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  1. How do you quote now?
  2. There was an Eternals #1 there Raw for $100. That was the most common comic I know of before. What does the price variant go for? Jim
  3. No kidding. I have been amazed at how those went up. You were well ahead of everyone. Jim
  4. Hey Beyonder...been awhile.
  5. I’m sorry. Mistyped #181. Jim
  6. I didn’t see anyone buying. But I also didn’t stick around to notice. Jim
  7. I just went to Pensacon. I know I haven’t been in the comics biz for awhile but I saw a couple things that startled me. Some comics dealers were asking some remarkable prices for comics. Some examples: Giant-sized X-Men #1 CGC 6.0 - $1300 Incredible Hulk #182 CGC 4.5 - $3200 Forever People #1 Raw (1st Darkseid on the sticker) - $330 (not sure the claim is right) Detective Comics #411 Raw - $75 Spider-Woman #1 Raw - $60 Amazing Spider-Man #101 Raw - $550 These prices seemed to me VERY aggressive. And that was the same for all dealers at the show. Am I really out of touch with current prices? Jim
  8. Early issues of Darkhawk with the MJ insert probably don't exist. Distribution of new series didn't automatically go to military bases until well into their run. Wolverine for example didn't get distributed until it had been out a number of months. Same with Ghost Rider. Didn't see an issue at overseas military bookstores until it was well into the double digits.
  9. I actually agree with this and have been thinking the same thing. The Marvel movie push resulting in some previously obscure dollar comics to rapidly raise in value has a definite shelf life. The public has already indicated after Endgame that they are being burned out on superhero movies. I think that will reflect on back issue comics as well. Jim
  10. The difference with the Bubblicious, or Atari, inserts and MJI of NDS inserts is the ads were in ALL comics. MJI and ND inserts were only in comics available through the military distribution system. So some comics have them and others do not. That's why you don't hear a lot about them. Jim
  11. Low grade issues with the inserts ARE more likely to sell vs. those without. The local store here have people who search from them in the dollar boxes regularly according to the owner. But I'm in an area where MJI inserts can be found more easily than other regions. Jim
  12. What makes you think the MJ inserts are any more rare in the early 90s versus those released in the mid-late 80s? By the way, the Marvel MJ inserts started to be phased out in comics cover dated May-Jul 1991. Jim
  13. From my experience, this is incorrect. I've found many more MJ inserts in 80s-90s comics than 70s. Hell, I could go to the local comics shop here and get a dozen. But also, I live near multiple military bases so their availability is greater here than living in areas where they don't have any near. But even when I was buying every MJ/NDS issue I could find overseas, the 80s-90s were easy to find. 70s not so much. Jim
  14. Thank you...but a couple of people were mentioning the inserts before I caught on to them. In fact, it was this Forum that brought them to my attention and realized I'd been buying them for years while stationed overseas without knowing. I thought the inserts were in all comics at the time. Jim