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  1. Chinatown was a strike out....:(
  2. So.... wait for backstory and to see if any Police Comics...
  3. Okay read through the 26 pages and got caught up. Exciting. Aside from the new pedigree fever grade bump, this is been out two weeks, the labels are created and books are up on HA, so 1. where is the backstory? 2. are there any Police Comics in the collection so I can add them to mine?
  4. Not a pedigree, but still didn't have one. Slowly closing in on that run.
  5. Have two copies of this now, an Okajima and a Crippen D.
  6. Cosmic Aeroplane. Has tape unfortunately. Putting it in my "to slab someday" pile.
  7. Some recent adds. My ole man had a copy of this one when he was a kid. I collected his but sold them when as was young myself. So this is part of that recovery.
  8. Yes, an average around 10x guide for signed like this one imo. Lower guide value books have gone to 20x, higher guide value tend to get smaller multiple. WWII specific themes tend to garner higher multiples. Fyi, it has the same date and code as Whiz Comics #55 5/16/44 3q Thanks for posting!
  9. The relative (Nephew) was interviewed by 50 Objects, so they are on the case. Don't know when it will get published, but based on 50 Objects prior write ups I'm sure it will be the most through and detailed information yet.
  10. Check out the Okajima thread for a good afternoon of reading....
  11. They are pretty good about taking returns for undisclosed issues. I returned a Captain America Comics #16 to them for something once, now its probably worth like 3x what I paid. Opps.
  12. Its like torture yearning, yet at the same time, so pleasing to look at. Sell me one that's in the Police Comics run?
  13. Forgot to share this. I snagged the file copy (front cover only) of the Daisy Air Rifle Company Wonderworld Comics #13 from the Comicconnect auction. Anyone else know anything about the Daisy Air Rifle copies?