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  1. It doesn't have a MJI. That's just an ad. Jim
  2. I don't believe you will find a Wolverine #1 with the insert. Not all new comics made it to Stars and Stripes newsstands overseas until well into their run. When I was stationed in Germany, Wolverine was well into being published a year or so and no copies were available on military newsstands when I got there. I think the first Wolverine I saw on the newsstand was well into the 30s or so. And I bought the comic and have none with the insert. Jim
  3. Depends on rank and your family situation (married, # of kids, etc). But generally not a whole hell of a lot. It's common for military members to get rid of stuff so they'll be under the limit when they PCS. Jim
  4. Bronze age comics with the ND/MJI, in my opinion since I've been looking for them, are probably less than 5% of what's out there. Since they were targeted to the military, I suspect that a lot were thrown away during PCS moves since their allotted weight allotments are fairly small and we all know comics boxes weigh a ton. I do think a greater number of comics w/ MJI survived from the mid-late-80s due to speculation (I own about a dozen X-Men 249s with the insert). Most of the collections I see now from former military members stationed overseas during that timeframe have some. Jim
  5. No. Not all comics with the inserts have a star stamp. But if you see a star stamp on the comic then there's a good chance the comic has an insert. Real good chance. And it not just a star stamp. If I ever get to the collection, I'll post pics of other stamps that were used. Usually with the name of the base they were bought. Jim
  6. I tried to get enough DCs to expand on the MJI inserts but frankly never was able to get enough of them to feel comfortable putting them on my website. When I was stationed overseas, MJIs were plentiful when going to local shows but most all were Marvels. DCs were harder to find. I guess Marvels sold much better than DCs. Even when I bought a ton from a local German dealer who bought overstock from AAFES back in day, almost all his stock were Marvels. No DCs to be found. Which makes your quest pretty damn impressive. Jim
  7. Well...that's immoral. Don't get me started. Jim
  8. The thing about these inserts is you don't ever know if a comic with the insert exists or not. There no definitive catalogue of which comics had them or not. Makes the search more interesting but also makes it even more frustrating as well. Jim
  9. I have a Black Magic #8 (Mar '75) with the insert. Jim
  10. I guess that's possible. Jim
  11. FYI...I have a DC Comics Presents #38 from the same month that has the insert. So it's likely that JLA #195 also had it and is out there somewhere. Jim
  12. The star stamp isn't always an indication of proof of an insert. I have many with the stamp and no insert. Many military facilities in the states used the star stamp to designate proof of sale of magazines. Langley AFB in Virginia used to do it when I was stationed there in the last 80s, These inserts were focused on military overseas and unless you were in the military overseas distribution pipeline for your magazines then you would not have the insert. That's why some have the star stamp without an insert.
  13. No...they still have to get the Gauntlet. And dispose of it. The danger is still there once Thanos realizes he's been tricked.
  14. OK...we’re far enough in the Avengers Infinity War run that I’m going to give my theory on what happened. Stop here if you don’t want the movie spoiled.... When Iron Man and Spider-Man was trying to grab the Gauntlet off Thanos and Mantis couldn’t put Thanos to sleep, Starlord acted like a complete jerk trying to interrogate Thanos about the whereabouts of Gamora. My take? Starlord was trying to distract Thanos while Stark replaced one of the stones, probably the Reality Stone, with a fake one; generated by Stark’s new nanotechnology armor. Thanos bailed quickly when Strange too easily just gave up his stone and immediately got in a fight to get Vision’s stone. When he got what he thought was the last stone, Thor went ballistic on him before Thanos snapped his fingers and half the universe died. Thanos then immediately bailed out. Thanos never realized he still didn’t have all the stones when he did the deed and Dr Strange conjured up a massive spell, with the help of the Reality stone, to make it look like all the heroes died. Thanos was tricked and all those who “died” are probably sitting in one of Strange’s dimensions before he brings them back. That’s what I think happened...