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  1. Not much introduction needed here - ASM 122, death of the Green Goblin. A timeless classic. Necessities: Payment: In addition to PayPal, I will also accept check/money order/Zelle, though the book will be held until clearance. Payment due within 10 business days. Shipping (domestic): USPS insured priority, medium flat rate box. Shipping cost is included in the book's price. International Shipping - at cost, minus the domestic shipping cost. Please inquire first for accurate pricing. Returns: No returns on CGC graded books unless I make an error in the listing or fail to disclose a problem. If by chance the USPS goes above and beyond to defeat my packaging and the slab is damaged in transit, prior to doing ANYTHING ELSE, save all the packing material and contact me. USPS regulations have been beefed up to require the packing material being available for inspection (pictures suffice based on experience) in order to file a proper insurance claim. On the HoS? Don't bother. Probation list? Message me first and we'll talk about your situation, but don't be overly optimistic. Can provide board references if needed (no name dropping here), and nearing 1700 positive eBay feedback as well -- First wins outright, offers by PM always welcome.
  2. A successful Matt to Matt transfer of some Byrne era X-Men readers, could not have gone any smoother
  3. Keith and I matched up on a 6.5 Batman 227 -- great price, great book, fast & secure shipping
  4. Everybody my age has a kudos thread, its the coolest! Anyway, if we've transacted in the past, and you were pleased with the result, please leave a few kind words. (And if you weren't happy, pm me and let's try to fix it... )
  5. Good lord yes. What possessed Lucas to think that anything he did to mangle ROTJ was even remotely a good idea?
  6. I see several insider “sales” on DIS in December. One 86% = one share “award”???