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  1. Washington State Summer Con 2019 will be held June 15-16th in Puyallup Washington, which is about an hour south of downtown Seattle. They have a very impressive guest list this year including Jim Lee, Roy Thomas, Chris Claremont, Scott Williams, Jim Steranko, Sean Gordon Murphy, Jae Lee, Ken Lashley, Marv Wolfman, Jim Shooter, Andy Kubert and several others. Show Info: https://www.wasummercon.com/ Entertainment & Comic Guest List: https://www.wasummercon.com/guests/ Jim Lee (Sunday June 16th Only) Autograph Packages: https://www.wasummercon.com/comic-guests/jim-lee/
  2. This year is my 15th year as an exhibitor as the show is practically in my back yard. As HighRadArt mentioned yes this year they are going to inspect bags and make everyone go through metal detectors so plan accordingly as it could take longer to get into the show as usual. Also "Will Call" is off-site, not at the Convention Center and the main panel room has been moved off-site as well. Safe travels to those coming here for the show, weather-wise we are "supposed" to have partly sunny days with temps in the 40's during the day and in the 30's at night but that could change as it often does.
  3. Also I believe CGC has multiple booths here at ECCC. Their main booth is on the 4th floor in the main convention hall, but I believe they have a smaller booth in the other hall also on the 4th floor. Also with regards to guests, don't forget to check not only the "guest" list, but also the artist alley list and the exhibitor list because some guests apparently are listed under the exhibitors section. Time flies each year, 2019 is my 15th year exhibiting there, such a great show, hopefully we get nice weather. Remember they have moved the celebrity area down to the Hyatt Regency hotel, lots of people seem upset about it as it used to be at the convention center and then moved to the Sheraton Hotel across the street but now all of that for those wondering have been moved down the street to the Hyatt.
  4. Thanks, I have not heard from anyone yet but perhaps early next week someone will be able to reach out.
  5. It was the contact page on the website: http://www.aceuniverse.com/contact/
  6. I inquired about exhibiting at the show a week ago, have yet to hear a response. its a new show for Seattle, so hopefully the prices are reasonable and affordable. With ECCC, Rose City, Vancouver Fan Expo, and Wizard World Portland for the Pacific Northwest as well as a few smaller shows throughout the year, it is unsure how Ace will fare. I am all for another show here in Seattle, but the comic guest list needs to be improved, with less focus on local comic talent, bring in bigger name comic creators that rarely make it out here, or haven't been out here in a while. With Ace being an unproven show here, I would love to see it succeed and be a yearly show for Seattle, and while the three main celebrity guests will bring people in, there will be a number of fans who can't afford the signature fees and will want to meet comic book artists and writers, especially talent that doesn't get out here and there are several names.
  7. Also while at ECCC I spoke with Michael Golden who had done a penciled piece of The Crow for me way back in 2007. He mentioned if I wanted him to ink it, it would only be $75. I went for it an was blown away at how much it pops (which to his credit Michael told me it would) and how much more detail he added to it. Here is the pencil piece from 2007 followed by the inked version last week.
  8. The first new addition in a while to my Crow sketchbook by Jae Lee, done here in Seattle at ECCC last weekend.
  9. I finally was able to add a Jae Lee to my sketchbook based on "The Crow" during ECCC last weekend. 9x12, price was $250.
  10. Congrats on the Jae Lee piece, I too was able to finally get one myself too. At ECCC being an exhibitor at the show means I get very little free time but I really wanted a Jae Lee piece for my collection so I made the time to get over to him and get on his list.
  11. 2018 marks my 15th year as an exhibitor, and as usual I am nowhere near ready and set-up is Tuesday. Looking to add a few artists to my sketchbooks as well. Those coming out this way to Seattle, weather here has been a bit colder than usual, while it changes rapidly, right now it looks like some rain, possibly snow for Friday, and then sunny on the weekend. Temps in the low 30's to mid 40's, but all of that could change by the time the convention starts. But regardless, plan for cold wet weather is the safe bet.
  12. There is an exhibitor who is set up near my booth each year, really nice guy, owns a comic shop in southern California and drives up for ECCC. You should check out his booth if you are looking for blank cover variants as he usually has a lot of them. He is listed as Comic Madness, booth #2224. You can also check Corner Comics, booth #2221 right across from him, they may have some too. They are both located near the tower of t-shirts in the main exhibition hall by the food court and ATM area, just a few rows to the east of the Funko booth.
  13. The hotel in Bothell is called Country Inn & Suites, its close to an industrial park, its right next to the 405 freeway. While it is about 25-30 minutes northeast of downtown Seattle, room rate for two queen beds if you book early is about $97. They have a large parking lot, not sure if they charge for parking, but you can check them out on their website if you do a Google search. The nice thing about being at the north end of Lake Washington is that you can get to I-5 rather quickly and take that downtown (best way is to go via Bothell Way) and you avoid the 520 floating bridge toll. You may be able to find something cheaper around the northern end of Seattle though but as you noticed downtown is quite expensive especially when the con hits.
  14. Thursday and Friday will be the most difficult with regards to finding parking mainly because you are competing with all of the people who work downtown. Saturday and Sunday, with it being the weekend, will be easier but then you are only competing mainly with those going to the convention. I generally get down there around 7:30am to 8:00am but that is because I am an exhibitor and they allow us in early to prep. Yes, hotels are very expensive downtown especially when the convention is going on. One thing you could consider doing is staying outside of the greater Seattle area and perhaps just take an Uber downtown each day. Parking all day around the convention center is going to set you back about $20-$25. There are some great hotels on the Eastside such as in the Bothell/Kirkland area. There is one close by my place, in the Bothell area, right off the 405 freeway, I would say about 30 minutes or less from the convention center so if you stayed at a place like that, you could leave your car and just Uber it down to the show. Just throwing that out there......
  15. Not sure what was wrong with the previous layout and design, I thought it looked and flowed quite well. Never could understand why when a company has something good, they have to change it.