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  1. Thanks for buying this and removing it from the boards lolol. This deal was sooooooo tempting. Great deal and nice pick up!
  2. Mannnnnn Seeing these games really takes me back... 10 dollars - 40 quarters - a few hours of fun. Simple times and great memories.
  3. Fantastic thread. Love seeing these old pictures of comics and how they were a part of everyday life. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Pretty standard negotiation tactics by both sides. If Sony would of caved in that would be the incorrect move. If Marvel accepted the same terms that would of been the incorrect move. Each side is "playing their cards correctly". They should work out a new deal within a reasonable amount of time with each side moving "slowly" toward an agreement. Way too much money to not move forward with a new deal.
  5. Howdy yall Looking to get a nice Fantastic Four #53 CGC 9.0 or 9.2 White Pages only. I have a complete run of FF 40-100 in 9.0 or better with WP and 53 and 48 are my only missing issues. Thank you for any and all help.
  6. 1. Comic Link 2. Comic Connect 3. Heritage (Buyers premium is a scam.)
  7. LOVE THIS DUDE TAIKA WATITI!!!! I get it now you're not supposed to feed the trolls, you're supposed kick them in the nuts. All these Marvel Stans on Twitter and the interwebs on one right now and its hillarious!!!