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  1. Potential Craigslist scammer

    This "deal" will probably go just like those phony job postings that still float around. "Oh, I'm looking to hire someone to send my money overseas for me. You deposit this cashiers check into your bank account, keep your cut, withdraw the remainder, and then wire it to my guy Boris over in Belarus." When the cashiers check turns out to be fake (and they are usually laughingly easy to spot if you know what you're looking for), the bank dings your account with an NSF and you're on the hook to reimburse them for the full amount. So no, don't even entertain this guy. Send the first check back to him if it does arrive, and move on to another buyer. Preferably one with a PayPal account.
  2. Sup 1 9.0 Recently graded...

    They probably should've let the cook write the -script too, my God did that movie suck.
  3. This week in your collection?

    Because why have only one 181, when you can (now) have three? Although the 7.5 is the only one currently in my physical possession - the 8.0 is in good hands trying to better itself, and ComicLink was threatening to baseball bat my knees if I didn't pay up for the 9.0, at least until I explained that I previously arranged putting two books in the current auction to offset the cost, then would pay the difference. Got this one off eBay, under current FMV too
  4. Venom Movie

    Were it up to me (and it should be), this movie would open with a scene from Spider-Man 3 during which Topher Brock is doing his totally out of place Eric Foreman shtick. And then the giant cartoon foot from Monty Python rains hell from above on it.

    Adding to the initial report on this eBay superstar: scandaelicious Dude bid $25 on a $10 auction last night and retracted within 12 hours ("bid wrong amount"). Took a gander at his recent history: Bid retractions: 16 Bid retractions (6 months): 142 That just about speaks for itself.
  6. I thought Affleck would be awful, but he was tolerable. So maybe Maggie’s brother won’t be atrocious...but I’d have higher initial hope for just about anyone else.

    Only 1 feedback, I vote scammer.
  8. What’s been especially nice about the Avengers franchise has been the continuity of the timeline. Fox blew that with the X-Men long ago, will audiences forget that or think “wait I thought he died in that movie with the screaming pre-teen?”
  9. Why not, after my late season collapse in the TPB football league, it’s all uphill from here! I’m in.

    "Dear sir - while I lament your plight, might I suggest you pay for this item PRIOR to cancelling your PayPal linked credit card? Then when contacting the company, simply inform them which purchases are legitimate and there should be no problem with our transaction. Best of luck to you, and in the future should this happen again, might I recommend contacting the police in the immediate aftermath rather than the eBay sellers to whom you owe money?"

    Normally I'd say "people can't be this stupid", but the other day I read an article about folks in San Francisco paying $36 for 2 1/2 gallons of bottled untreated rain water. So yeah, go nuts America!
  12. Venom Movie

    Unfortunately "death of..." has a much more impactful ring than "temporary incapacitation for marketing purposes of...".
  13. What was the first comic you ever "hoarded"

    When I first got really back into collecting (end of high school/start of college), I bought a fifty copy lot of unopened Wolverine v3 #1s. In retrospect it was a poor choice. So...can my current total of two Incredible Hulk 181s count instead?