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  1. This concludes the slowwwwww rolllllll. Thanks to all who showed interest, and a special thanks to those who purchased. I'll send invoices tonight (via pm) to make sure we're all tracking the same/correct transaction details (I kept a spreadsheet so we should be good). If you don't want to add anything to your order, please pay promptly and I'll start getting the books out ASAP. Send offers, have a couple open negotiations that are very close. I will keep thread open until Friday.
  2. Sub-mariner #1; G/VG; $150 Looks better but someone traced subby in pen. As you can see in the scan though, they did a good job.
  3. Wasn't planning on doing this, but the heck with it...5% discount on all books posted thus far. Probably only going to post handful more (all raw), plan to close the thread on Friday. Recap updated to show discounted amounts...
  4. Showcase #37 CGC 1.5 OW/W $125 Another low grade presenter...
  5. Star Spangled Comics #6; FA; SOLD Cover partially split and detached, back of front cover looks pretty toasty (see pic), one staple added, tape back cover. Centerfold firmly attached. Will be adding scans, and then some pics from my phone afterwards.
  6. Coverless/incomplete Action Comics #46 up for sale again with lower price, now $40. Ender and I agreed on a switcheroo...
  7. Cat-Man Comics v3 #5 (#15) My ask is $100, no offers for first 24hrs please. Coverless and missing first ten wraps, which is the cat-man story. Centerfold present but detached, and wrap behind centerfold is loose at top staple. This is a very scarce book, only 7 on census. No recorded sales (on gocollect anyways). Https:// Https://
  8. Showcase #79 CGC 8.5 OW/W SOLD Not super motivated to sell this one...not the underwater cover I teased earlier.