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  1. Sadly, you’re probably out of luck on an MCP 72 signed by Barry Windsor-Smith. Mr. W-S HATES the signature series program, and what yellow labels do exist with his signature rarely come up for sale. If you’ve never seen this registry set before, envy alert:
  2. Nevermind, he's scamming low value stuff.
  3. It behooves them to have customer service bury their collective head in the sand. For every 1 of us who is on the lookout for shilling, there’s probably 100 potential buyers who are ignorant to it. In the eBay mind: Higher sales price = higher final value fees = higher quarterly earnings per share = happier shareholders. Capitalists should still have morals, and eBay clearly has none ☹️
  4. I wish I could share your optimism of eBay’s decline, but they are an entrenched brand name. Those can be hard to kill, like Steven Seagal. And if their stock performance is any indication, eBay will be able to schlep along as a poor Amazon imitation for the foreseeable future.
  5. Necessities first: Payment: In addition to PayPal, I will also accept check/money order/Zelle, though the book will be held until clearance. Payment due within 10 business days. Shipping (domestic): Book will be shipped via insured USPS priority mail. International Shipping - exact cost, minus the US shipping cost. Please inquire first for an accurate quote. Returns: No returns on CGC books as you know what you're getting. On the HoS? Probation list? Or I simply don't like you (aka on my ignore list)? Don't bother. Can provide board references if needed (no name dropping here), and over 1700 positive eBay feedback as well -- And I've got a fledgling kudos thread started (link is in my profile page). First wins the book outright, well reasoned offers always welcome. Onward! Spine cut is immaculate on this copy. The last four direct blue label 9.8s to sell on eBay all went for a buck or three under $800. Eliminate eBay's shakedown fee, a little extra off for the boards, and I say...$715 shipped
  6. Sad to see that Cornholio-84 is still managing to make money on eBay, though his trash does seem to be selling for less on average.
  7. That's a bit shortsighted, there are plenty of quality Stan yellow labels out there that were signed post-2010.
  8. 35 is pure grade chasing. Frankly, there should not be any 9.8s, all the copies I’ve ever seen, including the slabbed 9.8s, were damaged in production and have at least two very visible color breaking spine stresses. It’s the quintessential dollar bin book selling for stupid money in 9.8. Speaking as a Wolverine enthusiast, the story isn’t even all that good.
  9. And I just LOVE this lot of books: Filled with all sorts of high grade 6.0s, many featuring the highly coveted spine roll.