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  1. MrWalkingDead


    any word yet on the banners?
  2. MrWalkingDead


    anything yet on the banners? or are they just a thing of the past now with all the changes happening?
  3. --this might be off topic as far as "adding to sets" go- but the mystery behind this Showcase Walking Dead goes deep (IMO)-- my question is how did the seller know that that particular variant was not going to be available and not going to the shop and that it would be so rare? how did they know to pull that particular book out of the sea of retailer variants? there was obviously some inside information going on somewhere to know that the book in question was not released? that book was subbed pretty fast after the variants released. Most of the graded 15th anniversary editions sell 30-50 bucks 9.8 graded- somehow the seller knew to pull that particular book and capitalize on it- the book was graded and put up for sale before the store made any statements about it- All this is probably all just a "nontroversy"- i was just curious how anyone could have known about this book. (and i'll follow classy Ryan in disclosing i also have a copy- and plan on grading it-)(i'm not too concerned if it gets added to the set or not- as long as i can register it to my custom set)-- ALSO- supposedly 500 books were printed per store- so does that mean that are 500 copies of this book out there like the rest? (people are obviously obtaining them)
  4. ...and the registry set banners??? any good news?
  5. Are the comic set signatures going to fixed? all my banners have turned into little broke squares- "The information on your banner is only updated once every 24 hours." Thanks!
  6. MrWalkingDead


    Something else that needs fixing are the set banners/signatures - will those be fixed up soon? my banners are broken squares- (its the classiest way to share your set)--(The information on your banner is only updated once every 24 hours.)--
  7. I'll go a step nerdier- i noticed the HTML sigs dont work right now either on the "my sets" account page-- on one computer they show up as a little black box- on another computer it is green-- is anyone else having issues or concerns with your set registry sig?
  8. ^^^^The Hero 100 Hero Initiative Sketches in the Walking Dead sets should also probably get bumped up-
  9. thanks guys- I definitely sent them the link on how to search a comic on the cgc registry-- i didn't figure fake #128s were a high demand item-
  10. I've been selling off my walking dead set on ebay and people keep getting concerned that the books are counterfeit- I sold an issue #128 9.8 (0238504030) - (not a big issue)- and here is response I got from buyer: "Hi I received this book. I went to sell it, and when I met the guy he informed me that the grading is counterfeit. The CGC sticker on the right side does not have line in the middle with and the phone number - they are supposed to be there. Also where it says white pages there should be a white CGC water mark and that is also missing. I would like to return this for a refund." I also had this question on a walking dead 56 graded 9.4- buyer absolutely thought it was fake-- is there a rash of fake graded books out there?- or are people being paranoid- is my book a fake? all the books I get questioned about are in the registry-- anyone experiencing this sort of thing?