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  1. Per norms, first or pm gets it. 14 day return for any reason - you pay return shipping in condition as originally shipped. Note, I'd rather sell to a boardie than on feeBay so if I'm out of line, pm me an offer. Payment via PayPal, thanks in advance. Shipping is included in price My Kudos Okajima Jumbo Comics #121 $220 shipped
  2. Some Gold Age GGA up this week:
  3. Don't see enough Treasure Chest posted lol! At first I thought the art was a bit whack on this cover, but with a little research found out "Here Comes Harmon" is about Wolverine Tom Harmon - and a wiki picture actually doesn't look too far off. Turns out the guy lived a gifted life: 1940 Heisman winner, survived two WWII plane downings earning a Purple Heart, married Hollywood hottie Elyse Knox and each of his three children did exceptionally well (one married Ricky Nelson), another is UCLA Bruin football star turned actor Mark Harmon (who himself is married to Pam Dawber).
  4. Holy frickin' cow - chum in the water.
  5. path4play

    Okajima pedigree

    Super Magician v2n12 (2-24-44) "2K" on the Bay. With no reserve, another opportunity to gauge current market multiple Also, on our very own boards: Whiz Comics #58 "4-22-44" "4T" "CAMP 1"
  6. path4play

    Brittle Pages

    I presume the page quality is also embedded in the grade. Else the Down With Crime would be 4.5 apparent or something like that. That makes it really a "double whammy" (punch to gut and kick to groin).
  7. path4play

    Brittle Pages

    Happened to me. Paid up for long time want list book. Paged through it with no issues prior to submission (certainly turned pages with no "brittle" chipping or loss). Excitedly waited checking for grade online every day... Universal! ...2.5, okay.... whoops, uh... oh no! Got some Newton Rings as bonus.
  8. Season has begun - happy Sunday everyone! Don't know if anyone has noticed, but the True comics seem to come in a taller size, its maybe 1/2 inch longer - had to customize a special backing board. Good thing about the football covers, they tend to come at reasonable prices!
  9. path4play

    I Wanna get Married!

    Another marriage success. I've found with extreme patience, it is possible. It is also rewarding to bring together two lost, separate parts. However, I have to say I'm not really finding it "cheap." I'm coming to conclusion after a few of these its better to just outright pay for a complete low grader to start with.
  10. path4play


    A thread of threads? Mmmmm...
  11. path4play

    Too rare to rise?

    Perhaps I'm victim of the "Fallacy of One." And I'm not a buyer of this book at any price. But for me, presuming there was one auction that priced a book I like 10K over all prior sales, I'm simply not using the one sale to set the new market value.
  12. path4play

    Teen Humor--Anything but Archie

    I'm fond of the Fagaly covers. He rarely misses.
  13. path4play

    Too rare to rise?

    That just blew my theory. Perhaps I'm applying a "rationale market" approach. There could be outliers - like a super wealthy boxer or something, that are willing to pay whatever regardless of future potential. That's why likely if this came up for sale again, many buyers would treat it as an outlier and discount this sales price (imo).