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  1. Venom Movie

    Kinda looks like foam rubber with drinking straw teeth (again, on a phone).
  2. Venom Movie

    Gotta agree, with the caveat I’m watching on my phone. “We are Venom” gives me hope though.

    No on site pressing at C2E2
  4. What should be graded?

    Have them singed instead. Preferably by a contributor with a quality lighter.
  5. Fixed it for you. Based on the gusto you have for these sick examples of capitalism at its very worst, and since its all you post about, I'm starting to think you're one of the vultures circling around Stan on a daily basis. In fact, I wouldn't be shocked if you had a good percentage, if not all, of the remaining DNA ink copies that those Station price gouging mills pulled off the shelves safely stashed away somewhere in your house and are just chomping at it to cash them in. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if you're Jerry Olivarez himself. Regardless, buy yourself a freakin' conscience.
  6. In all honesty, I don't know how they're going to pull this off with the original cast. Linda Hamilton is 61, and according to "Rise of the Machines" her character was dead by 2003. Arnold is 70, and I have a hard time believing that SkyNet would put an R&D emphasis on the pros and cons of putting septuagenarian looking terminators into production. Star Wars at least had timeline continuity in its favor in order to bring back the vintage cast for episodes VII and VIII. But for Terminator...are they rebooting back to the 1984 film? Good luck making that work. Are we fast forwarding to nowadays through some alternate time fork? Eeeesh. Maybe working forward from 1992, and forgetting all subsequent TV and film projects ever happened? Seems like that might be the best way forward.
  7. My budget thanks you @thirdgreenham, my heart kept trying to convince my brain to buy this one.
  8. Hotter than Bitcoin...which has lost half its value since December. Skim milk is hotter than Bitcoin. But you sound like an expert. Why not buy a couple of these rare commodities and stash them for ten years? Surely you can put two more zeroes on your investment in that time.
  9. This calls for a special label annotation - "Signed & Sketched, sans pants, by..."
  10. Comicxposure problems

    I'll take that action if you'll partake in my "The Bears' GM is a insufficiently_thoughtful_person" thread...
  11. Buyer paid this morning, sale price proceeds submitted to Brittany's page! One thing I just realized - eBay shows sale price as $350, it actually sold for a $275 best offer. Promise I'm not holding out
  12. I definitely want my book singed by Brian Micheal Bedis.
  13. Ever Used Express Drop Off At A Con?

    I made two express drop offs at C2E2, one group of reholders and one modern submission. They were in the system within a few days. But I did all the forms online and in advance, SS may take longer since you have to fill out the carbon paper.
  14. CLOSED

    Blue label 2.5 sale on ComicLink --
  15. Ah, Schmell's books. Your first post was confusing.