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  1. mattn792

    For the love of PGX

    ComicLink doesn't even recognize PGX as a valid grading company on their site. Any listings for PGX books basically go up as raws.
  2. mattn792

    For the love of PGX

    Hey, cut them some slack. Obviously a run of the mill ironing board counts as a "press", and an attached garage to a single family home counts as a "facility".
  3. mattn792

    For the love of PGX

    Fantastic Four #1 CGC NG Graders Notes: Counterfeit, book appears to be printed on some type of cracker. Inedible due to age.
  4. mattn792

    Ace ComicCon Navy Pier Chicago Report

    Kind of sounds like what Wizard World is turning into. I think I spent 4 hours there on Friday last year (didn't go this year, family wedding) and easily covered everything that I wanted to see on the show floor.
  5. mattn792

    Ace ComicCon Navy Pier Chicago Report

    Back to ACE, for those that attended -- @Drewsky and @KolmarAvenue for starters -- what did you think of Navy Pier as the venue? I mean, I live here and I don't like going to Navy Pier at all. It's a hassle fighting Lake Shore Drive traffic just to get down to the area, and then there's only one way in and out. Seems terribly inconvenient from an access perspective for an event that will draw a significant crowd. At least with C2E2, McCormick Place is right off of I-55, there's plenty of parking, and if you know the area there's several ways to avoid the inevitable jam ups on the exit for King Drive.
  6. mattn792

    Ace ComicCon Navy Pier Chicago Report

    Yes, that's the one. Its small but still worth the price of admission. I went two years ago when (to my somewhat amazement) Larry Hama was one of the guests, and I scored some good books. Personal favorite is this one: I didn't go last year, but that was due to having already blown through my comic budget in a fairly significant manner.
  7. mattn792


    That was fortuitous, same guy messaged me today about doing a deal for two X-Men books. Negotiations now cancelled.
  8. mattn792

    Ace ComicCon Navy Pier Chicago Report

    I didn’t even realize this was going on, might have to check it out next year. An extra jaunt up 55 in this weather isn’t appealing right now. Looking forward to the November show in St. Charles.
  9. mattn792

    Truly Dissatisfied With Service

    It’s our own fault, we didn’t agree with his concise, well thought out assessment of CGC’s grading practices sight unseen.
  10. mattn792

    Anyone seen a creator be a jerk?

    Reminds me of my one and only interaction with Don Rosa... interested in doing a sketch? No? That’s cool, but let me just say thank you, Scrooge and the nephews and Donald were some of my favorites as a kid...oh, you want to snidely tell me that Donald belongs to Carl Barks? Even though Donald is all over your wall art? F you too.
  11. mattn792

    Truly Dissatisfied With Service

    C-shoulda used PGX. Minimum 9.6s across the board then.
  12. mattn792

    Truly Dissatisfied With Service

    “Hardly looked at them” is not the same as never looked at them. It doesn’t take that much handling, especially when you’re a kid, to de-Near Mint a comic. I still have many of my readers from 20+ years ago, and I guarantee none of them are 9.8s despite being carefully handled and stored. Don’t be bitter for long, chalk this up as your first grading lesson. We’ve all had them.
  13. I'll do it for you -- they're idiotic. Honestly, who looks at the proposition of spending $10 to either save $65 or get absolutely nothing as a good risk/reward? If you're that desperate to gamble $10, sign up for a DraftKings account.
  14. So let me make sure I understand this -- They took the same half baked Phoenix premise from "The Last Stand", tossed on what amounts to a coat of returned paint that was picked up for cheap from the local Menards, and expect this to somehow not to be terrible? Yo...pass that #*&t !!!
  15. Look out everyone, @TwoPiece has got jokes now.