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  1. Love the other works, especially the "Peace" piece.
  2. I don't know anything about any of this thread, but that splash reminds me of Christina's World by Wyeth. Could be because I just watched something on YouTube about that piece...
  3. Nicola Scott is great, I see a lot of joy in her work. She was running a pretty good sale between Christmas and New Year, but I had just splurged on two pages so was unable to take advantage. Good things.
  4. Good thread. I won a page from WW: Dead Earth; my first win with Felix. I hadn't read the book, but loved the art and character (same story with Silver Surfer Black, Thanos Wins, etc but I didn't win a page from any of those books). I called my LCS and they had one last copy of Dead Earth #1 left. It's sitting on my bedside table alongside the SS: Black treasury edition. SS Black trade is super nice, very unique in that it was printed in a large format...I think like 13" x 9". It's gorgeous. Really wish I had a page.
  5. Yeah, I agree. It's not hiding. I'm pretty open and out there (ie, I have my own website and am pretty easy to track down), but my screen name also has meaning to me and I've employed it for so long it's sort of a part of my identity. But, I certainly understand what is meant by using the phrase "hiding" with a negative connotation due to bad actors doing nasty things. Just understand that not everyone should be lumped into that same pool.
  6. I'm a huge Lord of the Rings fan and about 15 years ago I was fortunate enough to have a good friend in grad school at Marquette University who arranged a private viewing of Tolkien's original manuscripts. I imagine most here know that Marquette holds a huge Tolkien collection of original manuscripts. Unreal experience, very emotional, to hold the same paper he held while drafting that amazing story. Among my small group of Tolkien enthusiasts was a guy who studied Elvish and translated my name (Justin) into 'Andahaion'. No idea as to its accuracy, but there you go.
  7. Not from the sale, got it a few weeks prior. It's from a run I really like of Aquaman with Geoff Johns. Cover to #24 in the New 52 era.
  8. I recently picked up an Aquaman cover of his (my first Pelletier piece). Really presents well in person despite it being only his pencils. This penciled cover was also published as a variant, which I think speaks well to his ability with graphite. Good stuff and quite affordable. He's now on my radar.
  9. Yes. My first purchase from him was an offer on a mid/upper four figures page. No idea how long he had it, maybe a few years. No issues. He replied with a simple “offer accepted” and the rest was smooth.
  10. Good stuff. I'm just now going through that run. Mann seems underrated, I really like his style.
  11. In case any of you with young kids hasn't seen this book, "Fairy Tale Comics" is a little gem. My four year old daughter loves it, asks we read it together almost nightly. It was during one of these nightly rituals that I ran across this gem by David Mazzucchelli (even though DD fails to make an appearance). Like most things in my house, I have no idea where the book came from. I actually paid it little attention until I saw David's name. I've no idea how much these pages would cost and have no idea if they're even available, but I would think quite less than Born Again/Year One pages (not that you can buy those either).
  12. Indeed. I was a buyer strictly on the artistic merits. Haven’t read the series yet, but the trade is on the Amazon wish list.
  13. Yes, I thought that was the best page of the bunch. I couldn't imagine being a colorist and have a fellow collaborator hand me something like that.
  14. Keep in mind I'm just one guy making (silly?) comments on a board. I think Tradd's work on SSBlack is super unique and want an example purely from an artistic admiration standpoint. I wish I could speak with more authority as to whether it is initially under priced. I'm just not that in tune with OA markets. It feels to me that he has some hot artists on hot stories that drives demand. I just understand what I like and what I'm willing to pay/offer to get what I want. I could be in a small minority that would spend that much on these pages.