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  1. Mr. Lady Luck

    Am I the only one

    I'm on the opposite end - I start crying every time I spend a fortune on a book that sold for pennies a couple years ago. But then I collect my wits and do it all over again.
  2. All books are sold! Thank you everyone!
  3. Prices reduced one last time... Tessie the Typist #10 (CGC 6.5) $300 $250 $200 (OBO) Tessie the Typist #13 (6.0) $225 $175 $150 (OBO) Joker Comics #34 (CGC 4.5) $225 $175 $150 (OBO)
  4. Mr. Lady Luck

    Heritage Fall Signature Auction

    Regardless, that's a beautiful book. I've heard it said that a true Church enthusiast can verify the authenticity by the smell of the book.
  5. Mr. Lady Luck

    Heritage Fall Signature Auction

    The ghosts of Davis Crippen and Edgar Church today:
  6. Mr. Lady Luck

    Heritage Fall Signature Auction

    I'm sure the presence of the Church copy didn't help, but the Hedy was not the only book with that sort of result. The Crippen Comedy 2 went from $1300 to $500 and the Crippen Junior Miss 31 went from $650 to $240. Very interesting. I wonder what the backstory is? Looks like someone decided to raise some dough by dumping them as a group. I think that Crippen copies were pretty exciting about a year ago. Then, Heritage had a flood of Church teen humor books throughout 2018 and the Crippens kinda lost their appeal. Why settle for the Crippen copy when the Church copy will probably show up any day now? Just a theory.
  7. Mr. Lady Luck

    Heritage Fall Signature Auction

    The Crippen copy of Hedy #27 sold for $1,314.50 back in January. Ten months later, the same book sold for only $456 in the Fall Signature auction. Perhaps it wasn't a good idea to put the Church and Crippen copies in the same auction.
  8. $50 price reduction on Tessie #10, Tessie #13 & Joker #34. Tessie the Typist #10 (CGC 6.5) $300 $250 Tessie the Typist #13 (6.0) $225 $175 Joker Comics #34 (CGC 4.5) $225 $175 Also accepting offers.
  9. Hedy is sold. Both Tessies and the Joker are still available. Accepting offers. :)
  10. That's it for now. If you're interested, reply with an or send me a DM with an offer. Thanks!
  11. Hedy De Vine #27 (CGC 5.0) $300 SOLD
  12. Joker Comics #34 (CGC 4.5) $225 $175 $150 (OBO)
  13. Tessie the Typist #13 (6.0) $225 $175 $150 (OBO)
  14. I'm offering the following CGC certified books for sale. I will cover the cost of priority mail postage. PayPal preferred. Returns welcome if you are not 100% satisfied. Best offers also accepted. Kudos link: First up, Tessie the Typist #10 (CGC 6.5) $300 $250 $200 (OBO)
  15. Mr. Lady Luck

    show us your Mile Highs (Edgar Church copies)

    A few Church Tessies...