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  1. I'm looking to upgrade my CGC 9.0 copy to anything from 9.2 to 9.6. Will pay 150% of GoCollect FMV or GPA whichever is higher. As always, here's a visual image to assist. Thanks, Paul~
  2. Actually, the major crease is through the "DOWS" of the title. That area near the sword wielder's leg is not a color breaking crease, but an area in which the ink did not get taken up. I've seen this on multiple copies. Finally, on the back, the printer's crease runs from the top left of the book to about 1/2 way just above where Rockwell's head is. Again, impossible to see in either scan, but when held at the right angle to natural light, you can definitely see they are there.
  3. I just had a Tower of Shadows #8 come back from CGC with printers creases on both the front and rear of the book and it brought a 9.8. Paul
  4. Just back from Sarasota. # 3 is 1 of 3 in 9.8 on the census. #8 is 1 of 2 on the census.
  5. Soon after I joined the boards in early 2015, Bomber Bob was one of the first to answer a question I had asked and his words really meant a lot to me as a newbie. I got the sense that he was a caring and kind person taking the time to respond to someone who he had never met. Rest easy Bob. Paul
  6. Page #30, Astonishing Tales #33. The single page I've managed to hold onto for 30 years.
  7. I believe that is Bernie Wrightson (in the red shirt) and Tom Palmer (in the purple shirt). One of Bernie's best in my opinion and 1 of 2 in CGC 9.8 on the census.