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  1. Congrats - I have the Wow (Mary Marvel) and Captain Marvel Jr. Okajima war bond covers. I think you have a winner.
  2. Isn't the episode a re-run from prior years? I recall seeing it, but don't think it was new. They do, for sure, call around and scope the landscape before rolling in on a location. Who wouldn't.
  3. I was actually referencing the " Readmore newsstand in Evansville Indiana was taken around July 1945" pic earlier back on page 86. But your point is well taken.
  4. Back cover must be one of the most effective ads ever!? Reality = play in a band.
  5. Sold! Hope you enjoy Sir, the Plas is my under-copy. We have only one shot in the bigger scheme of things so if you enjoy and its not harming your health or interfering with your financial well-being then collect. I enjoy the camaraderie, the challenges and the connections to history.
  6. Imagine the look on the face of the cashier when I come up and slap down on the counter the whole entire stack of 30 something copies each of the Captain America, Daring and Marvel Mysteries. Might add to the shock when I hand the attendant a current dollar bill to pay for it all (keep the .10c tip wink).
  7. I'll take that as good news - non-boardies anteing up nice premiums on the most special pedigree of all.
  8. I'm starting to get curious, 30% off any of the three, with the freebie?
  9. Any lucky boardies pick up the two books from the Clink auction last night?
  10. Finicky crowd... 10% off any of the three, with the freebie.
  11. I'm driven to close 'em out. Buy any one of the three books below: Argosy Weekly March 9th, 1940 Pulp Skull Cover $10 Blazing West 15 Grade 8.5 $60 Plastic Man #10 Grade 5.0 $70 And pick one of these two books for free: Astonishing Tales #7 Dr. Doom T'challa Kazar $2 Kurtzman Komix #1 has to be close to a 9.0? $4
  12. I love Cookie, they are above average fair to read believe it or not.
  13. Sold to Robot Man. Nice one Robot. Try finding one if your hunting for that specific issue.
  14. Plastic Man #10 Grade 5.0 asking $70. SOLD Check out "Electra, blonde beauty of the underworld" splash page. Football cover, to small old school tear seals bottom edge.
  15. Cookie #22 Grade 4.5 $10 SOLD - An absolute steal for a classic "hot for nurse" cover.