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  1. I'm a bit perplexed actually. Other Police Comics #3 reside in regular holders. And its not mine has any serious spine roll - perhaps a press would get it to fit? Keep posting your Comics in Magazine Slabs.
  2. Are there two threads going on with this subject? imo, most important is to prioritize the pedigree, with universal, conserved, restored etc., under that (like sig series). Aka CCG Pedigree Universal Grade etc., After that, I like #4 with the "T2" shimmery silver and offset gold in that it is somewhat consistent to the current label color. Done, let's move on:)
  3. Lou Fine... Skulls, hooded menace, bondage babe, red, white and blue hero. Cover has it all.
  4. Finally scored a mile high for my Police Comics pedigree challenge.
  5. Happy with grade, darn-it if I can't fit the slab into my storage boxes. fyi, the white marks are scuffs on new slab, not cover defects...
  6. Thanks to a boardie. With a cover for my cover-less All Winner's #12, I believe I could close out the great Schomburg motorcycle run?
  7. I prefer option #4 (assuming the steel/gray background looks like #1) I think because there is some consistency with the prior label. However, starting from scratch, Option #3 would be my choice. And I strongly concur with sfcityduck, aka "call it..."CGC Pedigree" similar to the "CGC Signature Series"? And then, like with the sig books, you could have "CGC Pedigree Qualified Grade", "CGC Pedigree Restored Grade", and "CGC Pedigree Conserved Grade."