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  1. Went back to an old post to remember what needed remembering, meet Paul Kessler (the guy who will soon own Wizard outright):
  2. What's the most ridiculous Stan lee SS???...

    Placement...prep, prep, prep. This is one of my favorites in my own Silver Age SS collection. Although added props to Roy Thomas, overall he's really good with placement no matter what.
  3. Oh I'll definitely believe you on that front, I really didn't start attending in earnest till 2012. And tbh, this year I only spent around half of Friday on the show floor (I'd say about 12:15-4:00). And I DEFINITELY saw everything worth seeing; a four day would've been a complete waste of money. To illustrate that point, much of my day broke down to: 30 minutes chatting with the Reece family and browsing/buying 20 minutes chatting with Frank at Metropolis and buying Batman 227 20 minutes ogling Dale Roberts' books because I was out 90% of my bankroll by that time 20 minutes at another booth with some good Thor/JIM issues 20 minutes at Harley's booth (And I could very well be underselling those time estimates) The rest: walking by endless booths I can't remember while hoping (and largely failing) to stumble on something worthwhile at the occasional scattered comic dealer. Oh wait! And about 30 minutes at CGC turn in!
  4. From a buyer's perspective, I wouldn't call Chicago a complete bust as I scored as much silver/bronze as my bankroll would allow. BUT...when I wanted to spend some quality time, along with my last few bucks, digging through the modern boxes looking for potential 9.8s...blech. Total dearth of sellers with quality modern books. Anyway, as for Wizard itself, the writing has been on the wall for years. Just looking at their stock price tells a large portion of the story. February 1, 2013: closing price $0.25. November 17, 2017: closing price $0.21. In this bull market. Add to that the weird shenanigans with their insider dealings, such as prepaying, what was it, 19 months of rent to their CEO's private equity firm who they're renting their corporate office space from? Come on man.
  5. C. B. Cebulski new Editor and Chief at Marvel

    Seconded. But I'll say this -- I hope the first release under his watch consists solely of a front cover titled "#1" with the following subtext: "All that (bleep) from the last few years NEVER HAPPENED."
  6. Trogdor. Definitely Trogdor.
  7. Other Passions Besides Comics?

    Oh to get back my Magic cards...and sell them now instead of in 2002. And undo a number of stupid trades prior to that. If I could only smack 10+ year old Matt in the head...
  8. Which is worse - Dark Phoenix in X-Men: The Last Stand, or Topher Grace as Eddie Brock/Venom? My vote is for Eric Foreman. TLS was simply a terrible movie, it happens. But Topher was such an obscenely bad casting choice that anyone even suggesting it should have been fired immediately.
  9. Don’t worry, just send it to PGX. They’ll verify the signatures. And that napkin Steve Ditko signed for you. And your Jack Kirby sigs from 2015. And that Cheeto that looks like Elvis...
  10. I'd so be buying, but alas I don't know how to pay by "Money Onder". Oh what could have been...

    Yes, I believe those are accounts that are no longer active. I purge the @deleted ones from my list every so often to save space.
  12. What's the most ridiculous Stan lee SS???...

    FFS... "Splotched by Stan Lee on...."
  13. Other Passions Besides Comics?

    Bah, nuts to that AAA rated stuff! B- and below high yield all the way!!!
  14. Ebay issue and I am seeking some advice

    Playing devil's advocate, eBay can retort with "well sure, that's the item that you listed and SUPPOSEDLY sold, but how do we know that it was actually ever in your possession and actually shipped to that poor, wounded buyer who is just such a nice guy and only wanted what he paid for?" Maybe I got a little overdramatic, but it doesn't seem to be too far off from the way eBay practically defaults to protecting the buyer these days.
  15. Ebay issue and I am seeking some advice

    There's also an interesting mini-discussion in the eBay: Blocked user thread related to eBay screwing a seller. In summary - buyer bought a book ($275), initiated a return, and returned something worthless in place of the original book. All eBay did was throw up their hands and say "you can't prove it, your loss". How f'd up is that?