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  1. well i want to add one to the list before it possibly changes- i wont "waste oxygen" as it was so eloquently put- I've had some bad sellers try to give the run around- but this one was the worst hotshotcomics
  2. Matt- thanks for fixing the Serbian Walking Dead set (again) can you please fix it so this book cgc # 2083857011 Serbian #10 can be added back to the new #10 spot created- thanks- Set updated on 11/25/20. Thank you
  3. there should be a new set created- Walking Dead COMPLETE= all the books from the current big set w/variants- ADD the weekly's, the survivor guides, the Deluxe books, Here's Negan, and the magazine's...I too would like to see a Walking Dead set with 1000 books in it--
  4. -If you dont see the label option on your invoice- you can hand write what you want on your submission- they have always fixed me up and added the label for me even if you cant select it on the drop-down- (just my 2 cents)
  5. there are more than 253-
  6. are people discussing issue number one? Nice!---I have a few...
  7. damn this page is stacked right now with some monster art-- nice grabs everyone
  8. That 116 3rd print is def. the rarest of the rare of the Walking Dead's--unless you include the "Here's Negan" Adlard sketches-- the one thing about the 116 is years ago there were only supposedly "XX" graded- but if one sold- another one always seem to materialize- so who really knows how many exist--- also some of the blue label 116s might have turned into yellow labels and the census doesn't normally delete them unless someone request it- The 3rd print is big $$$- Its one the highest priced Dead books to buy- even more than the Hero Initiative covers--plus they only come from Charlies' sh