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  1. Selling some of my collection to fund another purchase. Open to serious offers Paypal, money order or zelle Fearless Dawn vs monster by Steve Mannion $350 shipped in the USA Batman on gray tone paper by Lucio Parrillo $600 shipped in the USA "Bat Mandy" by Dean yeagle $650 shipped in the USA Wolverine 1999 annual pg 22 $500 shipped in the USA Spiderman and Wolverine #2 pg8 nice splash page 10"x6.25" $700 obo The Goon #23 pg 16 by Eric Powell The unholy bastards and the wickerman
  2. Paypal, money order or zelle No probies or hall of shamers The Goon #1 First appearance of Goon and Franky CGC 9.8 $1800 shipped in the USA Last sale on the census $1920 in Sept. SOLD PENDING PAYMENT CGC 9.6 $800 shipped in the USA Last sale on the census $825 in Sept. Best Cellars 1 Cgc 9.2 Goon prototype $300 shipped in the USA Willing to do a combo deal.
  3. 9.6 SOLD 4.5 still for sale $550 shipped in the USA