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  1. Not a Thor fan whatsoever but Thor 3 was really good. Way better than Thor 1 and 2. Hemsworth actually has excellent comedic timing (see Ghostbusters) and works better with some humor. So far after Thor and Groot/Rocket - Thor and Hulk im really excited to see who Thor pairs up with next... Thor and Starlord meeting was hillarious...
  2. Even in Hip Hop...DOOM is the Supervillain...
  3. AF 15 Hulk 1 FF 1 XMen 1 TOS 39 JIM 83 TTA 27 ASM 1 Avengers 1 Avengers 4 (Cap is bigger than Doom DD or Dr Strange) Honorable mention: DD1 FF 5 ST 110
  4. XMen is a long time away. Listen closely to Feige its minimum 4 years away. The Fox deal just closed plus Endgame residual hype plus IH 181 heat = GSXM 1 catching that bronze age fire. Alot of the same spec money on IH181 is now flowing to GSXM 1. It will settle soon then we will wait 2-3 years for some announcements and cameos then the book will pop again. But I anticipate a cooling period soon after Endgame comes out
  5. 730p showing on 4/25 Kids are going apesht!!! Even the wife cracked a smile...Thank you Marvel!
  6. I would like to add another vote for the FF 50 cover.