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  1. Nice Red Son page! One of my favorite Superman stories. I do not believe I’ve seen a ton of those in the wild...? Good luck with the auction.
  2. I second these suggestions, and keeping on the DC side I think Venditti's Hawkman run was revelatory for the character. It's contained in four trades, the last of which was released a couple days ago. Tom King/Andy Kubert's 'Superman Up in the Sky' I put up there with All-Star Superman in terms of quality Superman tales. This will be especially meaningful for Superman fans like myself. For two things non-big 2; 'Sara' by Ennis/Epting is a great tale of female Russian snipers in WWII. I think TKO produces that. Lastly, Jeffrey Alan Love's tales, 'Thousand Demon Tree' and '
  3. Yes (without knowing the artist's real intent here) I think it's clearly derivative/inspired by/knock off of/etc. I do think the drawing is about on par with the Lee, and dare I say a touch better in some respects.
  4. While we're on this topic...anyone here have the Cover to Aquaman #18? I wrote to him asking about it and he said he gave it to a friend of his a while ago...
  5. Loved his stuff back in Aquaman during the New 52. Good stories. Great with a pencil. Glad he launched his website not too long ago. Great value for the price.
  6. Reduced prices on remaining books. Take all three and get an even bigger reduction. Just sayin'...
  7. Payment via PayPal. Tracked shipping (in a box) is included in the listed price. Continental US shipping only. First claim in the thread gets the book. This means that if you and I are discussing price via personal message, and we come to terms but someone comes along and posts a claim for the book before you do, that person gets the book. No returns on graded books. Happy to supply additional pictures, just ask. Happy to make a deal on multiple books.
  8. Rob Kirkman just did something akin to your idea. Him and Ryan Ottley released (unbeknownst to anyone) a sort of "what if" random one off book which supposes the Walking Dead never took off. I only heard about it on a podcast, but it apparently used the older style paper. The creative team also used their characters in new ways, I think Michonne was one of the protagonists...? Sounded interesting. It's called Solid Blood #17.