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  1. same...(running commodore 64)-- (nawww) windows
  2. The Last Wine variant should definitely be added to the Walking Dead set (i have one about to grade)- it is a number 1 reprint- and apparently 1000 were printed- which is more than any of the 15th ann books or many of the comic con variants which are ALL in the set- i dont think print count should stop a book from being entered into a set- the Hyundai variant is extremely rare but it is in the set- and it is obtainable- i have seen more Wine books for sale in the last few months than the Hyundai in 5 years- not adding a book because of a low print run doesn't seem fair to the dedicated collector, plus it is in-fact a legit book and it belongs in the set- i too have already seen some graded- so not sure why that book would get denied. (just my 2 cents)
  3. set: Walking Dead (Okruzen Mrtvima) Serbian Sketch Edition cert # 2083857012 Could you please set it up so I can add that comic to that slot in the set on the registry? thank you- happy new year Slot created. Thank you
  4. the set Walking Dead (Okruzen Mrtvima) has a listing mistake. In the this Serbian walking Dead set issue #10 is in the set too many times- this slot in the set needs to be omitted: Okruzen Mrtvima 10 Serbian Edition there is only one issue #10, and one #10 sketch cover- just two #10 books, not 3- thanks! merry holidays
  5. im pretty sure the Todd signing deal and holidays slowed things down quite a bit- I had one submission that was sitting at "received" for 12 days go straight to "graded/quality control" - I have sig series books fast track that have been received for 22 days now-- good things come to those who wait (right?)- happy holidays and 9.8s to all!
  6. Dang Ron you're about to make my head explode with these amazing drops!-- that Wolverine is awesome
  7. lets all just keep hitting this thread and get it to 4,000,000 by tomorrow
  8. Mollie- could you please make the following books available to add to a custom set: 2072846001 Los Muertos Vivientes 2072846002 Walking Dead #1 Walking Dead 1 2014 Salda Press Italian Edition/DVD Box Set Edition 2072846007 Walking Dead #1 Peruvian Edition/Special Edition 2073658012 Walking Dead #1 Italian Edition/Convention Edition I think these are the only graded copies of these books- and they dont belong to any competitive set. When i try to add them i get the error message: "Unable to locate the comic based on the certification number. Please try again." Thank you!