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  1. I’ve done a lot of digging on this as well and came to a similar conclusion. Omitting extremes, consistency is just as important as the actual temp/RH conditions.
  2. Love DoFP quicksilver. His look was a little off is my only complaint...the hair I think...
  3. You’re right. I don’t get collecting video games at alllllllll, but I can’t judge because others surely think the same about me and comics. I do regret selling my N64 stuff for practically nothing years ago, just to declutter my house. Zelda, goldeneye, super Mario...that system was a huge jump from the previous systems at the time and I have fond memories. My regret isn’t from a collection perspective though, sometimes I wish I could play it!
  4. I’ve often wished I could buy their boxes (the larger ones with thick correlated cardboard inserts, where you can ship many books vertically). They’re awesome. I always reuse the ones they send me too. I wish I could just buy a box vs their “kits” though...the way it’s packaged is lame.
  5. Popped in to see if height was still being discussed. Carry on...
  6. Smooth transaction. Thanks.
  7. Wrong section bud...people are gonna be trying to buy your piece now!
  8. Ok, as promised recap constructed showing what's left...further discounts applied as well. Anything freshly discounted is in red font. Keep in mind there will be a modest delay in shipping, anything claimed will go out 24FEB.
  9. Shucks, I was hoping for VF. Maybe with a press...