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  1. Looking For Teen titans # 12 and Batman Nights Metal # 2 which apparently both are the first appearances of the BATMAN WHO LAUGHS. (*cough* batman nights metal # 2). Wanting 9.8 CGC copies mainly first prints and not variant covers. Looking to buy them as a set instead from two separate sellers but if need be i will. Flexible with prices (depending on if its a crazy amount) and I have money ready for payment once both parties agree to the terms. I live overseas APO, so shipping payment isn't a problem as well. Thanks 


  2. The only thing i would have to say about Ron and the purchase of an IH # 1. Perfect....simply perfect. Nothing but trust and a really great person. i was so happy to have met and dealt with him. Everything went smooth and i was able to do time payments. Happy to own an IH # 1 very happy! recommended to anyone!



  3. WTB a Captain America Sketch cover, looking for a full drawn cover with the artist signature and a Stan lee. This is for a friend, looking to negotiate but also willing to pay right away. 


  4. On 7/11/2017 at 9:58 PM, Omegadepot said:

    it's been a is a bump for the comics i am requesting..

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles # 1 Counterfeit CGC raw. Willing to pay 700-800 for unslabbed more if slabbed. Not looking for the third printing copy that has the name bleached out. Looking for the actual counterfeit recreate with the white glossy paper inside, either with black fading on the back or the blue ink tint.



    Please send me a message me, Also if you can provide pictures i would really appreciate it!