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  1. Final hour discount -- 10% off the listed price on the remaining books. Thread closes at 8:15 PM central.
  2. Negative, the only band to have violently plummeted in quality from one album to the next even worse than CoF was Satyricon (Nemesis to Rebel Extravaganza).
  3. Midian, and any subsequent album, should not be listened to by anyone, ever.
  4. So sad that many of us will be adding such a fine, well adjusted young man to our blocked lists. I'm sure his mother will be crestfallen that us internet bullies just don't understand her precious little angel.
  5. I give those guys credit for recognizing that they were an awful hardcore band and pivoting to being an awful whiny radio pop metal band. At the least the latter will make you some money.
  6. Last call Going to close up the thread tonight around...let's say 8ish CST. Thanks to all who've have bought, or at least had a look, so far!
  7. A few US suggestions: Any of Slayer's first three four albums Testament, ideally stick to The Legacy & The New Order Now let's cross the Atlantic... Finsterforst Immortal Dimmu Borgir Bloodbath Behemoth (though a couple of their albums suck) Happy listening
  8. Tuesday bump. Figure I'll leave this thread open till Thursday-ish, then the raws will go to eBay and the slabs can hang out with me a while longer. PM your offers if you're on the fence!
  9. Let's go back to DC today with an affordably priced copy of Brave and the Bold #28. First Justice League of America. Affordably priced largely due to this being a CGC .5, cr/ow pages. However, we must keep in mind that not all .5s are created equal. What I found most compelling about this copy is that it is still structurally intact without any tape or extra staples or crazy glue splattered on it. And there's no large chunks missing from it. The obvious major flaw is the color loss on the front and, to a lesser extent, the back covers. But at the same time, the JLA title and the action on the front cover are still very much intact. $850 shipped