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  1. Near sell out here. Only two items left, at 20% off asking. Police Comics #49 cgc graded at 8.5 2nd highest graded. Asking $325 plus20% off. Considerably underwater on this one. You guys would be shocked, it seems, to know what I paid for the Rockford 7.5 of this issue... Rangeland Romances 2-fer, both for $10
  2. But it was a kick to look back. I'm searching the wayback machine internet archive for more opportunities now.
  3. Big Shot Comics #49 cgc graded at 6.5. Okajima Camp Copy, scrip date 8/2/44, code 4M Asking $800 SOLD
  4. Okay Pedigree next. Its not a big book, but it is a big pedigree and this one hasn't been seen before.
  5. United Comics #13 graded at 6.5. This book is an up-and-comer. Asking $50 SOLD