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  1. Mollie- could you please make the following books available to add to a custom set: 2072846001 Los Muertos Vivientes 2072846002 Walking Dead #1 Walking Dead 1 2014 Salda Press Italian Edition/DVD Box Set Edition 2072846007 Walking Dead #1 Peruvian Edition/Special Edition 2073658012 Walking Dead #1 Italian Edition/Convention Edition I think these are the only graded copies of these books- and they dont belong to any competitive set. When i try to add them i get the error message: "Unable to locate the comic based on the certification number. Please try again." Thank you!
  2. Marco Carrillo nailed Thanos being over taken by the cuteness power of my 3 dogs and cat- so happy to see my LeeLoo, Tesla, Dally and fat cat Kiki forever sketched by Marco
  3. Im looking for 3 Italian Walking Dead #1 covers- raw or graded (preferably raw)- There is a cover that is limited to 3000 (on the cover)- looks just like a regular #1-- this is the one i am really after- I just missed one on ebay a few weeks ago. There are 2 other Italian Variants- A black and blue cover, and a gold and black cover- both are available from the press in Italy but they wont ship to the USA Thanks!
  4. i have used the service and it is great- books are packed great and shipped fast- I was always able to work a deal with Jerry to get variants added to my stack as well- If there was still a run i collected i would still use the service- it was nice to pay for a stack of books and not worry about tracking down good copies or missing an issue-- sometimes you might even get the inside track on a 9.9- Jerry is legit-
  5. ill take the Jeff Edwards if its still available
  6. ^^^this times 3000- im only chiming in because on the rare case that i received a damaged book from Skybound it was fixed immediately- also- every box-set variant i ever received from Skybound looked like it should have graded 9.9 or 10- probably the cleanest Walking Dead books ive ever got in the mail- their copies always seem to be fresh and minty clean-
  7. Frank Kadar is going off right now-- everything he does is sick!
  8. Dena is probably the best customer service rep in the entire universe-- she contacted me and went above and beyond to make this right-- even after i assured her everything was absolutely fine- she still wanted to make things better than right-- I was chalking this little tale up to a funny story to share, but Dena wasnt having it- I'm still in shock of how awesome she is-- no business has ever handled any of my issues with such care as the CGC just did- Dena is the best!
  9. did anyone else get their set marked as a winner all day only not to win? i was a winner for about 7 hours- still no word from cgc why i was stripped of my title
  10. On July 19th, 2019 the CGC announced the winners of the annual CGC awards. I was very excited to see who would win. I have a few sets that i constantly work on to keep on an award winning level, i was extra- pumped this year because i felt a few of my sets had a pretty good chance of getting some recognition. I started checking to see if the awards were posted around noon- i know that is a little early- but i was very excited. At around 1pm i looked at my custom set that i was hoping might get an award- i scrolled down my set description, and low and behold- there it was- the little award seal for "Best Custom Set 2019"-- i was at work, so i nonchalantly got up from my desk- went outside into the hot afternoon air- and began to cheer loudly at my victory. After i calmed down- i went right to work showing everyone at my workplace the award i had won-- everyone where i work knows i am a comic junkie- so they were all very happy for me. I then sent a link of my set (with the award stamp on it) to a few artist who helped with my books- they were very happy for me and congratulated me with much enthusiasm. I sent the link of my set to my wife- she of course was over-joyed that all my hard work had paid off. My friends and i decided to have a celebration dinner- we all met up and ate Mexican food and cheered for my award. It was an awesome afternoon- getting an award on my set was a big deal, i was over-elated to say the least. The day of celebration was winding down- when i got home from all the partying and carrying on- i went to my CGC account page- and there was a box i had to click that said "claim award"- With a giant smile i clicked that button- and i was sent to a link that didnt exist. When i went back to my set- the award stamp for best custom set was gone. I checked the 2019 winner page and my name and set were not on it, someone else's set actually received the award. (the winning set is amazing...but what happened to my award?) (I've never seen the CGC put stamps on nominee sets either- nor is that something stated anywhere on CGCs website???)(and if that's a thing-- it is a really crappy thing to do) SO if you are reading this- you can only image the complete drop in my stomach and the giant pile of utter disappointment that washed over me when i realized that i actually didn't win anything- and my set must have been accidentally marked as a winner. Not winning the award was one thing- but the total embarrassment I felt for acting so excited sort of bummed me- and the look of shock that i received from ALL the people i told about my win to, and then not actually winning..- people who actually looked at my set with me- and saw that award stamp was there was pretty deflating. So for a few hours on 7/19/19 i had the best custom set- and then it was gone. Im not sure if this was an accident on CGCs part, or if someone was playing a funny joke on me- but either way it was a very confusing and sad situation. So i feel like a fool- I'm not sure what kind of attitude I should have toward the CGC right now- but it was pretty crappy thing to have happen- very embarrassing, a little humiliating- I've never went from feeling like such a winner to such a loser- Thanks a lot CGC- I didn't take a pic or anything because i didn't realize that my award was a farce and would be stripped from my set- so all my proof is gone (with the exception of the 20 or so people that actually saw my award with their own eyes-) Im trying to keep a good attitude and laugh about it----- but its really not too funny- and i was/am pretty devastated. BUT- for 7 or 8 hours- I WAS A WINNER!- at least i know what my set would look like with an award stamped on it.
  11. The first book i ever subbed to be pressed and graded with the CGC was my Walking Dead #1- like some have said- i collected hard in the late 80s- early 90's- and then i got out of the comic world all together-- but Walking Dead came out and swung the doors wide open for me- my comic empire only exist today because of those 2 local boys from down the street --- somehow they managed to squeeze out an amazing story from a very saturated pool of zombie material-- my hats are off to them (if i wore a hat)- great writing- amazing art- backed up by a great publisher who hooked-up some of us die-hard comic fans with special goodies-- Thanks Big Clutch for keeping us in mind-- I'm ready to stand-up where ever i need to and give The Walking Dead Comic a standing ovation. Great work that made life a little better really going to miss chasing down the newest #1 reprint.... Its also been a pleasure to share stories/ideas and collecting struggles with all the Dead-Heads out there-- as Tony would say- "Rot-On!"