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  1. That's great data. And it's is working for you. But for the mass it's not. Comics aren't an at sustainable forum anymore. And for anyone wanting to start a business its not as comics as they're majority business but other endeavors. The toy and card business rules now and even those will fall given time. Online gaming is stealing these folks and before long, and it is going to happen quickly, you won't have anyone in your shops. Jim
  2. wThe number of dealers weren't advertised. Hell, I didn't even know before the show opened. The year before they had four to five dealers. I was disappointed because I wanted to see what others had. But ultimately I was the only one with comics and, frankly, not many that attended were interested in what I brought. My German shows drew much more interested customers. But that was 10 years ago. There were many other dealers there as well though. Jim
  3. Also, Pensacon, the big convention in the area, last year had one, ONE, dealer with anything considered vintage comics. And no one was at his booth. I actually set up a collection booth at another, smaller, show in Pensacola last Aug. I was the only seller with comics in the whole place. Did OK but was surprised I was the only one with comics to sell at a comics show. Jim
  4. My opinion? Don't open one. Comics are losing their audience and frankly have out priced their customers. The only reason comics shops stay open in my area of the woods (North Florida Panhandle) is for card games and D&D type activities. They make the majority of their money there. Comics have become an after thought and their inventory has shrunk according. Jim
  5. Here's a blast from the past... Jim
  6. How do I get them to display? Jim how d I get them to display?
  7. current turn around rates at CGC

    This is a lot greater than they used to do. Not a CGC fan but their turnaround s vastly quicker then back in the day. Jim
  8. Is it time for a new avatar?

    I've had mine for 15 years. Wouldn't change it for anything (could be persuaded if the deal was right though...messages read daily). Jim
  9. Variants within DC Newsstand Issues

    That's a shame. Wonder how Bookmart copies are getting to military members overseas? I know the stateside BXs have pretty much stopped providing comics. Jim
  10. Star Stamps???

    True statement there. Jim
  11. Variants within DC Newsstand Issues

    DC has stopped newsstand distribution? Jim
  12. Post xmen 94 keys ??

    I think #230 or so though to #285 should be desirable. Lots of copies sold but one of the best runs the X-Men had. Jim
  13. Happy To Be A Comic Collector

    Maybe. Have more time now. I'm still this same though. Might not like what I say.