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  1. Currently on eBay, let me know if you are interested; I'm happy to try and work deals on the Divinity. Descender's end in 12 hours. http://stores.ebay.com/Green-Country-Comics
  2. I was surprised there was tax. Would love to know how much he makes on these.
  3. I preordered this one but haven't read it yet. New target of reading it this weekend, thanks for the reminder.
  4. It's a cool room but not much eye appeal. Could do a lot with it if you wanted to show it off. Nice that you have so much space, especially in beantown.
  5. Same here. Here as well, does anyone know what the deal is? I see the Hot Topic variant is available at NYCC...maybe they only released them there? There are 5 or 6 auctions on eBay. I thought 1 or 2 sold a couple of weeks ago but don't see them in completed sales.
  6. Any Valiant Fans out there? This is supposed to be the first of a collection, 15" cold cast resin, limited to 300 and shipping early next year. I have no idea what cold cast resin means, please let me know if that is quality.
  7. A 9.9 LaRosa 1:40 variant had been added to the census. Here's hoping it goes to auction.
  8. I always order those from Midtown because they are so much cheaper than DCBS on the action figure variants.
  9. Am I the only one that has gotten a Book of Death #1 from DCBS the last two weeks when I didn't order it? They were both just out, not bagged and boarded like books I actually ordered.
  10. Warren Simons tweeted this pic today, it is the first artwork shown for Divinity 2. Someone more savvy than me can post the image in the thread, I can't get it to show up. Here is the link.