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  1. Man, still no floor plan. I look forward to checking it out prior to the show to remember the booths I'd like to check out.
  2. Pretty cool idea. Must be challenging, but rewarding when you find one.
  3. I think the Sal Sub-mariner cover is a really nice example. Will be interesting to see what it goes for.
  4. Auction is in Chicago, so I'm tempted to attend the live bidding for the first time. Does anyone know if you win an item with a floor bid (say a $2,000 item), can you pay for it right there and take it home with you?
  5. Wow lots of great pics. They are very clear too, so you can see everything in detail. Thanks for posting them.
  6. Albert did have the cover to 37, but he must have sold it, as it is in someone's CAF gallery as of last year.
  7. Both pieces are really great! I like Turner's use of bright colors on his Daleks work.
  8. Interesting, thanks for sharing what you know comiconxion. Certainly appreciated.
  9. You are right. I didn't give good examples of "semi" keys, as 14 is certainly a major key. .
  10. Some really nice books posted in this thread recently. I used to collect Silver Age Spidey, and sold most of my books probably 8-10 years ago. Now that I check out some recent auction prices, I'm surprised on how much prices have gone up for issues 1-40 especially for the semi-keys like 9,13,14, etc. Even low grade books are selling for much higher than I remember. I'd like to pick up a couple of my favorite issues again, but I see it's going to cost me.
  11. Wow, now that's a strong price! I guess I don't know that market, as I would have estimated under 12K.
  12. Williamson/Stevens/Garzon Return of the Jedi panel page up to $15,600 with auction later today ...
  13. Exhibitor list is up on the c2e2 website. Looks to be a good show as always.
  14. Wow, thank you for the info on the #10 cover! I'll contact Bechara to see if he still has it. Even if nothing comes of it, it is still great news to hear that the cover exists.