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  1. Layton. And since I own one of the Daniel pieces, I suppose I'm locked into Daniel as my response. But, I do really like Finch's work and am always on the hunt for a nice representation of his to add to my walls.
  2. Welcome to Thunderdome! And if it's not your first, then Welcome Back!
  3. That's likely my day job (and some pessimism) creeping in. A statute can be quite clear, but there's usually someone who reads/interprets it differently regardless how the verbiage is tweaked. It's all good, keeps me employed. I liked the COA language, which is why I felt ok with the purchase. That and I figure this hobby would talk if the vendor started breaking that agreement.
  4. Here's a pic of the COA that came with my print, as well as the corresponding signature and hologram thingy placed on both the COA and back of the art. I will say, the quality of the print is really good. And no, I think it's clear there are no guarantees that mine will be the only one ever printed. As to price...I might spring $1k-$2K for the right Jorge Jimenez cover. But, as stated above I'm not looking to make monoprints my main collecting focus.
  5. Too many to list, but off the top of my head I'd like to secure pieces from the following. The largest barrier they share is likely price and finding the right example (or an example). Kirby. Would love something from his New Gods work. Mazzucchelli. Daredevil! Maleev. Also Daredevil. Raboy. Flash!...ah ah! Ribic. Silver Surfer Requiem. When I first started collecting OA, I actually held the cover to #3 in my hands at the Baltimore Con. It was priced just under $6K, but I wasn't ready. Held it in my hands...sigh. Frank Miller. Something from his early work. Jock. Something from Black Mirror would be neat. Coipel. Just a nice example would suffice. Lee Weeks. Just a nice example. Capullo. Either from his Batman run with Snyder, or something from Spawn. John Cassaday. Planetary! Colleen Doran. There's a few DPS from Snow, Glass, Apples that I'd love to own. Doubtful it'll happen, but would be cool. Joelle Jones. Something, something...Catwoman or Wonder Woman. And last, but not least: Tradd Moore and Silver Surfer: Black. Duh.
  6. Anyone mention Frank Miller yet? Cause...Frank Miller.
  7. Joe Dragunas commission of the Witch King with a very touching inscription. We recently traded art and this commission was included in that trade. Incredible detail and it's a good size around 19" x 13".
  8. I'm looking at my first Rolex and research turned up a very unique market for these watches. Waiting lists? Developing a relationship with your authorized dealer in order to get a watch? Gray market? Lot to digest for a guy who just wants something to pass down to his son.
  9. Well I bought a monoprint. My first print in the OA world. I have some fine art prints, so I think I might be less guarded against buying a print than most here. Mikel Janin and Jorge Jimenez are two contemporary artists whose work I really enjoy, but they are both mainly digital artists. After some homework and back and forth with the art rep figuring out the process, I felt ok spending $600 on this Hawkman #29 cover by Janin. I do generally think they are priced too high for what they are (some are listed at $2K!). That said, I just really love this image. Lovely sentiment which gave me an emotional response. Haven't read the book yet as it's not due to come out for a few weeks (I think). That and it'll supposedly be the last issue from this volume of Hawkman stories. The writer, Venditti, really did a great job with Hawkman along with the host of artists. If you're a trade reader like me, I recommend picking up the first two (third trade comes out next week). I will probably buy a Jimenez print also, but can't really say I plan to buy many more as with most of you I really prefer pencil and ink on the page.
  10. I don't read/collect single issues any longer (that stopped a wee bit ago). I do try my best to keep apprised of interesting/quality stories to read through the various channels from which I get my comic nerd news. But, I'm pretty much a graphic novel buyer now which includes historical as well as contemporary stories. Reading these stories will often inform my OA collecting, such as with my latest Hawkman purchase. Loved the stories, loved the art, and bought a cover.
  11. Here’s a neat little story on how I acquired these pieces for a board that apparently likes neat little stories… As I’ve posted before, I am a semi-serious fine artist/hobbyist painter guy. I sold a piece in a recent online exhibition and since it was online shipping fell to me instead of the gallery. So, the gallery sends me the name of the buyer and their address. The name was “JM Dragunas” in Ohio. Now, I stopped for about a second as the name triggered something very small in my mind. But, I didn’t come to a complete stop and realize who this was. Instead I went about packaging up the painting because I don’t like my patrons to wait long for their piece. When the painting arrived this “JM Dragunas” contacted me through Instagram and let me know it arrived safely and we got to chatting where I learned that he was apparently an illustrator. I replied something to the effect of I love illustration, thanked him again for supporting my art, and wished him well. It was at this point, right after clicking ‘send’ which ended the conversation, upon which the bell went off in my head and realized it was in fact Joe Dragunas (who has almost 200K followers on Instagram!) whose work I’ve admired. I quickly wrote back saying that I had just realized who he was and that I was a fan. We chatted some more and he proposed trading art. So, here we have what he sent me in exchange for one of my 24” x 36” paintings. He’s also throwing in an extra piece which he will be executing over the next month or so; the Witch King from Lord of the Rings! I’ve not met him yet, but he sounds like just about the nicest guy one could ever meet. And I really do hope to meet him one day.
  12. I could try, and fail, to buy some art from that series! #notfastenough
  13. Don't think I'd ever cough up enough money for what I'd consider a "grail" in comic art, nor do I even know what that would be/mean to me personally. So, guess I'm a pay-go person.
  14. My first thought on threads like this is usually Born Again and also the Bendis/Maleev DD run. Would love to own a piece from each, but don't need "a lot more of". One page from each would be just fine.