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  1. HERE is the type of GOLDEN AGE TIME MACHINE Picture we all dream about, and since BANGZOOM has awed us with so many of his cool pictures...I felt that HERE is where it would be BEST PLACED. In my never ending QUEST to find old newsstand pictures to DROOL over , I've found another. I just can't get enough of these type of pictures. For your viewing pleasure I present a newsstand picture with SEPT-OCT-NOV 1939 comics in PLAIN SITE.....WOW !!!!! This is one of the oldest and clearest pics I've been able to discover. SEE the comics ? Top left...you can make out MORE FUN from a mile away. WOW !!!!!! NOW....try to determine which issues are present. NEED A CLOSE-UP ?? I did too....upon magnifying the pic, some COOL DISCOVERIES come to light..... I was able to place SIX comics, with the one on the bottom left taking me forever to ID.... HERE are the three obvious ones...... GOOD LUCK identifying the other three comics. The Grand Comic Book Database is truly one of our most useful tools. THE FUN doesn't stop here as I have two more GOLDEN AGE newsstand pics to post later. One of them is PRETTY COOL and one that is going to BLOW YOUR FRIGGIN' SOCKS OFF !!!!!!