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  1. I saw that Joe page at a convention this summer and almost bought it myself. Nice pickup.
  2. Thanks to everyone who has posted pics! Does anyone know if Saul has an online presence? I don't recall ever seeing him at a Midwest show that I would attend.
  3. Anyone following tonight's Hakes auctions? They always have an nice assortment of collectibles. The artwork that stood out to me was the Marvel Star Wars #3 page by Chaykin. It sold for $26,000 + 18% buyers premium.
  4. I remember Comiclink sold a He-man magazine cover by Norem maybe 4 or 5 years ago. It had He-man battling Skeletor in outer space. I think it sold for around $2000 if I remember right.
  5. I have similar thoughts on the modern Transformers. I bought a few to hopefully get my young son involved in transforming them. So, we bought one called Transformers Unite Devastator (I think) for ages 8+. It was way too time consuming to transform it. He has no interest or patience to spend more than 2 minutes on it. The 1980s stuff, I could play and transform them back and forth. It may take 10-15 seconds to transform car to robot for example. When the transformations are so complex &/or time consuming it really can't be part of the play value. So, while I do like the look of the Masterpiece line for example, it would end up being a display piece on the shelf as I would find transforming it to be a chore.
  6. Anyone know what kind of comic dealer presence will be at this show? Dealer websites like High Grade Comics, Metropolis, etc don't mention they will be setting up here. Trying to gauge if it's worth checking this one out. Thanks.
  7. And, never has Spider-man faced such a devastating foe as "Fancy Dan"!
  8. Yeah, lots of the art accumulating on CAF is just nonsense. If there was a separate published and unpublished section, I think that could help make CAF more enjoyable to search.
  9. Man, still no floor plan. I look forward to checking it out prior to the show to remember the booths I'd like to check out.
  10. Pretty cool idea. Must be challenging, but rewarding when you find one.
  11. I think the Sal Sub-mariner cover is a really nice example. Will be interesting to see what it goes for.
  12. Auction is in Chicago, so I'm tempted to attend the live bidding for the first time. Does anyone know if you win an item with a floor bid (say a $2,000 item), can you pay for it right there and take it home with you?
  13. Wow lots of great pics. They are very clear too, so you can see everything in detail. Thanks for posting them.
  14. Albert did have the cover to 37, but he must have sold it, as it is in someone's CAF gallery as of last year.