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  1. Just in. Only need #1 and #6 to complete my little WW #1-#12 run.
  2. I read through the thread as well. Unfortunately, the photobucket images are gone (particularly the True comics that identified the Iowa Eldon aka Hamann). Is the conclusion that the seemingly more common scripted versions are Eldon Tuffentsamer, where the sort of blocky "Eldon" print is Eldon Hamman (aka the cover-less Action #25 I posted). The Jungle Comics #47 being the other example on the thread. That seems pretty distinctive as they look to be all Caps except the "d" And lastly Eldon Dedini tended to write his whole name? Thanks
  3. Thanks - why didn't my search did that up?
  4. Ah, alas its a Sensation Comics #2 back cover. But thanks, its nice to know additional eyes are out there watching. Very cool.
  5. Yea, still looking. Back cover is interesting. I'll take a look
  6. Didn't see a thread for Eldon. Not the best example, but needs a thread. I missed this on eBay the first time around from @Action252Kid. It came back up again a few months later so snagged it (even though already have an Action #25 lol). I know not everyone is wild about pedigrees, but I think they are cool.
  7. Probably my favorite comic covers - looking at pics in the "guide" as a kid growing up in the mid-seventies was memorized. Seemed like a lot of paper route money at the time? Managed to snag a hole punched one. Stupidly sold a #214 (my favorite of the run).
  8. Master Comics 2-4. Didn't realize how large 10.5 x 14 really was until in hand... don't currently have mylar or board to fit. Overstreet rare, Gerber 7, 6 and 7. Very early 1940's Fawcett. Trying to trump Superman - proof that size doesn't matter? Satisfyingly cool yet disturbingly odd at the same time.
  9. Is that a Clark Gable signature on the cover?
  10. Well looks like should close up shop here. Really would like someone to have the "Seven Book Silver Age Bundle." $120 seemed like a good deal based on sold prices I looked up, but its not my niche. Say $90? Detective Comics #421 Detective Comics #390 Detective Comics #389 (Metropolis graded label 6.5) Plastic Man #5 (1966 series) Plastic Man #17 (1966 series) (Metropolis graded label 9.8) Superman's Pal the New Jimmy Olsen #136 World's Finest #175