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  1. #6, Sorry for the delay in responding. The inside of the covers are yellow with line drawings of the marvel characters plus POTA. After some soul searching, I've decided not to submit PR-17 to CGC. Going over it with a loop, I see too much that could definitely impact the grade (and although I bought these 4 Monster Power Records for myself PR14 Frankenstein, PR15 Dracula, PR16 Man-Thing, PR17 Wolf-Man (Werewolf by Night) one always has to have an eye down the road when eventually it will be sold by me or one of my kids). So, I'm just going to enjoy the set of 4, put them i
  2. I went to SC ComicCon this past weekend in Greenville, SC. At the 2nd to the last booth, they had this propped up for sale. It is so nice that I'm considering sending it to CGC. A couple of questions Number Six. I agree, sending the 45 is probably a bad idea, so I won't, but was curious about cleaning/pressing. Have you sent PR in for slabbing that they were able to clean/press? I've become a believer in that if you are going to submit, you should pay the extra tariff and get it done before grading. Also, have you been able to sort out what they might be looking for with
  3. I went to a local show in Greenville, SC and picked this up. Paul~
  4. I'm on a roll. Went to SCon in Greenville, SC and picked this out of the $2 bin. Paul~
  5. As always, great info. Just wanted to clarify that that is not my personal copy, but an image that I grabbed off of eBay to illustrate the edge clipping and hole punching. Sorry about that.
  6. Number 6, Looking at various combinations of Power Record sets, I see what we used to call a "cut out" in which the album had an edge or two clipped off ; or in the case of Power Records the area punched price out and/or the cut edge. I'm guessing this was in order to prevent returning for full credit/refund? Having fun so far with my mini-horror set. (Frank, Drac, Man-Thing so far). Grabbed this image off to note the punch out/cut edge I'm referring to. Paul~
  7. Here's my latest acquisition. Paul~
  8. Picked this up recently. Has a Wrightson story (Abraca-Doom!) reprinted from Spectre #9.
  9. If it has been over a week, you may want to reach out to someone in customer service. They have been extremely helpful as they are all working from home but our networked into the mothership. Paul-
  10. #24. The big showdown between IT! Vs. Fing Fang Foom.
  11. So IT,! The Living Colossus, was the lead character until Deathlok came onboard in number 25. Here are the remaining three issues.
  12. I've tried to get Astonishing Tales # 21 in 9.8, but so far no success. I CPRed two 9.4s that I thought had potential in the last few years but still no 9.8 on the census and only four 9.6's. Cool cover.
  13. Upgraded this really nice Suscha News copy for a 9.8.