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  1. There’s a few places I feel ‘drawn’ to. Mars is not one of them. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going out to buy plywood to cover all my windows. Including the side windows in my car.
  2. Humanitarian of the Year to @Buzzetta!!
  3. If he isn’t Swampnado, then catching a case will build character. If he is...well, I don’t know how to put a positive spin on getting the chair for the third time.
  4. At what point do we award him something like the “Spirit Award”? It seems like the boards are the reason for his existence, at what point does he earn a reprieve from the mods’ death penalty just for his continued effort to entertain us?
  5. Seems I missed out. That guy was like a combo of @BITCOINSWAMI and that drive by insufficiently_thoughtful_person from a few weeks ago whose name I can’t remember. But for fun - I’d pay 3 grand for a ‘Tec 27 signed by Rob Liefeld and J. Scott Campbell.
  6. One of my mottos is "you can't live under the comics". Now I'm starting to wonder...
  7. I would bet that an 8.0 with mold on it has never come around before.
  8. So here we go, Uncanny X-Men 142, part 2 of the ever popular DoFP storyline. Lots of future X-Men deaths . This one clocks in at the near perfect 9.8 with white pages. Not a whole lot else to be said as this issue tends to sell itself. Last eBay sale about a week and a half ago went for $400 shipped, so let's call this guy $349.
  9. I've got a Signature Series copy somewhere in the brewing process, so in the meantime let's move this beauty of a 9.8... Necessities first: Payment: In addition to PayPal, I will also accept check/money order/Zelle, though the book will be held until clearance. Payment due within 10 business days. Shipping (domestic): Book will be shipped via USPS registered mail (so it may take a bit longer to reach you, but it will be as secure as possible). Shipping is included in book price. International Shipping - exact cost, minus the US shipping cost. Please inquire first for an accurate quote. Returns: No returns on CGC books as you know what you're getting. On the HoS? Don't bother. Probation list? Message me first and we'll talk about your situation, but don't be overly optimistic. Can provide board references if needed (no name dropping here), and over 1700 positive eBay feedback as well -- And I've got a fledgling kudos thread started (link is in my profile page). First wins the book outright, offers always welcome. Onward!
  10. You know, over the past couple days I've been having visions of owning both a complete coverless copy and a complete, albeit restored SS copy. And I'm a big fan of those visions. So off the market this one goes! Thanks to all who had a look and sent some good tidings!
  11. The only controversy I see is that someone is trying to sell it as an 8.0 with a straight face.