comics from Chris as a package deal. Very professional and there were no issues. His packaging skills were amazing! I would recommend him to anyone... A++++++ service! Thanks again. -Frank
  3. Looking For Teen titans # 12 and Batman Nights Metal # 2 which apparently both are the first appearances of the BATMAN WHO LAUGHS. (*cough* batman nights metal # 2). Wanting 9.8 CGC copies mainly first prints and not variant covers. Looking to buy them as a set instead from two separate sellers but if need be i will. Flexible with prices (depending on if its a crazy amount) and I have money ready for payment once both parties agree to the terms. I live overseas APO, so shipping payment isn't a problem as well. Thanks -Depot
  4. The only thing i would have to say about Ron and the purchase of an IH # 1. Perfect....simply perfect. Nothing but trust and a really great person. i was so happy to have met and dealt with him. Everything went smooth and i was able to do time payments. Happy to own an IH # 1 very happy! recommended to anyone! -Frank
  5. cat woman, especially in Batman Returns played by Michelle Pfeiffer. I like the way Adam Hughes draws her