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  1. I know that John Jackson Miller worked on coming up with print runs using post office data in the actual comics themselves. He then published this data in this reference: I think it is now out of print, but I'm sure there are copies floating around. Paul~ Standard Catalog of Comic Books (Comics Buyer's Guide) Paperback – September 20, 2005 by John Miller (Author), Maggie Thompson (Author)
  2. It's the last day of 2018. Still looking for these two books. I suspect I'll still be looking in 2019. Paul~
  3. picon3

    Infinite Marvel Picture Frame books

    Back this week from Florida. Bought COTL #20 as a 9.4 raw and was pleasantly surprised to see it come back a CGC 9.6. COTL #16 was bought raw as a 9.2 and came back a CGC 9.4. Ho Ho Ho. Paul~
  4. picon3

    What book do you regret getting slabbed?

    Early on in my submissions. I think I was enamored with a pedigree book. Not sure now, but it was a dud.
  5. My guess: $567.39 Many thanks for doing this. Got some help from the kids. They seemed more interested in the toys than anything else. Paul~
  6. Looking for a VG/FN copy that I can give to a childhood friend. He and I both read this when we were kids in the 70s. I know it is a key book and I don't really want to break the piggy bank. Just looking for a decent reader copy. Thanks, Paul~
  7. picon3

    Infinite Marvel Picture Frame books

    Back from CGC today. Amazing Adventures #9 is a victory of sorts. Super hard to find. Bought it as a 9.2 and came back that way. COTL #15 bought off eBay as a "high grade" copy and came back white/9.4. Final book was a CBCS cross over from 8.5 to 8.5. Paul~
  8. picon3

    Infinite Marvel Picture Frame books

    A couple of recent pick ups. Not sure what CGC will say, but off they go on Monday. Paul~
  9. picon3

    Infinite Marvel Picture Frame books

    A recent upgrade for me. Paul~
  10. picon3

    Price Variant Club

    A few lower grade CGC 30 cent price variants. Happy to have these in the registry. Again, please excuse the lack of a scanner. Paul~
  11. picon3

    Infinite Marvel Picture Frame books

    Many thanks Barton. Paul~
  12. picon3


    One of my favorite (if not my favorite cover) of the entire Deathlok series in Astonishing Tales. Paul~
  13. picon3

    Infinite Marvel Picture Frame books

    I don't think I posted this in the past. If I did, please excuse the memory lapse.