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  1. Matt's going to look at it in hand. I trust he will get it straightened out.
  2. Big fat SN right there, that's what I'm talking about
  3. Update, what I have so far. HA responded they can't share the seller (presumably both came from same collection to auction) and that it really was a CGC question. However, they would stand behind refund should CGC note any error. CGC responded "I sent this to the graders to get further clarification and they said there can be more than one copy of the same book in a pedigree." Of course, this wasn't exactly the 100% clearest answer I was hoping for, so I have asked for further clarification/validation of this specific Police Comics issue. Stay tuned. Fyi, If anyone here bought the other with more traditional Cookeville markings - please reach out I'd love to buy it.
  4. Can you paste? I'd like to read it. I don't use Instagram (and yes, I am under 55).
  5. I would have preferred the one auctioned off a few weeks earlier as it had the clearly markings, but wasn't checking HA for a few weeks. I'm presuming the same owner submitted due to recency of sales of several on HA. A Cookeville also up now on Comic Link, seems an owner is dumping.
  6. I emailed question to HA, hope they respond. Obviously, I'm more than curious.