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  1. For me this is absolutely true. I wouldn't have balked at paying an additional $1,000 per page I was interested in. And if this would have been an auction format who knows where my line would have been. It feels very special, very unique art. I'm assuming there are many others who feel the same about this art in particular. But, not sure how you discern which drops should be auctions or not. Glad that would be Felix's job and not mine if he decided to make that move on some of the drops.
  2. Same story. Went for two, missed on both. Couple hours for a reply. Such unique art, really bummed. But who knows what he future holds.
  3. I generally find a similar (perhaps inverse?) thing with wine in that it usually tastes better in the tasting room as opposed to when I buy a bottle and bring it home. But I agree with you on the art observation. I don't think I've ever purchased a piece of OA or fine art online, received it at home and was disappointed. Usually the opposite.
  4. Well I pre-ordered the Surfer with the Nova exclusive.
  5. Anyone see the Sideshow preview for a new Silver Surfer piece? I feel like I haven't been interested in a SS piece since the Bowen days of yore, or maybe there just haven't been any new to market. Any thoughts? I'm thinking I will pre-order when possible...
  6. Thanks, and one actually sold this morning which means money into the OA kitty.
  7. I've mentioned before that I paint landscapes in the Tonalist tradition. Started as a hobby and now getting more serious over the last year or so. To that point, an online exhibition (thanks COVID) titled "2020 Best in Tonalism" just opened today put on by the American Tonalist Society. Feel free to check it out if you like that sort of thing. I've also included my two pieces juried into the exhibition. Oh yeah, and I like comics and stuff.
  8. Thanks! I wanted it ever since it was announced (I think almost 18 months ago). I only have one other B/W statue (Mazzucchelli), but the McFarlane is much bigger and definitely has a unique presence.
  9. The McFarlane Black/White Batman showed up today. I quite like it. Looks great on the shelf.
  10. Really got interested when Mr. Giella (I think it was around the 46 minute mark) was about to get into the art as art. Not sure if this is a direction this particular group of panelists wants to go, but I would be super interested to hear analysis/critique/etc about this stuff as art and not just a bunch of nostalgia. If we think this stuff will be hanging in museums, let's hear why from a critical perspective. Just a friendly suggestion, enjoy the stories too.
  11. With a small personal collection (less than 10 pieces), there aren't a lot of threads where I can participate. But I can in this one! This is from Grant Morrison's Batman RIP arc where Bats bench presses 600lbs of loose soil to emerge from the coffin. Good stuff. As far as Tony Daniel being over/under rated...I don't know. I've only seen a few pieces that I'd spring for, but when he's on it's pretty good.
  12. Commission for me. Recreations don't hold any appeal to me. Not very interesting.
  13. Thank goodness for the search function, very handy. It's more fun going through booths in person. Didn't see anything I had to have, but was a very fun diversion from the current state of things, so cheers to all the organizers and participants.
  14. This is awesome! And timely. I am just reading Venditti and Hitch's Hawkman trade from the past couple years. Just got through volume 1 and am really excited in how they're reconciling Hawkman's sometimes opaque history. Coincidentally made a purchase request for one of Hitch's covers