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  1. Andahaion

    The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    Discovered Jenny Frison's work, and discovered I needed one of her Wonder Woman covers (to #54). No nostalgia needed, I've never read WW Rebirth. I just love the art. I like that it's different than pencil and ink. Seems more "complete" even though the digitally finished piece is quite stunning also. I am really pulled toward how strong and powerful Frison depicts women. Not overtly sexual. Seems more natural, in a way. Very beautiful in hand. Can't wait to get it framed up and on the wall.
  2. Andahaion

    Any artist you prefer pencils only, no ink?

    I just learned of this artist the other week when CAT alerted me to this cover for the new DD volume coming out soon. I missed out by about 10 minutes on purchasing this cover, apparently. I really like this version as opposed to the digitally published cover. I'm now actively following him, hope to pick something up. Julian Totino Tedesco.
  3. Andahaion

    professionalism and intellectual honesty

    @vodou No, I have not been around OA for any lengthy amount of time. Fine art, yes. Comic books, yes. I really didn't pay any attention until I started seeing pieces more frequently at auction and on this board.
  4. Andahaion

    professionalism and intellectual honesty

    Nothing revelatory there. In the context of Comix4fun's post it sounded like there was something significant to learn. In any rate, most of these guys are "reps" for a subset of artists, but also "deal" in other artists' art. So then what is Artists' Choice...? Both? Romitaman seems to be one who is strictly a dealer. I still don't understand why an artist would sign on with a rep and be ok with that rep not having an understanding of how they work and have boilerplate language they can throw at guys like me. I'm sure there are exceptions for reasons hitherto unknown, but on the whole it doesn't make much sense to me if I'm trusting someone to "represent" my work. This is an unnecessary barrier to sales. Sounds like most customers just don't ask much aside from "is page X available"?
  5. Andahaion

    Near SEVEN figure mtg art sales

    Loved Counterspell...such a good card and the reason why I always played Blue (other being White most of the time).
  6. Andahaion

    Show us your personal artwork

    I was doodling and thought this looked like Elektra...
  7. Andahaion

    professionalism and intellectual honesty

    I was in the midst of drafting a reply before the lock because something was stated that I was hoping for additional clarification...what is the difference between a dealer and a rep? It was stated that perhaps some here don't know the difference...and I'm apparently one of those persons...
  8. I can certainly understand some things being out of their control, but what's not out of their control is communicating to the client (presumably who just spent a couple thousand dollars) the context of the situation and what is being done to resolve it. Silence in this situation just seems wrong/unprofessional and breeds skepticism and distrust. It shouldn't be that difficult, especially since it appears most collectors already have some baseline understanding of how this machine works. A month without anything sent to the OP is ridiculous.
  9. Couldn't agree more. No communication looks and feels (especially for the person spending $$$$) terrible. But I still don't understand how a person who literally deals a particular artist's supposed to champion it and produce sales...cannot speak to it...? How does that happen? Has he never actually seen the art in hand? Is that a thing? Does the artist know her rep acts like this to potential clients/customers? Now I'm all worked's almost happy hour time...
  10. I've flirted with buying a Frison WW cover from him, but his lack of responsiveness is a huge turnoff, plus I've run across posts similar to yours before. I asked a few questions about the art I was interested in via email and was pretty much brushed aside (which seems not uncommon for OA dealers, or maybe I just catch people on their off days) after a delay in response. Make sure you're cognizant of any deadlines/rules for initiating a refund from PayPal and I guess go from there given you really want the art. Hopefully it shows up, or he responds with tracking info. Unreal that it's been a month. I'd be very upset. Good luck.
  11. Andahaion

    Selling advice

    She's a beaut, Clark!
  12. Andahaion

    Show us your personal artwork

    Just finished Knightfall on Netflix the other week...I think it's not very popular, but I liked it. Drawing is very difficult, inking is near impossible...
  13. Andahaion

    HA February Auction

    Thank you for reminding me that I'd be out of my place to comment, or have any thoughts on this piece of "art". You really are something..."elitist" and "arrogant" come to mind. Edit: You may as well put me on ignore cause I've had about enough of your ageist attitude.
  14. Amazon had a deal for Prime members to see it early. At least that’s how I saw it early.
  15. Saw it this evening and really enjoyed it. I’d put it right up there with Wonder Woman. Awesome visuals, would love to see a sequel.