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  1. I am so far away from knowing what is going on in this hobby, I can't give them a good spanking. Jim
  2. Is Arch being overly harsh? Jim
  3. Last I was here seems like the Forum has slowed down quite a bit. Jim
  4. Lol! Pretty much. I still have that ASM #135 I bought from you. Also the Speed Buggy. Jim
  5. Good to hear it. Anything exciting since I was gone? Jim
  6. Jeez...hope you are doing better. Visited Tombstone back in the early 90s and loved it. Had a great BBQ place there. Jim
  7. I haven't updated it. Stopped when Microsoft stopped supporting FrontPage and couldn't find a good alternative at the time. As far as retirement, I really never stopped. Got a government job while I was on terminal leave from the Air Force and am busier now than before. And I love the job. Another reason I don't follow this Forum, collect comics like I did before, or updated the website. Life is good. More worse things than be living in NW FL with the beautiful beaches and weather. How are you Shad? Jim
  8. If anyone cares my website is working again after an hour plus of arguing with my webhost. Apparently someone put a block on the site and I wasn't aware until today. Been down since at least Apr from looking at my bandwidth stats. And they can't tell me who put the block on it or why. Probably need to check on it more frequently. Regardless, all the MJI and NDS info is back if you so want it. Jim
  9. The website seems to be working now. Still haven't been given a reason it was blocked. Jim
  10. Looking into this now. I wasn't aware and sadly haven't been on the Forum for awhile. The website is paid for the year so don't know what's going on. Jim
  11. How do you quote now?
  12. There was an Eternals #1 there Raw for $100. That was the most common comic I know of before. What does the price variant go for? Jim
  13. No kidding. I have been amazed at how those went up. You were well ahead of everyone. Jim
  14. Hey Beyonder...been awhile.