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  1. Maybe CVA can add a sticker to their inventory, and double their profits?!
  2. asm129 has been in churn & burn mode for quite some time....
  3. I also have some sweet books I'd trade, to include trade + cash deal...hit me up.
  4. Sheesh, that was a rabbit hole. To save others time...CGC 8.5 bought by PGX grader and then regraded/reslabbed as a 9.6, presumably by himself...?
  5. “First ‘take it’ in the thread wins.” Seems to me he’s following his own rules.
  6. I think I may have known this...I’m going to blame the booze for killing those brain cells responsible for retaining this information.
  7. Thanks. I saw internet rumblings, but didn’t know it was a for sure thing actually in development.
  8. Wait...did I miss the confirmation of a kraven movie? This is news to me...
  9. Some (but I think not all) of the ones along the bottom are manufacturing because they are on almost every ff annual 6, but I’ve never seen the ones along the spine before... If someone has some insight it would help because I’m dinging the book pretty hard for those (the spine abrasions)...