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  1. A common book, so looking for one with a great wrap!
  2. Missed one that was on the boards that sold for $6,800. So looking to get one around there too!
  3. Looks like a couple of ms. Marvel 1 9.6 are on eBay.
  4. Special Marvel Edition 15 CGC 9.6 or 9.8, white pages preferred but will consider ow/w too.
  5. Jasanity

    Amazing Fantasy 15 2.0-3.5

    I don't like comiclink, so have banned them :P
  6. Hello, looking for my grail. Also interested if it is a SS too. Thx!
  7. $3,199 FREE INSURED s/h included First wins Payment By PayPal Only. No returns, no probies. Feel free to contact me for any questions!
  8. Looking for these two graded CGC 9.8. Thx!
  9. Looking for these keys at the stated grades or higher, OW/W or WP. PM me with what you got!
  10. Boardies can get it for 10% off! Feel free to contact me with any questions. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Iron-Man-55-CGC-9-4-NM-9-6-1st-app-Thanos-Drax-Starfox-Infinity-War-movie/232734360421?epid=85365125&hash=item36300c8365:g:zHcAAOSwE2da0oNT
  11. Send me what you got! Looking for a good wrap.Thanks!