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  1. I've informed @Incredible Pulp by PM that I had received a PM'd take it about 6 hours prior to his post. I was asleep when the PM came in, so I didn't see it until this morning.
  2. One last minute addition as I just won a new copy: X-Men 133, 9.6 blue, newsstand edition. A direct just recently sold for $600 on eBay, with newsstand mania being in full swing -- $900 shipped (firm)
  3. Hey all, I'll be leaving these up until Monday, then will probably start shipping some books to CLink. Not going to do any upfront discounts, but offers always welcome (especially when I can combine shipping ) Thanks to all who've browsed so far!
  4. PSA: I'm going to leave this thread open until Monday morning, and then it will be time to start shipping stuff to ComicLink. Not going to do any up front discounts, but offers are always welcome (especially when combined shipping is in play ) Thanks to all who have been browsing!
  5. I don't see this going below a 7.0, if not for that crease on the top right corner being so pronounced, the book would probably be an 8.0 at a minimum.
  6. 1st! Cameron and I quickly came to agreement on a three book transaction, and everything that followed went off without a hitch. Would definitely do business again anytime
  7. I still have no idea who that is, somehow my life feels more complete this way.
  8. Agreed, if for no other reason than to get that hideous Quietly Exploiting Suckers sticker off it!