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  1. My only DPS. Lee/Williams from Superman Unchained #8.
  2. My second cover arrived last night. Aquaman #24 by Paul Pelletier. I wasn't too familiar with Pelletier, but really love this run of Aquaman. I think it was one of the highlights to the New 52, Geoff Johns really did some good work with a "lower tier" character. This is also a pretty interesting self-case study in what I'll accept from OA, or how I'll justify a purchase. This is Pelletier pencils only and when CAT first brought this to my attention, I passed. But, since the cover to Aquaman #10 has yet to surface, I contacted the dealer/rep and inquired as to where the inked version was located/if it existed. It turns out that the inker has the inked version on blueline and is not selling. So, normally I would pass since I can't have the whole package, but the dealer (much to her credit) informed me that this cover was actually published as a sketch variant. The variant part doesn't really move the needle for me, but I do like that the pencils were published. So, I know where the inks are, pencils were published, it's from a run I really want an example from (plus this issue is full of great Aquaman lore), it was pretty affordable ($1,450), and the dealer/rep was super helpful and responsive. As a bonus, in person the pencils are strong and in places almost look like ink. So, it will look great framed up and on the wall. BTW, TDArt was the rep and she was so great to work with. I recommend and will be going back to again. Happy Tuesday! Where the heck is the fall weather? 94 degrees here in the DC area tomorrow...but Go Nationals tonight!
  3. This will likely vary by artist. It matters to me when working with graphite. More important though, is the hardness of the lead (at least to me).
  4. Hi gang. I just bought the cover art to this book and wanted to get a copy of the published version. Anyone have one available? Payment via PayPal, shipping to Virginia. Raw only please.
  5. Good question, OP. I think I've mentioned on here that I collect fine art as well as OA and have wondered if anyone else does the same. More to the point I collect contemporary figurative artists which I'd imagine the vast majority of the world hasn't heard of, but I really enjoy. Names like Juliet Aristides, Candice Bohannon, Stephen Bauman, Jeremy Lipking, Robert Liberace, Colleen Barry, Travis Schlaht, Maria Kreyn, and so forth. But, "fine art" is a big world, so there are lots of pitfalls as someone else mentioned above. But many of the same rules apply, I think. Such as do lots of research, talk to the artists (if you can) and their reps. And most importantly buy what you love. I'll be brave and share my most recent acquisition by an artist named Joshua LaRock. It's titled 'Bather in White' (10" x 26"). Very Bouguereau, but today...
  6. I believe Jenny Frison (and I'm sure many others) operates similarly. That is, she starts digital, prints out a copy and uses a pencil just for the line work. Then she rescans that and prints the pencils onto a gray toned paper and finishes traditionally with copics, acrylic, chalk, washes and such for a finished piece. I have no issue as I purchased a cover a while back.
  7. I had no idea that cover was worth upwards of $50K, so I suppose I can legitimately claim that I would not have bought it.
  8. You should go Rauschenberg and erase the whole thing.
  9. Finally got around to securing the Surfer Bowen statue to accompany this Thor...
  10. If it were a painting, you could basically call it a mottled background. But no idea what it'd be called in this art form. I guess partial might make the most sense.
  11. UPDATE: I've made a deal on a Surfer statue. Still on the lookout for Mr. Warlock... Hi gang, I'm looking for two statues. First is the (full size, not Galactus scale) Silver Surfer Bowen statue, I believe from 2008 with Surfer on the board. I'm also interested in finding a Bowen Warlock statue with Adam in his modern costume. I don't care if they've been displayed as long as there is no damage. Also don't really care about the condition of the box as long as it's intact. PayPal ready to go, shipping to Virginia.
  12. Am I allowed to post an ad for statues in this forum? EDIT: Nevermind. Did a search and seems it is ok.