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  1. I don't think Logan is on there... I was looking for it the other day...
  2. One and only reduction, and then she goes back in the collection. $2K (check or other feeless payment method).
  3. One of them books that’s acting crazy and I’m okay if it doesn’t sell. ~$500 less than any graded copy on the market, which happens to be another 1.8 (that I’m tracking anyways). My undercopy, and a looker to boot for grade. Sorry for reflections, without natural light that’s the best I can do. Strange Tales #110 CGC 1.8 White detached cover. $2200 (check or other non-fee payment method only).
  4. 1.) First wins. 2.) Checks only 3.) Shipping is $15. US shipping only unless negotiated otherwise. 4.) I will accept returns for any reason. I must be notified of intent to return within one week from the day you receive the book. 5.) Nobody on naughty lists. I reserve the right to refuse business with anyone, for any reason. 6.) I have a kudos thread in my profile. I can also provide my eBay handle via PM if desired.
  5. Granted wegotthiscovered isn't well respected... If you think about it...this maneuver provides additional buzz & fun, and doesn't cost them anything extra. Besides some steps to keep a lid on it...
  6. rumors of a "secret" 10th episode. wouldn't that be fun surprise...wouldn't put it past 'em.
  7. No kidding...just checked sold listings on eBay. Things are getting gobbled up...
  8. Your instincts are right. We’re in an “everything” bubble (not just comics, but literally everything). It’s both scary and sad...
  9. What goes up, does not always go up. I appreciate enthusiasm, but I also appreciate tempered expectations...
  10. Just finished watching. I don't see why any of this confirms Mephisto. If anything, if you dismiss Agatha at face value, we're back to the drawing board imo...