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  1. And yes that is the Captain and Tenille LP “Love Will Keep Us Together” in the background. Lol.
  2. My first was the Los Angeles Comic Com back in the mid 80's. It was at the Ambassador Hotel on Wilshire Blvd on the first Sunday of every month. My dad would give me 20-40 bucks and drop me off before work around 10am and I would stay until he got off at 5p. It ended at 4p but I would read all the books I bought until my dad picked me up. Comics were all .25-.50 each so I bought a ton every month. I didnt care about condition back then. I only cared about what was gonna happen the next issue. Best deal I ever got there was FF 45-52 (vg-f) for a buck a piece. One time I walked in and a guy had a table with stacks of silver age unbagged and unboarded. People swarmed his table right away and unfortunately that was all I could grab. My buddy snagged a TTA 27 for a buck and wanted to trade me for the FF45 I was like "No way. 1st Inhumans for 1st Ant Man?!?" FYI Biggest books during those years was IH181 & ASM129. Some things never change... Cheers to the good old days.