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  1. Mr. Lady Luck

    ComicLink September Focused Auction

    This one is coming up in October and I can't stop staring at the cover...
  2. Mr. Lady Luck

    GA With Less Than Ten Copies in the CGC Census

    Only three in the census.
  3. Mr. Lady Luck

    The next best thing to a great cover is a good 'ol SPLASH!

    How about the very first splash page from the very first issue of Millie the Model.
  4. Mr. Lady Luck

    Yosemite's Feedback Thread

    Sold another book to Eric, and once again, the transaction went perfectly smooth! Eric is always a pleasure to do business with! I'm looking forward to the next deal!
  5. Mr. Lady Luck

    Newton rings!

    The same thought occurred to me
  6. Mr. Lady Luck

    Newton rings!

    I would think (hope) that the scratches are not on the inside of the inner well - and thus never come in contact with the comic itself, but I don't know for sure. Regardless, I'm as concerned about scratches as I am about Newton Rings. Sqeegs, were there scratches on your recent reholders?
  7. Mr. Lady Luck

    Teen Humor--Anything but Archie

    Very excited to have finally acquired a reading copy of Millie #2! Now I can see what's on the inside
  8. Mr. Lady Luck

    Newton rings!

    The new (third generation) holder design was launched on April 4, 2016. There were several problems with the new holder including creep engine and excessive newton rings. In the summer of 2016, CGC went back to using inner-wells in the new holders, and this... ameliorated... the problems. The new holder fixes were a work in progress, so it's hard to pinpoint an exact date, But by August of 2016, everything seemed to be fine. I submitted many comics for both grading and reholdering between September 2016 thru April 2018 without any issues. During this time I've been extremely pleased with the new holders. Occasionally there were minor newton rings, but this has always been the case - even with the old holders. Sometime around May or June of this year (2018), something started happening to make the newton rings excessively worse. i don't know whether it was a change in personnel, a change in process, a change in materials or something else. But I think it's important to keep this timeline in mind because it should help in finding a fix (assuming it hasn't been fixed already).
  9. Mr. Lady Luck

    Teen Humor--Anything but Archie

    It's hard to beat Ginger #4
  10. Mr. Lady Luck

    Newton rings!

    < googles "ameliorated" >
  11. Mr. Lady Luck

    Newton rings!

    Is it safe to assume that HA has let CGC know about their concerns regarding the NR problem?