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  1. That's an incredible presenting 2.0, from what is shown anyways...
  2. Crazy that a multi-millionaire actor in Hollywood actually rocks missing teeth. Or was that part of the role (doubt it)? I respect that he hasn’t conformed...
  3. I like hearing this info as well. I averaged 93% of last GPA across 7 books (sold 8, but removing one oddity from the calculation due to lack of sales data). The itemization is as follows: 98%, 99%, 45%, 89%, 117%, 91%, & 111%.
  4. Is this a different/new “leak”? Don’t have the time for sleuthing... Who is Mikey Sutton? “Mikey Sutton took to his private Facebook group,Geekosity: All Things Pop Culture to leak his latest insider knowledge. According to Mikey Sutton, Marvel wants to make an Excalibur movie that would serve to introduce a branch of mutants “radically different from the main mutant films they will produce.” He stated:
  5. Yikes, TAT’s have doubled very quickly...
  6. Saw that. Guy better tread lightly...been seeing consistent patterns of people who hold the golds toying with buyers. There was one nearly a year ago listed and delisted too, can’t remember if it’s the same one. If I was a bidder, and I’m not, I’d be tempted to say F it.
  7. Let’s do this. Last reduction folks. Take it or I’ll keep it, for now. Price redux: $2150 fee payment + shipping or $2100 feeless (check/MO) shipped. Cheapest copy since 2017, and in the midst of anticipated announcements. If that doesn’t wet your whistle, it just wasn’t meant to be....