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  1. Bob, I hear what you are saying. If it were a solid 9.4, I'd just be happy to have it in my collection, but as I've looked it over pretty carefully under magnification, I'm leaning towards it possibly being a 9.6 with a clean and a press. But it is a tough call. No grader's notes in an older case with no color breaking areas. There is a bend (not a crease) on the right back corner that would press out and the white on the left edge would also benefit from a press. I've had very good luck with CPR, so I'm thinking I'll send it in and roll the dice again. I'll update when it comes back. Thanks to all (and thanks for the link from Joeypost about the paint pens-very scary stuff) who commented. Paul~
  2. Thanks for the comments. (Should have mentioned in the opening that it is signed in black sharpie). The paint pen issue is a scary one. I was big into getting stuff signed by various authors (King, Straub, Rice) in the mid-1990s/early 2000s and went through a paint pen period. One of the inscriptions from Straub was "...with his Sandford Gold Coat Pen"... which was a huge mess. Big spots of paint, areas where he had to go back over the inscription. That was about when my love affair with paint pens came to an end. Paul~
  3. I recently bought an Astonishing Tales #30 (signature series) signed by the late Rich Buckler. It is graded a CGC 9.4 in an older case with no grader's notes. So it arrived last night and I pulled out my loupe and really went over it. It may very well be a candidate for a CPR to get it to my preferred grade of 9.6 to match the rest of my registry set. I called CCS and talked to a customer service representative about the book and he suggested that if the signature was anything other than a sharpie, that I not have it cleaned/pressed/resubmitted. So I'm a bit torn. I see a couple of bends on the back of the book that would certainly press out and a couple of areas on the white of the spine that could also benefit from a press, but don't want to marf it up completely just because I'm trying to jump from 9.4 to 9.6. Any thoughts on next steps? Paul~
  4. As they say, "rust never sleeps", but you can do something to address moisture/humidity issues. I really like these silica gel canisters. Every 4-6 months, you empty the canister and bake out the moisture and then reuse the silica. So far, rust hasn't raised its evil head. I bought mine on amazon. Paul~
  5. Thanks for posting these links. I wasn't even aware they existed. I bought one and assembled it yesterday after it arrived. Overall, I'm pretty impressed. Even the slot in the front fits a standard index card. Nice attention to detail. I bought mine from amazon, but the BCW site has a bulk purchase deal. Much appeciated. Paul~
  6. OK. That's it. I'm closing this thread. Thanks to everyone who bought something and thanks for all the views. Invoices sent out. Be well, Paul~
  7. Let's have some fun. There are still some really nice items available including DC Covergirls, various signed lots, and other goodies. I'm going to drop the prices to an unheard of 60% off! And keep dropping them until they are gone. Good luck. Paul~