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  1. That one stings. Congrats to buyer and seller though.
  2. Callaway29

    John G. Fantucchio pedigree

    I used to own his FF48 9.4 White, a fellow boardie is now the fortunate steward.
  3. Callaway29

    WTB Black Cat Mystery 50 & GL87

    I have a nibble on the BC50 but it may take a minute for it to come together. Still on the lookout for both.
  4. Callaway29

    Showcase 22 CGC 4.0 Price Cut

    Nice copy. Presents well and, for this, good PQ. GLWTS.
  5. Callaway29

    Manufacturing error

    I get it. Heck, I used to be into coins and have a variety or two...and I even find the known varieties of color strikes, wraps, etc of certain comics interesting because it touches on the history of the books (manufacturing process), and gives one the ability to seek out higher quality issues (or personal preferences) with their acquired knowledge of the hobby. However, butchered moderns just doesn’t do anything for me. To each their own though. I truly mean that...apologizes if my comment rubbed anyone the wrong way.
  6. Callaway29

    CGC Marvel Super Heroes 18 TAKE 25% OFF

    Take Aquaman 11 & Thor 165 per PM. Thanks.
  7. Callaway29

    Manufacturing error

    Why...would someone spend the money to grade that...
  8. Callaway29

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    +1 Been disappointed as well...
  9. Yes, there will be less views because less people want to view CA. Seems logical to me...
  10. @0:49 the ship behind Ned says "ASM 212". Amazing Spiderman #212 was the first appearance of Hydroman.
  11. Callaway29

    WTB Black Cat Mystery 50 & GL87

    Adding a high grade green lantern 87 to the list. Preferably straight/centered wrap and raw. Not paying the premium like the BC50, but willing to pay fair raw prices. Was looking for one of these a year ago but it dropped off my radar...missing one in the sales forum yesterday reignited my interest.