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  1. As a kid: Transformers, Robotech, GI Joe, SuperFriends and the original 70's Spiderman. Recently: Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman & Attack on Titan make me happy.
  2. Im a bit disappointed with the 2 latest episodes.Something seems off. Had to watch some of the old episodes to catch the vibes. The Ricks Must Be Crazy is hilarious..."Keep Summer Safe" - "That just sounds like slavery with extra steps..."
  3. GOTG 2 Thor Ragnarok Infinity War (Iron Man vs Thanos scene gets nuff respect) Winter Soldier Thats it for me.
  4. I currently have 5 copies of FF52 (CGC 9.0, 7.5 x2, & 2 raws) for reference. That looks way too clean. Either you have a 9.8/9.6 copy or its trimmed. Cant see the color touch but FF52 is notorious for CT. Ask your presser for their opinion. Good luck.
  5. Went to see it with my kids, had low expectations going in. Was pleasantly surprised. Good story, solid animation and not cheesy. Excellent movie overall and im not usually a fan of the animated genre. Saw it again on Netflix to make sure I wasnt on one, and yep...its a good one. 8.5/10 (Only 10/10 movie for me is Empire Strikes when I went with my dad in 1980 at the Chinese Theatre) Cant wait for part 2. And oh yeah my kids loved it.