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  1. My computer wouldn't load the link. What are the tells?
  2. Don’t know where else to post this, there should probably be a phase 4 thread.
  3. Only thing I can think of is James Gunn was open about his love of ROM, and wanting to work with the character.... Or, it could just be that every first appearance is climbing...
  4. Fair enough. But if he didn't want to do the gig for $1M, and he obviously wasn't contractually entitled to the $4.5M (otherwise I'm sure he would have got it), then what's there to complain about? RDJ dwarfed TH's performance... Maybe I'm being too harsh...
  5. I thought it was genius how they handled it, that first scene in the court room. Something to the tune of, here I am, deal with it...and it worked. TH became an afterthought...
  6. TH overplayed his hand and threw away a cash cow, and now blames others instead of owning his failed power play (I recall the basic situation being him demanding more $$ or else, and Disney said see ya later). Hate people like that...
  7. It makes sense...Feige has been clear about his intent to be inclusive, of everyone. A nod to our friends across the pond aligns with that notion, and will aid in securing new fans.
  8. Kane thought his name was "Terry", and then fixed to to read "Jerry". Cool stuff...
  9. Leak from a guy who has a history of getting a lot of things right stated marvel is very interested in black knight, and thinks he can carry his own trilogy.
  10. Looking for low grade copy. No tape, rust, or extensive writing. Paying $3500 per point. Hit me up, I’m easy.
  11. I don’t care. I’m not buying anymore books right now, even if it’s a 50% coupon!! Gone overboard... 5min later. that really a...ok just one more book then I’m done.