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  1. Congrats to buyer and seller!
  2. path4play

    Okajima pedigree

    Whiz #58 is going to be interesting to watch. With the Camp I its one of just two with that type of demarcation, which set's it apart from the already small group of less than 100 books from that era.
  3. path4play

    Peak Comics

    Well there are a lot of thoughts going through my head. One is there is also peak supply, whereas the combination of new hoard finds has to shrink and in fact comics grades deteriorates over time. That could offset somewhat a demand decline. Peak supply is also countered by free online scans and reprints. You also have 2x I think the U.S. population of 70 years ago, Hollywood trend and worldwide interest, so as amazing as it may seem the larger collector base seems to still be growing the demand side. General market conditions also seem to correlate with demand, this stock cycle seems to have driven prices for art and collectibles. On the other end of spectrum, not too many preppers building comic safe's into their SHF dried food underground stashes. Personally, I try to maintain only around 300 GA. comics (more than Rick's 50, but less than others). There is the space and mobility (especially with slabs) and then I try to keep in my head a "what is reasonable" factor in terms of putting funds into it. Not sure I'd feel comfortable actually worrying about an Action #1 sitting around, I'd be fretting about temperature and humidity, then paranoid about break-ins. So my buying has slowed (I think) but I've replaced it with rotating interests, upgrading in the core and balancing by selling around the "core." That keeps me engaged, but fair to to say volume-wise I've peaked (but money-wise still going up).
  4. path4play

    Top 10 GA Motorcycle Covers

    Lol, that's write (right). I can scan, but not spell.
  5. path4play

    Okajima pedigree

    Well done. I don't believe that was one that had been previously documented here. Will look good in a slab, as they say. Also I think will grade better than 1.5 as it was listed.
  6. path4play

    Top 10 GA Motorcycle Covers

    My goodness, I can't even image.
  7. Season's not over yet! Any one have a cover-less for a marriage?
  8. path4play

    Top 10 GA Motorcycle Covers

  9. path4play

    My Top 35

    “Hooray for the Gals of Hippa-Hula!”
  10. path4play

    Steve Geppi/Library of Congress Article

    Oh no, this means no Geppi's Entertainment Museum!? I enjoyed a few walks through there. Never been through the Library of Congress, didn't know they had a museum type displays? Guess will need to investigate how that works.
  11. path4play

    Misc Cartoon: Don't know where to put this

    I thought it was pretty neat.
  12. January 1950. Gandy Goose and Sourpuss (who is the Giant of this forum?)
  13. path4play

    Post Your Anti-Communist Comics!

    Tossing Bulgaria into the May 1941 Startling Comics #7 ring (red belt, red stripe hat). They ended their neutrality in 1 March 1941 to ally with axis, so may have been in news at time. While the Bulgarian government was reluctant to get involved in the war, the threat of a German invasion, as well as the promise of Greek territories, led Bulgaria to sign the Tripartite Pact on 1 March 1941 and join the Axis bloc. With the Soviet Union in a non-aggression pact with Germany, there was little popular [local] opposition to the decision. Tsar Boris III was mustached.
  14. path4play

    The hard to find club in general

    Good thread topic. There is, hard to find w/$$, and there is just plain hard to find. Just plain hard to find, mentioned here, becomes hard to find w/$$.