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  1. Trailer was lame as . Loud noises and explosions forthcoming. Hooray. This will probably have A+ visuals with a D- plot.
  2. The game (i.e. the GJets) is so bad I forgot about the trailer and put on TNT to watch Wonder Woman.
  3. Now there's a business idea -- be the 1-800-GOT-JUNK of X-Men #1 collecting. Say a hauling fee of $5 per pound. Plus travel time. Fat $tacks.
  4. Nonsense, I bet I could turn it into a copy of X-Men 1. 1991. Covers A, B, C, or D only.
  5. My assumption is that you meant using the scan of a CGC graded book to determine whether or not the grade was accurate. Trying to gauge accuracy from a scan alone does not work.
  6. Blast, I only keep a $50 billion Zimbabwe in my wallet for emergencies... (which is actually true)
  7. Define irony - listing says no scammers or con artists.
  8. Definitely a booth where you feel like you owe him money just for browsing.
  9. Not a grade, but I dislike any page quality where cream is involved. The word cream bugs me in general, and I have no idea why.
  10. Mourning is a good word, you’d think they could’ve used a more upbeat color. Of course they’ve already used red, blue, green, yellow, and purple. Orange is still available...