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  1. OK, here's my copy of #12. Unfortunately not a CPR candidate, but thrilled to have it. Bought a number of years ago from Charm City.
  2. Never made the connection with the Defenders #27-#29 until now. Makes sense. Paul
  3. That is 28 percent of all the 9.4s on the census!
  4. One of the best covers of the series. The blue really pops on the picture frame cover and once again Gil Kane is fantastic.
  5. This was a bizzare reprint choice in the midst of the Deathlok run. The dreaded "Deadline Doom", but still...
  6. 1st appearance of Skar with great Kane cover and Buckler/Janson art.
  7. Really like this cover (Wrightson inked Hannigans pencils).
  8. Not me, but I'm toying with the idea of resubmitting my 9.6 to see if I can get the bump.