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  1. Forget headlights... Let's talk about bumpers... (referring to Jumbo #82)
  2. Blonde woman in red dress with a gun to blonde woman in red dress with a gun...
  3. I would own whichever one was worth more. Then, regardless of the grade, I'd have it pressed into a 9.9 and sell it for a trillion dollars so that I could afford all the comics I actually want.
  4. Blonde with pistol to blonde with pistol...
  5. Your best bet is send CGC an e-mail with this photo and ask. I'm pretty sure that William Gaines and Jerry Garcia were the same person.
  6. Sometimes the book itself is the only proof that can be offered. In this case, I would think you have a pretty good chance with the specific pencil markings on the inside. My advice is to simply contact CGC customer support with the same information and photo samples and see what they say. Nice books, btw