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  1. Their sticker should just say “CVA Paid in Full”.
  2. Imagine if Jeremy Irons comes back as Alfred. Die Hard 3 vs. Twilight. Irons would whoop Pattinson like he stole his rent money. Who's Batman now, mother (*#&$(*#)!!!!
  3. Gotta say, I was really hoping my dead and resurrected Ukrainian love bride scam theory was going to come through for him. It would be a little more "normal" than sim erotica with some faceless, nameless entity on the other end of a web router.
  4. Indeed, never seen any reason that the mods would ban him. As for the here and now, I think he's just on that journey of personal improvement that he and his never met/never seen "girlfriend" (who might very well be a 52 year old male on the local sex offender registry for all Gabe knows) decided to embark on.
  5. Quietly Established Scam Que? Es Stupido Quintessential Exploitation Scheme Quiero Enchiladas Suizas Quick Easy Scratch
  6. Sorry @TwoPiece, no sale on that. Sure it was mildly entertaining at points, but so was The Last Jedi. @Bosco685 -- I swear I have some positive thoughts from time to time
  7. To be fair, all of Justice League was poor. The movie came off like it was The Avengers' insecure little brother who is trying way too hard to be cool.
  8. I tried that once, no dice It would be nice if Gabe would reappear though in Swampalami's absence. We could all use a good laugh over how he's spent all his recent crypto gains on online zombie sex.
  9. Honestly it wouldn’t shock me. Avatar sucked and still made a gazillion dollars, so Hollywood could probably find a way to make bank on Twilight: The Batman Saga too. Now that I’ve said this, Disney is probably going to cast Taylor Lautner as Wolverine. And I’ll throw a bottle of Jack Daniel’s at the TV. Empty of course.
  10. Seems like a reach. The other two from the high school angst girl-vampire-werewolf sex trio have faded into obscurity, is the Twilight audience really going to cross over to Batman because of this guy? No matter what the movie would probably pull average superhero numbers, because Batman, but at best all any cross over former teenie boppers will do is make up the ticket sales that were lost from the old guard who stay home.
  11. Nah, he’ll just swipe the photo of it and call it his own... HAHAH SUKARS I FOND A THIS 9.8 DOOBLE COVER IN GHE WILD AND JUST GET IT BARK FORM GRADDING!!!!
  12. Man if I would just follow this site’s advice...I’d be broke!