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  1. This is a relief. GL + low production budget = garbage. Curious how close to movie quality they'll be able to get...
  2. The guy giving me carp was selling a comparable book, which I didn’t buy. When I bought the other one (not his) I let him know to close out the failed negotiations. That’s when he began to act like a baby...
  3. Think I paid $2Kish for a TMNT #1 1st print on ebay several years back. After I got it, another ebayer, who I was in communication with that wanted me to buy his, sent me a message scolding me saying that I was dumb and how it was a FN best case scenario, etc... Well, I had it pressed & graded...came back 8.0 white. Never met someone on ebay that was so obnoxious, before or since... Regardless, ended up being quite the deal...even then, but especially after a few years of appreciation.
  4. Yikes, that's a scary one!
  5. Whoops. No intended politics here. Will be watching show for sure.
  6. Sold a 4-figure book to Tim without issue. Fast payment & easy to deal with. Highly recommend.
  7. A service has more pull than a command. This helps when advocating for resources from congress. Expect space to receive more $$. Plus, organizationally, there are bits and pieces of space sprinkled across all the services now. It creates huge inefficiencies... There will be synergy with having everything under one roof...
  8. I’m in the “space” arena. There are reasons, and they boil down to the importance of SATCOM. Think about all the capabilities it enables... I’m gonna be hearing one liners from this show for a lonnnnng time...guaranteed.
  9. Too good to be true. Just checked census...highest graded is one 8.5, next highest is 7.0... Unless there's a lag or something, long does it take to hit the census after grading?
  10. Yea, not a pressing candidate and upside is only 1/2pt bump.
  11. No chance at 9.0 with the white stuff on back...imo.